Developing a Habit to Exercise Regularly

daily exercise

Taking an oath to exercise regularly requires three things. You must be ready, willing, and able to commit to carrying through your body goals. Most individuals who undergo fitness training did not have a good start but it is more of a challenge whether to strive harder or just quit. It also demands time, effort, and money to see solid changes. The other ways to be consistent with your fitness routine are stated in the rest of this post.


Writing down what you have been through is a good way to track your progress. It involves checking on your emotions because it has an impact on your workout routines. There will be a shift in your pattern from time to time that should be well-recorded. Making adjustments to the schedule and exercise methods you are performing would be easier if everything is written in a small notebook.

What happens in a day are stepping stones toward your fitness goals. Changing your mindset in the middle of the training may happen, however, it should be for good.

On the other hand, video journaling is an ideal way to better track your progress. It is more realistic than just writing it down. For instance, record a video of how many lifts you can do in a day. The advantage is that you can determine whether your posture is good or it needs a little improvement.

Share Your Journey

A fitness journey is better when it is shared with others. It also makes a trainee more accountable when everyone is watching. It could be via social media where you can post a video of a whole exercise session. Letting people know your objectives will help you cling to exercise on your schedule. It would put so much pressure on you, however, earning the support of the viewers can boost your confidence.

The videos must not only focus on the grander things but even on your daily preparations to inspire others too. It might include how you struggle and when people see the amazing results, they might follow your steps.


Some trainees look for a charity to lend money in connection to getting fit. Motivating yourself daily can be hard, hence having something that is of greater cause can push you to strive to work out. Think of a charity that is close to your heart and communicate with them. Be clear in discussing the purpose of what you are doing to be an inspiration to the people involved as well.

The most common type of charity is a run-for-a-cause. It is ideal for trainees that undergo cardio exercises wherein running can make a difference. While other trainees choose animal sanctuaries as the beneficiary when the fitness training goes well.

It has two purposes, one is you fulfill your dream body while helping the needy at the same time. This is more satisfying than not achieving anything at all.

Join Competitions

Working toward a goal requires a person to level up their ways. Many fitness enthusiasts are now competing in specific sports, such as the 10-kilometer race. Engaging in such activities will develop your will to exercise to make your body stronger. The main reason why a person trains for hours is not only to look good but to become more capable of doing sports.

Search for a sport that you think fits what you have achieved during the training. This will motivate you to continue exercising until the day of the competition.

Set Short and Long-Term Fitness Goals

Having a goal is necessary to be consistent with your fitness plan. Start by forming a habit like picking an exercise program that fits your ultimate goal. It would take a long time and more practice to finally commit yourself to exercise.

Be intentional in reaching your set goals by breaking them into skills that will soon develop through repetitive practices. If it is your first time exercising earnestly, just fix your eyes on the goal and keep on improving. Every progress matters, even those little ones.

Examine Your Progress

Speaking of progress, your efforts will never be in vain after exercising a lot. There are tools that you can use to monitor your progress. Then, you will know if you are doing well or need some adjustments to cope with the set goal. It can be challenging to keep up with your routines without a tool to remind you about everything. It also has a feature that shows accurate results that you might share with others.

Checking your progress daily is a must to endure the process knowing that you are getting nearer to your fitness goals. It can boost your inner potential to be an athlete or just by continuing to strive toward your goals.

Best Personal Training Service

To develop  good exercising habits, it’s important to look for a reliable personal training service in Carnegie that can help you. These service providers assist each trainee in fulfilling their fitness goals that guarantee the best outcome. It is safe to say that there are several ways to stay motivated in getting fit like what is mentioned earlier. All you need is a willingness to commit and finish what has started to witness a great change to your body and mind. Exercising is an efficient tool to make your body firmer and sports-ready when you have a dream to be an athlete someday. Call a personal trainer now to get started!