How to do Side lunges the right way

side lunges

Side Lunges are an advanced-level leg workout exercise. Side Lunges are nothing but a variation of lunges that challenges quads, glutes, and hamstrings while also targeting both the inner and outer thighs. This exercise includes leaning on both sides one after one, thus improving the balance and stability of the body.

So if you are bored of those regular classic lunges or jumping lunges and are ready to challenge yourself with a level up, side lunges and side lunges are your things. It is an effective bodyweight exercise.

Here is a guide to the benefits of Side Lunges, how to do Lunges the right way?, Tips for effective jumping lunges, and the variations of Jumping lunges. Read and master yourself. 

Benefits of Side Lunges?

Side Lunges target quads, glutes and hamstrings, and both inner and outer thighs.

Side Lunges are an exercise involving movement that builds muscle and burns fat, and helps you gain overall strength. In addition, it helps you to improve the balance and stability of your legs.

Side Lunges also work to improve the coordination of different parts of the body.

How to do Side Lunges?

1.Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed straight forward, and hands joined in front of the chest

2.Step out with your left leg as wide as possible. 

3.Shift your entire weight on the left leg and simultaneously bend your left knee until 90 degrees. Keep the other leg straight.

4.By pressing the foot of the left leg to the floor, push the body back to the starting position. 

This is one rep. Follow the same with another leg.

Reps recommended: 14-16

Sets: 2

Tips for Effective Side Lunges

  1. A warm-up is always recommended. You can include a quick core and leg warm-up.
  2. Do not forget to keep the back straight and look in front to have a proper balance.
  3. Keep the core engaged throughout the exercise.
  4. Keep the transition balanced and smooth. Don’t pressurize yourself.
  5. If you have any ankle or knee injuries, do not include the exercise in your routine. It can lead to complications and slow recovery.

Variations of Side Lunges

Weighted Side Lunges

Once you are quite acquainted with the move and think you have achieved a good level with the exercise, challenge yourself with these weighted side lunges. 

Instead of joining the hand in front of the chest or letting them free, you can hold dumbbells in both hands to increase the difficulty level of the exercise. But, remember to keep the back straight to avoid spinal injuries due to the added weights.

Pulse Side Lunges

There is another way to increase the difficulty level of side lunges without adding weight to the exercise. Follow the same traditional method to side lunges, but when your knees are 90 degrees, move your knee a little up and down about 3-4 times and come back straight. This will burn the muscles more and much faster than the traditional side lunges.

The Bottom Line

The side lunge is an effective move for burning your quads and glutes but to get better results incorporate the move in your leg exercise routine. 

It’s always recommended to start at a slow pace until you achieve the stability required for the quick transition.    

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