Everything you need to know about the Romanian Deadlift right now


Amidst some of the most effective exercises, the Romanian Deadlift is highly preferred by gym enthusiasts who are desirous of improving their core, hamstrings and other muscles of the body. As this exercise promises to workout several parts of our body including the Core, upper back, shoulders and forearms, its demand enhances. More so, this type of exercise can also help in balancing out the imbalances in the body that can be a massive contributing factor in terms of weight control. 

Thus, in this article, we will be discussing the Romanian Deadlift in detail and help you analyze whether it’s the perfect choice for you to make! 

What is the Romanian Deadlift?

 The Romanian Deadlift is a barbell lifting exercise that targets the glutes, hamstrings, core, upper body and other parts of our body. The Romanian Deadlift is a traditional workout that can provide a host of benefits to the performer when performed carefully. Abbreviately, known as the RDL, this exercise is a compound workout that can help gain quick results too. Benefits of the Romanian Deadlift are thus some of the main reasons why it is chosen.

How to do a Romanian Deadlift?


If you’ve been looking about how to do a Romanian Deadlift, carefully follow the instructions given below. It will surely help you gain the benefits of the Romanian Deadlift.

  • Stand straight facing the horizon. Hold a barbell in both your hands properly.
  • Now slightly bend in your knees and pull back your shoulder.
  • Now breathe in and press your hips backwards. At this point, start by pressing your torso on the floor. Make sure that your posture is just how it should be. Also, make sure that you are not leaning in a comfortable position.
  • At this point, your Barbells should be in close contact with your thighs. Such an act will help to make the exercise effective. In case your barbell is at a distance, roll your shoulders and pull the barbell close to your body. Your arms should be hanging down carefully.
  • When you feel your hamstrings stretching, stop making your hips hinge. Do not try to make the barbell touch the ground at this point. Make sure to stop the movement as soon as your barbell reaches your knee height.
  • Now, breathe out and use your hamstrings and glutes to pull the torso backwards. Don’t pull your back or core for standing.
  • Complete this set and do everything carefully to avoid any injuries.
  • Do this exercise consistently to gain the desired benefits of the Romanian deadlift.

How to do Romanian Deadlift Dumbbell? 

 Another way to acquire the benefits of Romanian Deadlift is this exercise. Follow the instructions carefully given below for a quick workout! 


  1. Stand straight with Romanian Deadlift Dumbbellin both your hands. Make sure your knees are soft while your eyes are facing the horizon. Your thighs should be parallel to each other.
  2. At this point, your spine should be in a neutral position while your shoulder blades squeeze.
  3. Now gradually lower your double near the shins and keep it close to your body. Keep your hips tight. Do not allow any sinking.
  4. Now while maintaining a neutral spine, take the Romanian Deadlift dumbbell straight up to your knees, making your glutes squeeze nicely.

Common mistakes people make while performing a Romanian deadlift 

  1. Bending too much at the knees- Many people mistake the Romanian deadlift exercises for squatting exercises. When they move straight to squats rather than bending their knees slightly, this is where they go wrong. By watching yourself in the mirror while you perform this exercise will help you to avoid making this mistake. It will also help you gain effective results later. 
  2. Keeping the Barbell far from thighs- Most people cannot differentiate between keeping the barbells close and far from the thigh. For those who still do not know how to do a Romanian deadlift, knowing this is very important. So, please make sure to check that you keep the barbell close to your thighs.

Safety tips while performing the Romanian Deadlift 


 Safety is crucial while performing an exercise that you are not sure of. If you are unaware of how to do a workout correctly, it is always safer to hire a coach to guide you in it. A coach will not only help you get your motions correct but also help you combat the risk of severe injuries during your work out sessions. If you are already an expert at performing workouts correctly, you are most likely to avoid any injury. Above all, an important way to avoid injury is to follow the instructions carefully that we have listed above for you. By doing this, there will be no complications at all. Another thing that you can do to avoid any accident while performing the exercise is to practice the workout in front of a mirror. Such an act will help you to catch any mistake you make and rectify it immediately. Also, make sure you rest regularly to avoid anybody pain and exhaustion.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to do a Romanian deadlift?

You can refer to the instructions listed below for this purpose. 

Is Romanian Deadlift a safe exercise to perform at home?

Yes. Romanian Deadlift is a safe exercise to perform at home. However, you must keep your safety at check by adhering to the precautions, prescribed above in the article. 

Should I perform my exercise with Romanian deadlift dumbbell?

 It depends upon what your body preferences are. So, if you are looking to strengthen your core muscles, you should go for it. 


Romanian Deadlift is a free weight exercise that is very beneficial for those who do it right. Make sure to follow the instructions properly to ensure safety and also gain quick results without much hesitation.