The best reverse fly variations that will keep you fit forever


Sitting in the same position for long hours is the new smoking. It is detrimental and awful at the same time. Unfortunately, most people can’t do much about it since they have to sit in their office seats for long hours. But that does not mean that they should continue hurting yourself. 

The reverse fly is the perfect remedy for such a problem. This potential exercise not only promises to exercise your rear delt fly properly but also make sure that your upper back remains strong as ever. So, let’s get straight into the best variations of this exercise to try now! 

Why reverse fly variations?  Back problems are the talk of the town today. Since most of us sit against the screens for hours on end, our posture bumps into serious threats. Due to sitting for long hours during office hours and binge-watching shows, most of us have no idea how to deal with our posture. Fortunately, we have a quick fix for you. Reverse fly variations are the perfect way to get rid of all these back issues without any hindrance. It not only targets your entire back but also helps improve posture instantly. With an incredible range of variations, the reverse fly can spill magic in no time. Dumbbell reverse fly is one way to make that happen.

How to perform a Dumbbell reverse fly?

The exercise that we are about to discuss right now is a mind-boggler. With a dumbbell reverse fly, there is no need to stop and apply balm on your back before you return to your daily tasks. If you continue to perform this exercise daily, results will start to show up in a minimal period. Make sure to follow the instructions before you jump to any conclusion. Such a thing will enable you to avoid any complication for a safe experience. 

1. Stand with feet hip-width apart and knees soft. Make sure to hold a light dumbbell in both hands. Hinge at the hips with knees and maintain a flat back. Do not forget to keep your neck neutral and torso forward at a 45-degree angle. Your palms should be facing inwards. 

2. Keep your core engaged. At this point, your elbows should be slightly bent. Once you raise the Dumbbell, remember to breathe out. Your focus should be on squeezing the shoulder blades together. Such a thing will help you to perform the steps correctly. 

3. Once you reach the top, stop. Now, breathe in and gradually lower the dumbbells. Such a thing is how you return to the initial position. 

4. Repeat the dumbbell reverse fly regularly to experience its benefits in no time.

How to perform a bent-over reverse fly?

As we promised to come up with a range of reverse fly variations, we didn’t stop at the previous one. That is why we are introducing another standout variation that is going to work wonders for you. Bent over reverse fly is also known as a rear reverse fly that targets your shoulders and back. With this exercise, there will be nothing to worry about. If you practice this exercise daily, you are sure to gain the utmost strength, body balance and a well-built posture immediately. 

1. Before you start to perform the exercise, make sure to adjust the weight from the rack. Once you do that, take a few steps back into an open area. 

2. Hinge at the hips until your body is almost parallel to the ground. Your arms should hang straight down from the shoulders with a neutral grip. 

3. Now inhale and pull the dumbbells close to the ceiling. Do this using your deltoids. 

4. Gradually, lower the dumbbells back to the start position. 

5. Repeat the bent-over reverse fly exercise now and then to grab its benefits as fast as you can. 

How to perform a cable reverse fly?

If you have a cable machine at home, this exercise is for you. The cable reverse fly is a simple workout that you can perform conveniently as you follow the steps correctly. With each time you exercise, there will be mounds of benefits to grab on, we promise. If you follow the instructions as stated, there will be nothing to worry about. 

1. Place yourself between two pulley stations and grab 2-D handles. Make sure to have it shoulder-width apart and maintain a neutral grip. Push your hips back while keeping your knees directly over your ankles. Your torso should be parallel to the ground. Your trunk should be at a neutral position all the time, do not forget that. 

2. Start squeezing your shoulder blades together and keep your arms straight. Lift your arms in the air to each side until they are aligning with your back. Make sure that your head and trunk are stable at all times. 

3. Pause at the top position for about 2 seconds. However, do not stop squeezing your shoulder blades together. 

4. Gradually, bring the weight back to the floor and breathe normally. 

5. Repeat the cable reverse fly regularly for the utmost benefits.

The takeaway

These were some of the most helpful reverse fly variations for you to try at home. Do not forget to give it a shot if you haven’t and ace your fitness goals right away.