Perform the rear delt raise to enhance your deltoid strength now


Rear delt raise exercise is highly efficient for those who are looking to improve their deltoid muscles instantly. Although many people find this workout a bit tricky, once you get the hang of it, the workout will seem less daunting to you. All you have to do is a function concerning the instructions of the exercise. 

If you are looking to understand how to rear delt raise can guide you with your deltoid strength, let us dig into this article and help you find out. Make sure to read the article carefully to extract the benefits without further ado. 

How to do best rear delt raise?

Did you know that there is a machine for you to sit on and perform this exercise ideally? Yes, now practicing a best rear delt raise is not all that difficult. All you need for this exercise is a Rear delt machine that you can find in your local gym, as well. Between 10 to `12 reps of this workout are sufficient to gain the benefits immediately. 

1. Sit on the machine with your face in front of the pad. Adjust the seat height according to your comfort. 

2. Now hold the handles and press your arms back. 

3. Squeeze your shoulder blades together like the elevator doors. 

4. Hold on to this position for around 2 seconds and return to your initial place. 

5. Perform the best rear delt raise in at least ten to twelve reps for better results.

How to perform bent over rear delt raise?

For, those people who experience constant strength imbalance and expose themselves to injuries, bent over rear delt raise can help enormously. It is a quick fix for all your mobility problems as well. Most swimmers, basketball players and athletes tend to perform this exercise for utmost convenience. 

1. Assume a shoulder-width stance and pick up a pair of dumbbells. Bend at the hips and maintain a flat back position at an angle of 70 degrees. Now, gently bend your knees along with your elbows. Pull your shoulders back. 

2. Now, raise the dumbbells outward to the side until you reach a level where you feel the tension. 

3. Resist the weight as you go down to the start position. 

4. Repeat the bent over rear delt raise exercise a few times until you gain consistent results.

How to perform seated bent-over rear delt raise?

The seated bent over-read delt raise is what the name suggests. You have to do the bent-over rear delt exercise in a seated position. It not only helps in eradicating week Rear delt problems but also improves body posture in no time. Over the years, people who have practiced this exercise have talked about its excellent results. 

1. Sit on a bench and hold the dumbbells in both hands. Make sure your palm is facing in. 

2. Bend at your waist to lean over your torso. It should be paralleled to the floor. At the same time, your arms must hang below your shoulders with your elbows slightly bent.

3. Now, raise the dumbbells by maintaining the previous position. Raise the dumbbells to the sides until your elbows are in line with the shoulders. Now, keep your core tight and back flat. 

4. Now, lower the dumbbells to the starting position and repeat. 

5. Practice the seated bent-over rear delt raise enough to acquire its results instantly.

How to perform lying rear delt raise?

The lying rear delt raise is excellent for the improvement of posterior shoulder muscles. The exercise is incredible for the upper back and traps as well. For those who are looking to strengthen their body without lifting heavy weights, this exercise can come in handy at all times. 

1. Set up an incline bench at a 45-degree angle. Lie face down on the bench with your chest braced on the pad and your feet on the ground. 

2. Pull up in your scapulae and pick up the dumbbells. Maintain a slightly bend elbow and bring the dumbbells to a level. At this point, you will be able to feel a contraction between your rear shoulder and traps. 

3. Resist the weight as you return to the initial position. 

4. Repeat the lying rear delt raise a few times to get the benefits right.

The takeaway 

The rear delt raise exercises that we have shown you above are the best way to improve your deltoid strength without wasting time. Try them at home and tell us how you like them.


1. Are these exercises helpful?

 Yes, all the exercises mentioned above are helpful for you. 

2. What is the routine for lying rear delt raise?

 Perform the exercise in 3 sets of twelve to fifteen reps.

3. Can I perform the seated bent-over rear delt raise by standing?  

Yes, you can.

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