Workout is really important for keeping your body healthy and fit. A healthy diet is essential for the right intake of vitamins and minerals but to complement it we need to do some form of exercise which in turn tone our body. In schools, colleges, and societies many fitness programs are running that aim at improving the health of individuals.

A toned body looks attractive and it gives major fitness goals. Six packs or eight packs enhance the look of a person it also represents that a particular person is salubrious and take care of his diet and routine. It is hard for skinny people to get into proper shape as they are already skinny so further toning their body is a huge task. Abs are not difficult to get but it may be a bit tricky for skinny people as they are already lacking mass in their body so getting the partition of abs is hard. For an average or overweight guy, it is like turning off the extra fat to remove the layers over the skin but for a skinny guy, it is a dual-task one is to gain muscles other is to cut out the abs in a proper shape.

How to get abs if you are skinny?

The first step is to gain some muscles and for that, you need to follow a proper diet. Mostly what happens is that to gain some weight people start eating whatever they get but for gaining weight you only need healthy things so that you feel energetic not diffused. The normal goal for these people should be increasing their BMI and not the fat in the body. Skinny people generally do not have lower body fat but it also means that they are lacking lower body muscular mass. This is important to get muscles and for that, you need to strength training at least thrice a week. 

There are many reasons behind being skinny the foremost reason is a slow metabolism rate and not having a proper diet so start from there only.  The next thing you can do is go for strength training which must include squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Abs look attractive and it gives you a positive push to your personality so investing time in it is worth it.

Squats are not difficult you just need to do normal sit-ups but keep the distance between both the legs a bit wider. Squats will improve your core strength and a strong core is essential for building abs. Deadlifts are a bit difficult because you need to lift weight and you can increase the weight depending upon your tolerance level. Bench presses require gym because you need dumbbells and a bench to do it. For a beginner, you can start with a little weight like light weight dumbbells but soon you start doing it at full pace and regularly you need to add the weight and soon you will see the result. Skinny abs are difficult but by following certain processes you can get them easily.

What do skinny people eat to get skinny abs?

Eating healthy and enough is important to get abs. The reason is that for getting abs you need to push your body to the limits and for that, enough energy is required. If you are 90 kg then you should eat 150-160g of protein daily which means per kg 0.8 g of protein is required.  For a skinny person, it is important to eat food that does not contain much water like solid meals, dry fruits, etc. Calorie surplus will help skinny people. 

Skinny guys need to eat more than what is required and create a calorie surplus for muscle gain. Understandably, it is not easy to take a bulky diet at one go you need to eat in short intervals and a heavy breakfast can work wonders for you. So, for gaining weight you can start with a protein-enriched breakfast if you like a bagel then a bowl full of cereals is a treat and if you like nonvegetarian stuff then eggs are a great substitute. Try swapping out with bacon and sausages. Drinking protein shakes is a good option for skinny people as some protein shakes have 30gm of protein per serve. 

Salads also help in this as you can add enough amount of vitamins and minerals to salads. Snacks are a perfect time to add carbs and protein to your food.  Nuts and seeds will help you in reaching your goal. Nuts are a rich source of essential carbohydrates and protein. These are also a powerhouse of energy.

What are the exercises that skinny people can do to get the abs?

Exercises are very essential to get the abs as they will help you in cutting off the body and tone it. Food will give you energy and you can invest your energy in the exercises which will help. Many exercises are good for making abs and some of them are as follows-



This is one of the most effective abdominal exercises which help in strengthening the core and in toning both sides of the abs. what you need to do is to lie down on the stomach with only your foot and arms bent on the ground and the rest of the body is in the air which puts exertion.



Plank only steadily targets the abs while crunches bring movement and are thus really effective. You need to lie down facing the back. You need to push your chest towards the bend knees and do this at least 15 times.

Dead bug

Dead bug

This is a newly developed exercise for getting abs you need to lie on your back with arms straighten up in the air and leg both facing the sky. The next step is to drop one arm and leg inches off the ground.


pull ups

This is highly effective in getting abs. you need to set a bar and hang it on it then slowly lift your body to the level of the bar which means your chest would be equal to the bar.

Push up

push up

This is a very basic exercise yet important. You need to place your foot and palm on the ground and then dip down and up. It will help in making abs efficiently.

Russian Twists

Russian Twists

It is another way of doing strength exercise for skinny abs. you need to push yourself to the other side by making a twist with whatever you want

So, it can be concluded that getting skinny abs is not as difficult as it sounds. If you are skinny it does not mean that you cannot do strength training or get abs but with proper training and the right approach, you can get a proper physique which makes you feel much more confident and better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it important for skinny people to do exercise for abs?

Everyone needs to do exercise to showcase their physique or lead a healthy life it is really important to do a certain kind of workout.

Do skinny guys naturally have abs?

It is not only about skinny guys everyone has abs but it is covered by a layer of fat. If your abs do not have muscle fat it would not be possible. So what matters is the size of abs and bulkiness.

How long does it take to get skinny abs?

It depends upon your eating and exercise technique. So if you will do exercise regularly and take the right dose of carbs and protein it would take around 4 months.