Signs of Video Game Addiction You Look Out for in Your Child

Signs of Video Game Addiction

As long as we make technology our slave, it is a boon, but it turns into a bane if we become a slave to it. Your child is at risk of becoming a slave to technology by way of video games. Video game addiction is more common than most of us want to admit, but it is an addiction that can be controlled with timely intervention. What comes first is being able to spot the signs of video game addiction.

According to the DSM-5, you should see the below signs for a year to call it an addiction.

Only Gaming on Your Mind

Gaming can be classified into two broad categories. One is where you play along and try to beat your best score. The other is online gaming, where you play with other players. The second is more addictive, as there is no end to it.

When you find your child thinking about gaming all the time, then you should begin to worry. It can be either category of game, but if you see that they schedule all their activities so that they can keep maximum time for gaming, then it is a sign of concern.

Having Problems at School or Home

When a socially adjusted child starts to have regular trouble at home or school, then you need to watch out. If their academics suffer and their grades begin to drop because their attention is focused on video games, then it may be turning into an addiction.

Downplaying Their Addiction

Downplaying Their Addiction

When the child begins to downplay the amount of time spent playing video games or lie about playing, then you may have a problem. Children usually get defensive about things that they know are wrong, but can’t help themselves from doing them. They will end up hiding the fact that they have been playing to avoid being confronted.

Feeling Fatigued and Tired All the Time

This is one of the subtle signs of video game addiction. Children will stay up late into the night to play video games uninterrupted. They will also compromise on outdoor play, which will leave them fatigued and tired.

Some children show apparent physical signs of fatigue, such as redness of the eyes, sore back, and neck, frequent headaches, etc.

Social Withdrawal

When a child becomes a video game addict, they will want to spend less time with friends and family, and more time playing. They will stop participating in school activities, and when they have to do so, it will be a half-hearted attempt. If you see that the child is neglecting their hobbies and favorite pastime activities, then you should become worried.

Aggressive Behavior

Several video games depict an astounding amount of violence. Continued exposure to it can lead to aggressive behavior in the child. They may get into arguments and fights more frequently. They may also get angry when not allowed to play.

Many may not consider video games to be an addiction, but it is, and a real one at that. Families have undergone extreme levels of turmoil due to their child’s addiction. Thanks to various support groups, there is help available to such families. All you have to do is not ignore these signs of video game addiction.