Learn how to perform a Reverse grip bench press the right way


For people who are looking to strengthen their upper chest muscles, the reverse grip bench press acts as a saviour. This one is a potential workout that aims at taking the pressure off your shoulders and working your pecs. It also aims at working out your triceps for better performance. Despite these exciting benefits, if you fail to perform the exercise correctly, the difference will be hard to notice. That is why understanding how to do it right is essential.  If you are looking to know how to perform reverse grip bench press the right way, let us dig into it!

Reverse grip bench presses upper chest

The reverse grip bench press is an easy exercise that you can perform without any hindrance. For those who perform this exercise, it is practiced using a flat bench with an underhand grip. Reverse grip bench press upper chest is often the most useful of all. If you perform the exercise correctly, you are sure to gain the results in no time. So, here is what to do! 

1. Lie on a flat surface and hold the bar with a reverse grip. Make sure your hand is shoulder-width apart and thumb around the bar. 

2. Press the bar back up to the initial position and arc without allowing your elbows to flare out. 

3. Don’t lock out your elbows at the top of the rep. Make sure that your arms are slightly bent and maintaining control of the weight all the time.

4. Now, make sure your elbows are tucked to the sides. Slowly, bring the bar down to your lower pecs and touch down gently. 

5. Press the bar back up to the start position and arc without your elbow to flare out. 

6. Do not lock out your elbows at the top of the rep. Make sure to keep your arms bent while you maintain control of the weight all the time. 

7. Perform the reverse grip bench press upper chest regularly for timely benefits.

Reverse grip bench press dumbbell

The reverse grip bench press dumbbell is a variation of the reverse grip bench press. When you use a dumbbell in this exercise, you add more weight for more improvement and enhanced functioning of your body. Thus, this exercise is capable of bringing several benefits to your doorstep instantly. Make sure to follow the instructions as you go on to perform the exercise. 

1. Hold a set of dumbbells and start the exercise. Sit on a flat bench and rest the end of the dumbbells on your knees. 

2. Now, gradually, lay back on the bench and push the dumbbells straight up above the chest. 

3. Twist the dumbbells so that your arms are facing your shoulders. Such a thing is your starting point. 

4. Gradually, lower the dumbbells and keep your palms straight in line. You have to do this using your middle chest. 

5. When the handles are around the chest height, pause and raise the dumbbells back up. 

6. Repeat the reverse grip bench press dumbbell exercise regularly for best benefits.

Reverse grip bench press muscles worked

This exercise is one that aims at working out the sternal head of your pectoralis major that is the largest chest muscle. It also works out the head of the pecs, collar bone and helps in the daily movements that we make. This process also leaves its impact on your triceps and core. For all those people who perform this exercise timely, they will be able to have their Reverse grip bench press muscles worked in no time.

The takeaway

The reverse grip bench press is a hands-down exercise that you can try at home without any inconvenience. So, do not keep waiting. Perform this exercise immediately to experience its benefits.


1. Are the Reverse grip bench press muscles worked for real?

 Yes, the reverse grip bench press muscles worked happen for real.

2. Do you have any bench press dumbbell tips?

 all you need to know is:

 Do not let the dumbbells touch at the top of each rep. 

 Use a full range of motion to lower the dumbbells. 

3. How many reps should I do for this exercise?  

A total of eight to twelve reps are sufficient for this exercise.

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