Learn Everything About Semen Retention


Semen retention in common understanding is the avoidance of male ejaculation either through celibacy or sexual abstinence or through performing sexual intercourse with ejaculation. It is not about having no orgasm, in fact, a person can experience orgasm without the ejaculation of semen. It is not about avoiding sexual pleasure but about restrain oneself not to have seminal ejaculation. This generation is following this trend as it helps in increasing spiritual, emotional, and physical energy and also to have connection and control over your body.

Semen Retention Benefits

We all have been narrated the wrong information for years who stated that masturbation is healthy and it should be done regularly but it has been found out that Semen retention is an age-old technique where male use to conserve semen so that they can conserve energy and it has been claimed recently that it is the reason why men have shorter life-span as compared to women because it consumes a lot of energy on a regular basis. Experts state that production od sperm in order to realize sperms or the creation of a life can take a major part of our lives. It has been found after conduct many kinds of research that if you lower the frequency of ejaculation it will benefit you live longer with shiny and glowing skin.

A recent survey done by NOFAP which goes on to instruct men not to ejaculate and save their sperm was adopted by a group of men and found that they no longer feel depressed, anxious, insecure to ask women out or insecure about their body, socially awkward, etc. They stated that they were in a habit of lying down over the couch and watch television all the time and had no motivation in life to work for their passion but after they have stopped watching porn and quitted masturbating, they feel confident and are determined to be positive all the time.

It is beneficial for a whole lot of reasons as it will make you all the happier and more motivated to succeed in your life goals. It will increase the quality of your skin, hair, brighter eyes, and even voice. You will experience good sleep as you will not feel drowsy all day. It will increase your performance in sports and exercise or workouts. It has massive effects on your body language as it will make you more confident and motivated to ask out women. You will experience less anxiety and removal of brain fog or depression. Men who are facing weight issues should try semen retention as it helps in losing a lot of weight. You will have better performance in sex. This list goes on as it also improves your immunity, stamina, emotional connection in relationships, controlled aggression, and feeling of being empowered emotionally and spiritually.



No- fap is trending a lot these days which generally means that no masturbation. It is not the same as semen retention and one might seem to mistake it for that. While the no-fap is about making men understand the compulsive sexual behaviour and restraining them to watch porn. It is not about adopting the semen retention technique but to restrain sexual arousal. No-fap can be a part of the semen retention technique but not the whole of it as no-fap focuses on no-ejaculation but semen retention focuses on no-ejaculation but you can experience orgasm and have sexual intercourse without ejaculation. Semen retention attraction supports sexual desires and pleasures. So no-fap can be a part of it but not the whole of it.


There are majorly two common techniques you can follow which is to either abstain from having sexual intercourse or experience orgasm without ejaculation. It will take a lot of courage to have muscle control but when you will get into the habit of it, things will get smoother. Kegel exercise is one such technique where flexing your pelvic muscles before ejaculation can help you practice semen retention. 

Find your pelvic floor muscles and then either stop urinating midway or tighten your muscles when you want to fart or release gas which will help you figure out your pelvic muscles. This exercise can be done at all time while walking, sitting or standing but should be performed at least twice or twice a day in set of 12-15 reps. While performing it hold your pelvic muscles for at least three to four seconds. Do not confuse pelvic floor muscles with the muscles in your thighs or abdomen.

Another technique that you can follow while having different forms of sexual intercourse is to relax your muscles in buttocks, jaw, and legs. Try to control yourself by relaxing and avoiding creating a lot of energy involving pelvic floor muscles. Try to distract yourself when you are experiencing an orgasm by holding your breath for a longer time. Try to avoid orgasm by talking to other people or engaging yourself in work.



It is a form of discipline so it depends on how much you try to practice it with honesty. Avoiding Ejaculation will not hinder your performance in sex or release of sperms. Try relaxing and controlling yourself at the same point. Do not control your legs or buttock muscles rigidly. Learn more about yourself and when you are getting aroused. Try to avoid

such instances by practicing breathing exercises. Distract yourself with some work or talk to people. It is all about paying attention to your body and controlling yourself.

Whenever you are experiencing an orgasm just try squeezing the end part of your penis until the urge to ejaculate goes. Try figuring out the point at the end of your penis where the shaft joins head and apply pressure therein.

You can also apply pressure on your perineum. It might be difficult to find out the exact location but practice will teach to find the right spot from where you trigger the retrograde ejaculation.



There has been not much research evidences which can claim that semen retention is harmful. However, it can have different effects on different humans and some might experience difficulty or problems at the starting but it will eventually go if you practice it with discipline. Also, it can be hard to figure out pelvic muscles and differentiate among legs or buttocks or jaw muscles. Such wrong assumptions can create lead to the wrong performance of the exercise and can cause pain. But if you follow it efficiently there are no harmful effects. In fact, many researchers denied any sorts of harmful effects.


1. Are there any side effects if I do not masturbate regularly?

Your body is designed in a way that it can cope up with the unused sperms with no disadvantages on your stamina or sperm release or sperm count.

2. Will the sperm build-up or accumulate in your body if you do not ejaculate?

No, as if the sperms are not ejaculated, your body will break them down and will reabsorb it in your body eventually. There is no question of sperm accumulation or build-up in your body.