6 serratus anterior exercises to transform body

Many-a-times, it so happens that even when we work out to keep our body fit, we miss out on some of the major body parts that need exercising. Serratus anterior is one of them.  Serratus anterior is the ‘Big Swing Muscle’ which is largely responsible for stabilizing the Scapula. When worked out correctly, its functionality increases and prevents the winging of your shoulder blades.

Thus, in today’s article, we are going to take you through some of the serratus anterior exercises that will help you transform instantly!

3 Serratus anterior exercises benefits that are life-changing

1.Improves the basic ability to raise arms

Several middle-aged people raise concerns about their problems in raising their arms above shoulder height. This occurs when the serratus anterior is unable to pull the shoulder blades in both arms to help you raise them. Such an issue indicates you to workout your serratus anterior for better functioning.  Thus, the serratus anterior has a massive role to play in helping you to raise your arms upwards so that there is an ease of movement possible at your comfort.

2.They protract the shoulder blades

Another serratus anterior exercises benefit is that they help protract the shoulder blades properly. This means that they push the shoulder blades away from one another and lock them in the front of the ribcage. That’s when the arms roll like a cannon and fall inside it. By practicing exercises for them, one can improve this function and make the body more convenient for movements. This will also prevent problems while doing push-ups.

3. Fosters holding good posture


By practicing serratus anterior exercises, you will help them to stabilize the Scapula rapidly and help you hold a good posture. This also improves the anchoring and stabilizing of shoulder blades that can make a drastic difference.

6 simple serratus anterior exercises for you

1. Protraction


This exercise will improve the protraction of the shoulder blades which will enable you to raise your arms above the shoulder height. This one is most beneficial for adults above the age of 40 since this is a simple workout. In case anyone is regular with push-ups, this can be performed as a warm-up exercise to rev up their push-ups.


  • Lean against a smooth wall.
  • Press the back of your palms and elbow on it.
  • Slide your shoulder blades closer to the wall and keep it intact.

2. Wall exercise


Wall exercises have been proven very beneficial for serratus exercises. This one is especially good as beginner serratus anterior exercises as it is simple and easy to perform.


  • Lean your back against a smooth wall
  • Put your arms against and your shoulders down
  • Begin by trying to make your thumb touch the wall
  • Then slowly proceed by making your elbows do the same
  • Keep repeating the process as far as you can make your arms touch them front behind the back.

3. Supine Serratus anterior overhead


Another one from the beginner serratus anterior exercises is this one with the help of a TheraBand. By practicing this workout regularly, ease of movements can be acquired at the earliest. It can also help in improving the stability of the Scapula and shoulder blades. You can make this exercise even better by raising the shoulder in the scapula plane of movement.


  • Lay against your back on the ground in the supine position.
  • Make the TheraBand wrap around your back.
  • By keeping your elbow straight, make them reach above your head.
  • At this point, aim at extra scapula pushout which will enable the activation of the serratus anterior muscle.
  • Observe how the TheraBand is pulling across. This will foster the rotator cuff and minimize the functioning of the pec muscles.

4. Uppercuts

If you are looking for some extra rotation, there is no better exercise than an uppercut. This one provides the most serratus anterior exercises benefits that can change your bodybuilding to a drastic extent. The uppercut is a very simple exercise that needs to be performed with the help of a dumbbell.


  • Hold the dumbbell in one arm while the other arm must be rested upon your scapula. Make sure the other arm which is rested on the scapula is holding touching the ribs properly and comfortably.
  • At this point, start doing the regular lifting of the dumbbell.
  • For some more rotation, you can change the position of the dumbbell lifting to improve the performance of the shoulder blades.
  • Perform this exercise regularly.

5. Banded wall slides

If you want to target the winging of scapula, the banded slide is a great way to do this. Another one from the beginner serratus anterior exercises, banded wall slide is extremely easy. All you need is a resistance band and you will be ready for this! The use of a resistance band will increase the demand of the rotator cuff which will help immensely.


  • Take a resistance band and wear it. It should hold both the wrists slightly away from each other.
  • Now face the wall with a big rolling paper.
  • Now put both hands on the rolling paper with the resistance band holding both the wrists.
  • Slide your hand over the rolling paper as it rolls on the wall.
  • Practice this exercise regularly.

6. Shoulder rotation robot

One of the best beginner serratus anterior exercises is the shoulder rotation robot. This one creates amazing reciprocal movements. This will also help to challenge the scapula which will be controlled at this point.


  • Lean on the wall facing your back. Bend your elbow a little, and create a fist in both hands.
  • Now start to lift your right fingers and forearm away as you rotate them upwards.
  • Allow the back of your hand to touch the wall by pressing both hands on them.
  • Now as you rotate your right arm back to where it was, repeat the process of lifting the left arm.
  • Repeat the process several times regularly.

The bottom line

Serratus anterior exercises are the best way to improve the stability of the scapula, shoulder blades and foster healthy bodybuilding. Don’t forget to try out the many exercises we’ve mentioned above. It’s surely going to work magic for you!


1. Do these exercises work?

Yes. All these exercises mentioned above can help you immensely provided you remain consistent and practice as instructed.

2. Can you suggest some Isometric serratus anterior exercises?

Shoulder isometric loading exercise and swiss ball wall push-ups, are some of the best Isometric serratus anterior exercises to practice regularly.

3. Is the Isometric serratus anterior exercise helpful?

Yes. It is a very helpful exercise and can provide several bodybuilding benefits to you in need.

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