How To Improve Your Skin Texture And Skin Tone

Everyone desires a smooth and flawless skin which is considered the hallmark of an ideal beauty figure. The skincare industry has become huge and is making profit progressively by launching products and skincare treatments to improve the texture of and making it ever-glowing, beautiful, and healthy. But Skin texture can face numerous issues that can make the texture of skin rough and bumpy.

Large pores can make the face look puffy and with uneven skin tone. Large pores are not the only ones leading to the uneven texture but discoloration can also be a major issue while fighting with large pores. Yet fighting discoloration by applying concealers can be a bit easier task as compared to curing large pores in your skin. So, let us answer all the complexities regarding maintaining a proper and even skin texture throughout your face.


Large Pores

Our body is a natural healer and provides us with all the mechanisms to take care of its own such as in the case of when your skin releases sebum [a fatty oil substance] through your skin pores to keep your skin protected from germs and microbes and hydrate the dry skin by releasing oil. But things become difficult when the sebaceous gland which is the small-oil producing gland present in our skin, gets actively triggered by the hormonal imbalances, unhealthy diet, indigestion, dry conditions, or with the use of wrong and allergic products on your skin.

In such extreme and unhealthy circumstances, it starts to produce an excess amount of oil in the skin leading to the opening of pores and causing acne. Sebaceous Gland is attached to hair follicles in our skin and overproduction of oil in skin will lead to uneven skin texture. Excess secretion of oil will lead to the expansion of such pores with trapped dead skin leading them to enlarge.


You may be able to spot the pores in the T-zone of your face which has a high number of blackheads and stretched pores compared to other parts of your face. This zone might also feel rough than the other part which will be softer and smoother. This is due to the exposure of UV rays and intact collagen which is making skin uneven and dry.


Exposure to high sun rays can trigger the collagen and elastin to function abnormally by producing excess unwanted oil on the T-zone. They both are effective in providing the texture of the skin and maintaining the glow of the skin. They are primary protein providers which provide structure to the skin. When they are destroyed by excess penetration of UV rays in our skin, the tissue present in collagen will shrink and pull the pores which make the pores look bigger than before.


It may sound abrupt but our skin can be oily yet still facing dehydration. Dehydrated skin is different from dry skin which means that a lack of moisture in the skin than the under-production of oil in the skin. The lack of moisture can lead to rough and coarse skin.


There are different skin types and some might get it from their parents so if you have dry or oily skin, it can be that it came from your parents. If you have acne-prone skin then there is a chance that you might develop large pores due to excess accumulation of sebum in the skin.



Clean your face with a good face wash or use a cleanser. Using face wash regularly can make your skin dry and coarse, so use them twice a week. Other than that use regular organic soap to wash your face and use cucumber toner and a good moisturizer. If you have a make-up then first remove the make-up with oil-based products so that you do not face redness and your face can tackle the cosmetics. Was your face not more than twice a day, one in the morning and on before going to bed. Go for home-based products to fight oily or dry skin

If you have dry skin then aloe vera-based product or gel will be the most effective. Curd, gram flour, and a pinch of turmeric will be highly beneficial. Glycerine can also help in providing moisturizer to your skin. Applying milk in the morning will also help in maintain the moisturizing texture of the skin.

If you have oily skin then you can consume vitamin E and calcium tablets which are majorly prescribed by skincare doctors or dermatologists. You can use honey or tomato to clear the black spots on your face. You can use cucumber toner to provide an ever-lasting shiny effect.


Do not mix your moisturizer with any of the essential oils which can make your skin uncomfortable by producing more oil. You should always aim for using light moisturizers as rich and heavy ones might cause the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum in the skin making skin oily majorly in the T-zone.

Do not overdo with your skin and let the pores breathe which means that stick to a product or a skin routine that is effective and suitable for your skin types and then regularly use them in a little quantity. Changing skin routine or products might make the texture of your skin worst leading to dry or excess oily skin. You can use Multani Mitti which is a stop solution for the oily skin and it is the most easy-to-go product which will be available easily and has zero to no side effects.

Also, take note that hormonal imbalance can cause such skin concerns and issues so it is better not to worry and patiently follow a skin routine. It is advisable that you should always go for home-based products or masks as most of the cosmetic products will have side-effects and your skin will get used to it which will be problematic at a later stage.



Everyone should try to adopt a good skin routine which involves adopting sunscreen habits as it is effective in maintaining skin health and uneven texture. UV rays of the sun cause much damage to your skin as well as the horrors of getting skin cancer and various toxic skin diseases. All of this can be prevented by applying sunscreen when you are coming in contact with the sun.

Also, the sun’s harmful rays lead to free radical damage to your skin and will cause harm to your natural collagen stores which is the primary support system for your skin. If this is not taken care of it will become unable to provide a fine texture to your skin leading to the opening of the pores and other skin issues. So, to fight all such issues Zinc-based products are the best in the market.


One of the easiest skincare routines to follow is to regularly use the hydroxy acid cleansers or toners which has shown effective results in treating uneven skin texture and clearing the large pores. These acid-infused skin care products contain salicylic or glycolic acid or both which is effective in removing dead cells from our skin and provide strength to the collagen. These are also beneficial in improving the complexion of the skin and discoloration on the face.


It is a procedure done to improve the tone of skin and remove large pores from the face. It is found to be effective in removing dead skin, damaged skin by UV rays, age spots, blackheads, wrinkles, acne, and other major skin issues and concerns. Some stores do sell st-home kits which are harmless to use on a daily basis.

It is a special applicator that gently removes blackheads and excess oil from our skin by extracting it. It is a vacuum-based product that extracts blackheads from the thick outer surface of the skin causing acne on the face. Some techniques also use Sodium bicarbonate and aluminum oxide in their vacuum-based products to escape from getting redness.

This technique is considered safe for major skin types and textures and people facing skin issues such as wrinkles, acne, hyper pigmentation, black spots, blackheads, stretch marks, uneven skin texture, dead skin cells, brown spots, age spots, fine lines, acne scars dark skin tone due to excess sun exposure, enlarged pores, and melasma.


Retinoids are vitamins and vitamers A which are used to maintain epithelial cell growth. There are pills, oil, etc products in the market which are effective in curing major acne issues and can unclog pores by removing dead skin cells from blocking the way. There are moisturizers and creams which might cause redness and itching at first but regular use of such can make your body accustomed and comfortable to them.

It is also beneficial in reducing wrinkles by strengthening the collagen to enhance the making of new skin cells. It will also be effective in stimulating the blood vessels in the skin providing a pinkish look on your face. It is effective in fading black spots and age spots. It might take around 6-8 months of regular use of retinoids to cure skin issues completely but in the end, they are effective and harmless in providing a perfect glowing skin texture.

There are different types of retinoids with retinoid esters that are effective for sensitive skin type; Adapalene which effective in slowing down the growth process of pores and removes toxic germs and microbes from the skin. It also strengthens the inflammatory powers of the skin to defeat acne; OTC retinol which is highly effective and has fewer died effects which can take months to cure major skin issues but is beneficial in long terms.


1. How should I have an even skin tone throughout my face?

There can be different skin routines that you can adopt but above all maintaining a healthy diet by eating good foods involving various fruits and vegetables is also equally important to reduce the production of sebum. So, chose according to your skin type and what is suitable for you. If you are fine with using cosmetic products which might cost much, considering the time period for which you have to apply it. Go with your skin type, as it will give you a better understanding to choose the product.

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