Side Crunches: The Best Exercise To Obtain A Perfectly-Shaped Body

side crunches

Side Crunches is a straightforward exercise that allows you to form a slim but perfectly fit and healthy stomach. This workout works your transverse abdominus, your internal and external oblique muscles to a great extent. It is a full-body exercise that allows you to improve your body posture and shield your back. Practicing this exercise regularly will enable you to form a perfectly slim and fit body. In addition, it helps in increasing endurance in your core as well as muscle strength. This exercise is known to be core-challenging and is perfect for performing at home as it does not require the use of any special equipment. 

Given below is the perfect way on how to do Side Crunches to obtain a fit, properly shaped body!

How To Ace The Performance Of Side Crunches:


1. Initially, get hold of a comfortable mattress to keep up with the exercise. Now, with your knees bent, lay down with your feet strictly placed on the ground. 

2. Then, lift your hands and position them behind your head. Grasp your hands together to hold your head firmly. 

3. Now, deescalate both your knees to the floor on one side of your body. While doing this, your legs should stay together, and your hips should be strictly on the floor.

4. Now, slowly lift your shoulder and pause for a few seconds.

5. Repeat with the other side. 


If you are comfortable while performing the classic Side crunches without any issue, you can easily perform its variations stated below:

1. Side Crunch On An Exercise Ball:


1. Position yourself by sitting on top of the exercise ball. 

2. Then, take a few steps forward so that your back is resting on the ball. Remember that only your back should be resting on the ball, not your shoulders and head. 

3. Now, turn your lower body as that both your legs are bent aside. 

4. Then extend your upper body leg. Position your upper foot flat on the ground and bend your lower leg’s knee. 

5. Now bend back on the ball so that your back follows the shape of the ball. 

6. By placing both your hands behind your head, breathe out and shrink your abdominal muscles to raise your upper body from the ball. 

7. Be in the crunching posture for a few seconds, breathe in, and let your muscles relax to return to the ball. 

Repeat with the other side. 

2. Plank Side Crunches


1. With both your legs extended outwards and on top of each other, lie down on one side of your body. 

2. Now, put your lower arm’s elbow on the ground and remember to place your elbow underneath the shoulder. 

3. Support your body up on your elbow. 

4. From this posture, put your upper arm’s hand behind your 


5. Then, take a deep breath and shrink your side abdominal muscles. This will bring your upper elbow down to your side. 

6. While you crunch down, your lips and lower part of your torso will plunge on the ground. 

7. Pause for a moment while you are crunching, breathe out, and bend your side abdominal muscle again to return your torso and upper elbow to the initial starting position.  

Repeat with the other side. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are Side Crunches suitable for?

The paramount importance of Side Crunches is that it allows you to provide good shape to your body. 

2. How many calories do side crunches burn?

Performing 30 Side crunches per minute burn approximately five calories of an average person.

3. What muscles do side crunches work with?

The side crunches most prominently work your oblique and abdominal muscles. 

4. How many side crunches should I do?

It would help if you always aimed to do at least 1-3 sets of 10-15 reps on each side of your body. This should be done 2-3 times every week. 

5. Is the Plank Side Crunch beneficial?

The Plank Side Crunch is a variation of the classic Side Crunches and is very beneficial if you want your body to be shaped appropriately.

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