The technique of using rice water for hair is not a new generation trend but it an age-old recipe to have long beautiful hair. It is recorded that in many towns in China as well as Japan, females use to apply rice water for hair growth and to make them shiny, black and strong. Huanghua Yao Village in China was famous for women having long hair and henceforth that village was famously called as the land of Rapunzel.

Even in Japan, a place named Red Yao Tribe followed a practice where every woman in the community use to wash her hair with rice water. There is a famous article written in Hein period (794-1186) in Japan which lays down an anecdotal evidence that women used rice water for hair growth or boiling rice for hair treatment and growth. Japan women believed that rice water repairs damaged hair, reduces hair breakage, reduces friction and increases elasticity as it includes contains various vitamins and minerals.

This technique was passed onto the future generations and now even huge cosmetics, shampoo and conditioner manufacturing companies have adopted this recipe in order to flood the market with various products made out of rice water for hair and skin. It is useful in curing dandruff, provides strength to the strands, increases the growth, stimulates the vitality and brings a shiny appearance to the hair. Rice water is rich in elements like zinc, potassium, iodine, vitamin B, magnesium and vitamin C. Rice water is filled up to the brim with nutrients and contains a lot of fiber which provides strength, repairs the damaged hair cells, strengths the roots and repairs the dry scalp.

As it is immensely rich in nutrients and has antioxidant properties, it helps in repairing scalp by getting rid of all the toxins. Rice water for hair is also helpful in preventing grey hair and premature alopecia which is a sudden loss of hair and happens due to various reasons such as thyroid disease, protein deficiency and low intake of vitamins and minerals.

How to make rice water for hair



It is the easy of all and pretty easy to make at your home

  1. Take half a bowl of rice (It usually depends on the volume of your hair. So, you got a huge volume of hair take more rice)
  2. Boil the rice
  3. Boil it till the water turns milk white
  4. Rice water is basically the boiling water we strain out while making rice
  5. Keep it for 15 minutes and let it cool down
  6. Then slowly apply the water with cotton balls or hands in your scalp
  7. Leave it for around 15-17 minutes in your hair then rinse your hair with cold water
  8. It is usually advised that you do not use any kind of cosmetic such as shampoo or conditioner while rinsing the rice water as it is a natural thing and is beneficial in the long run
  9. Wash your have maybe a day after you have applied the rice water or in the evening on the same day.


  1. Take a bowl of rice
  2. Wash them thoroughly with clean and fresh cold water
  3. Fill the rice bowl with water and cover it with a clean cloth
  4. Keep it for around 30-40 minutes
  5. Then strain the water from rice and collect it in a bowl
  6. Apply this rice water on your scalp carefully
  7. Leave it for 15 minutes then wash your hair with clean water


  1. Take two bowl of rice
  2. Add twice the quantity of water in the rice and leave it for around 30-40 minutes
  3. Then strain the rice water and collect it in a glass bottle
  4. Leave the rice water in a dark room for about 3-4 day
  5. Remember to keep a check on the rice water after the 2nd day
  6. And when the sour smell starts coming from the glass bottle which would mean that the rice water has been fermented
  7. Then you can keep it in the refrigerator in order to preserve it
  8. And can apply on your hair accordingly

Fermented rice water for hair is more beneficial than boiled or uncooked rice water for hair as it decreases the pH level of the rice water to the same as pH level of our hair and provides essentials and effective minerals and vitamins to our hair. Fermented water for hair is also recommended as it penetrates into our scalp nicely. This water can also be used as a conditioner. If you want more nourishment then you can use essential oils such as rosemary, tea tree, clary sage, eucalyptus, geranium etc.

Smooth and long hair

It should be noted especially for people with curly hair should avoid leaving rice water in hair for too long. It is advised that 12-15 minutes are more than enough to make hair bouncy and shiny. But rice water is very effective and following the pattern for a month only will attract a lot of benefits.

It might be argued that there are different hair types but what seem to be ignored by most is that all have the same texture with cortex encircled by cuticle layer. So, the result or effect of rice water will usually be the same on every type of hair. However, rice water can have a drying effect on certain types of hair. Women with dry scalp should avoid leaving rice water overnight and 15-17 minutes twice a week would be enough to promote a natural growth. Rice water is very effective in every aspect for your hair and will have zero negative impacts on your hair.


1. How many times should I use Rice water in a week in order to make my hair shinier?

You can use it twice a week and remember that whenever you use rice water just focus on applying it perfectly on your scalp. Use it after doing shampoo and conditioning your hair. Leave rice water for around 5-7 minutes in your hair after applying then rinse it.

2. Should I leave rice water overnight in my hair to gain more effectiveness?

Yes, you can by applying it on your scalp thoroughly and allow it to dry for around 10-15 minutes. Then just wrap a scarf or a plastic head cover over head and sleep. Then wash it first thing in the morning with fresh cold water. Don’t shampoo or put conditioner in your hair. Just leave your hair like that without using them for a day and then the next day or in the same day in the evening if you wish, you can shampoo them.

3. Is it true that rice water is also effective in lighten up the skin?

Yes, it as a perfect natural tonner and cleanser for your skin and lightens-up the hyperpigmentation any other black spot of the skin or face. The process is simple as you just got to soak a cotton ball with the rice water and apply it on the affected area and leave it for around 10-12 minutes and rinse your face with water. You can use this twice a day as it will not cause any kind of harm to your skin as it is natural and if you feel itchy after applying it you can stop using it.

4. Will rice water be effective for reducing grey hair?

Yes, it is very effective as it carries is rich in minerals and various vitamins which also makes it rich in antioxidants. Rice water provides a natural nourishment to your hair so that it can take up its natural black growth again. It is researched that fermented rice are immensely useful in bringing hair pigment which is a significant evidence that rice water can make your hair black and strong again.

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