Simple Exercises to Tackle When – You Are Lacking Motivation

Simple Exercises

There are a couple of simple reasons that people begin a workout program. Some are athletes looking to take their games to the next level in any way. Some are looking to shed a few pounds in order feel better about themselves or look better in a swimsuit. Some are looking to build up a little muscle to break their personal lifting records. Regardless of why you choose to get in the gym, there is one thing that can ruin even the greatest of routines: lack of motivation.

No matter how great of an athlete or gym-goer you are, motivation will inevitably become a challenge at one point or another. No one is constantly driven to always push themselves, as the road to a fitness achievement is typically very long and arduous. When motivation begins to falter, there are a couple of roads you can take to restart your engines, one of the main ones being certain exercises that can fuel you up. These workouts can take even the most unmotivated person and turn them into the go-getter they were when they first decided to dedicate themselves in the gym.

Here are some of the best ways that you can restore your inspiration to achieve your fitness goals.

1. Long-Distance Running

One of the most important aspects of re-motivating yourself is to set and accomplish small goals. The sense of accomplishment is an addictive feeling that can go a long way towards giving someone a reason to get back into the gym. Nowhere is this emotion more prevalent than in long-distance running.

Long-distance running is arguably the simplest and one of the most effective exercises there is. It is a simple concept involving a destination and a journey, which is the main reason it is so effective in motivating people to dedicate themselves to fitness. The feeling of accomplishment is present each and every time you reach your finish line, which is exactly the kind of emotion it takes to reinvigorate your workout endeavors. Couple this with the fact that long-distance running actually does release good-feeling endorphins into the brain, and you just may have found the activity to put you back on the right track.

2. Heavy Lifting

One of the main reasons people begin doing some heavy lifting is to hit certain benchmarks. It feels good to be able to say that you benched 225 pounds or were able to squat 275. Similar to long-distance running, powerlifting involves goals that give a person a huge sense of accomplishment once they are completed, thus re-motivating them to pursue other exercises.

Heavy Lifting

The safe bet is to stick to the three main lifts: bench press, deadlift, and squat. These three classic exercises are the most common power lifts, and can really help you achieve certain fitness goals. Unlike running, the goals you set when you start benching, deadlifting or squatting will take a little longer to reach. Nevertheless, incremental improvements are also useful tools for motivating someone, as you will notice your steady improvements until you ultimately hit that target you were shooting for. If you are lacking motivation, you may want to turn to heavy lifting in order to re-ignite the athletic fire under you.

3. Yoga

Yoga is completely unlike running or powerlifting. It does not involve any heavy weights or brute strength, nor does it require sneakers or a timer. However, this does not make yoga any less difficult than other exercises, for it requires tremendous amounts of concentration, flexibility, and balance. More importantly, the feelings it creates can serve as great tools for motivation.

Yoga is different from other activities in that its ultimate goal is inner peace. It does not end with a weight slamming against the ground, or a sprint through the finish line, or a primal grunt of any kind. It ends with your eyes closed and a deep breath. The deep stretches and meditative aspect of yoga can help melt away the troubles that were likely contributing to your lack of motivation in the first place, while finally nailing those complex poses is a great milestone to strive for. If you are able to reach that sense of peace that yoga aims create, it is likely that you will be inspired to better yourself through other forms of exercise as well.

4. Hiking

Another great way for a person to re-motivate themselves is by hiking. Similar to long-distance running, hiking is based on endurance and a destination, making it another workout that can instill a sense of accomplishment once it is completed. What’s more, sightseeing is a key aspect of hiking, something that can entrance pretty much anyone (even the most unmotivated of people).


Hiking molds the beauty of nature with the endorphins released by exercise. In this sense, it can be considered a bit of a mixture of long-distance running and yoga, for an endorphin-rush and inner peace are the two prominent benefits of those activities. It is also a versatile exercise, for there is a myriad of trails to explore depending on your preferences. All in all, this makes it an excellent tool for those who want to be invigorated once again.

5. Take Action

Even the greatest athletes in the entire world go through spells in which they lack motivation, from triathletes to wrestlers to football players (though a fresh pair of football gloves might also help solve this issue). When this happens, it is up to you to find ways to reinvigorate yourself in order to exercise regularly once again.

No matter which of these workouts you decide to go with in order to motivate yourself, they each revolve around the same addicting concept. Accomplishing goals is one of the best feelings a human being can have, and running, lifting, yoga and hiking are excellent exercises to create this sentiment. Do not let a lack of motivation bring you and your fitness down. Instead, take up one of these simple exercises and drive yourself forward!

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