Simple Workouts You Can Do At Home While On Quarantine

Without a doubt, the past few weeks have unleashed pandemonium on a global scale. People are crowding supermarkets and hoarding food as if it’s the end of the world. With the outbreak of a pandemic and so many people across the globe becoming jobless, there’s a deep-rooted need to have a sense of security. This often starts with stocking up on food.

Since the major parts of many countries have been placed on quarantine and lockdowns, no one is allowed to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. Work has to be done from home, children are being educated at home, and the entire family has no other choice of activities but those that they can do within the safety of their home.

So, it’s quite easy to fall into the trap of over-eating. When you have that much supply of food, your entire family might be reaching out for food ever so often. Not only might this be burning a hole in your pocket, but it may unfortunately lead to unhealthy eating habits, too.

When one is constantly at home, it’s easy to become slack on health and wellness. In fact, working out may sometimes be last on the list of activities. There is no equipment, the children are around, and the list of excuses could go on and on.

But the simple fact that you are reading this indicates that you are now ready and willing to make a positive change in your life. You’re most likely here in search of exercise ideas that don’t need any equipment, or a gym-like facility.

That said, here are some of the simplest workouts that you can do while on quarantine:

1. Meditation

First up on the list of exercises that you can do is also the easiest and the friendliest for the body. If you’re not someone who’s up for a strenuous exercise, then this is the perfect match for you. Especially since people are under a lot of stress nowadays, meditation exercises are a very effective way for you to de-stress.

Here are some excellent reasons to give meditation a try while on quarantine:

  • It helps reduce the onset of stress. Mindfulness meditation is particularly helpful in this regard
  • It increases your ability to concentrate, especially when you also have to work-from-home and there are children around who are continuously disturbing you
  • It helps control any anxiety that you may be experiencing during this challenging time
  • It increases your self-esteem
  • It lengthens your attention span

2. Yoga Push-Ups

This next home exercise is just like your regular push-up, but it’s gentler and friendlier on your body. You can also give it an added twist through a hip hike.

Here’s how the yoga push-up is done:

  • Start by putting yourself in a push-up position
  • While you’re at it, lift your hips in the air. By now, you should be in an inverted V position
  • Slowly lower your hips, bring your chest close to the floor, and then back up to the push-up position.
  • Go back to the inverted V position, and repeat.

There are many benefits of doing a yoga push-up while on quarantine:

  • It makes you feel happier, which can be very beneficial in stressful times
  • It can help relieve any posture pain or aches that you may have
  • It can also lead to weight loss, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about those unhealthy foods you’ve been eating

3. Lunges


If you’re looking for a strength-training exercise, lunges are a popular choice to strengthen, tone, and sculpt a person’s body. They can also help improve your fitness performance.

Here’s how lunges can be done correctly:

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Step forward using one leg to create a wide stance. Here, one foot should be in front of the other
  • Lower your entire body, while dipping your ankle
  • Remember to keep your body in a state of rest, or stationary. Keep your shoulders straight, and look ahead at all times.

Lunges may seem like an all-too-simple exercise, but comes with a lot of health benefits. Some of the benefits of this exercise include the following:

  • It aids in weight loss, as lunges do work on the largest muscle groups of your lower body
  • It helps you attain better core stability, as this workout engages your abdominal muscles
  • It creates a better state of balance in your body, as you’re working on each side of your body independently
  • It strengthens your legs and your buttocks, thereby also boosting your metabolism to facilitate faster weight loss
  • It improves your posture, as your back and core muscles are also strengthened

Lunges also fall within the same category as hack squats. However, if you’re looking for some hack squat substitutes sans equipment, you could try these exercises.

4. Indoor Cycling

Many live sessions of various social media sites today offer indoor cycling sessions for you to join in the fun. So, if you’ve got an indoor or a stationary bike at home, this is one of the best cardio exercises that you can do within the confines of your house.

Plus, the great thing about indoor cycling is that you can multi-task, too. You could do this while watching the children play. You could even do this while waiting for food in the oven to cook, or while watching the news. As long as you have an indoor bike, there’s no reason for you not to engage in this activity.

That said, here are some of the benefits of indoor cycling:

  • It’s time-efficient
  • It keeps your heart healthy
  • It can be done without any interruptions


With this list of exercises, the great thing is that you can finish them all in around half an hour. That’s also the amount of time required for one to engage in daily physical activity in order to stay fit and healthy. Initiate these workouts today because you may never get started if you keep telling yourself that you’ll do them tomorrow. When the quarantine period is over, you won’t have to feel embarrassed about all the weight that you gained by being inactive at home.

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