Slim Waist Workout to Get You the Beach Belly

slim waist workout

Everybody wants to get rid of that extra belly fat. A jiggly belly is easy to get and hard to lose. But fortunately, there is an assortment of ways to get rid of belly fat. These ways range from planks and crunches to twisting. These exercises focus on your obliques and your abs. Usually, they are effortless to perform and rarely need any special equipment. Most of these exercises you can perform at your home and do not need you to go to a gym. Your dream stomach and you are only separated by 30 minutes of daily exercise.  So, here is a list of workouts to help you get the slim waist you dream of.

1. Heel Touchers

Heel toucher- Slim waist workout

Heel Touchers are an excellent slim waist workout for you to achieve the flat stomach you dream of. This exercise targets your obliques and your abdominals. To perform this workout, you will have to lie on the yoga mat on your back. You need to bend your knees and place your legs apart. The distance between your legs should be more than your shoulder width. Your arms will extend with your palms facing inwards. After you’ve assumed this position:

  1. Breathe out and crunch your torso.
  2. In the direction of your torso crunch, try and touch your fingers to your heel.
  3. Be in this position for as long as possible, then return to the starting position and breathe in.
  4. Repeat this movement in the other direction and do 30 reps of this exercise.

2. Oblique ‘V’ Crunch 

oblique vs crunch-slim wait workout

An Oblique ‘ V ‘ Crunch is the next slim waist workout to target your belly fat as it burns the fat from your obliques. Begin with lying down on your right side. Your legs should be on top of each other with your left hand at the back of your head. Once you’ve assumed this position:

  1. Pull your legs off the floor and make sure to keep them straight.
  2. Pull your torso closer to your legs to create a ‘V’ shape.
  3. Be in this position with the help of your right hand.
  4. Lower yourself on the yoga mat and do eight reps of this exercise for each side.

3. Triangle Crunch

Triangle crunch

The Triangle Crunch is an excellent slim waist workout as it works out your oblique muscles. To perform this exercise, place your right hand and knee on the yoga mat. Extend the other leg and place the other hand behind your head. After you’ve assumed this position:

  1. Try and pull your left leg closer to your left elbow and hold for a second.
  2. Return to the original position but do not extend the left leg completely and hold it in the air.
  3. Do 30 reps of this crunch on each leg.

4. Forearm Plank

Forearm plank

The Forearm Plank, a core body, is another slim waist workout that can help you achieve your goals. To perform this exercise: 

You need to place your forearms on the mat. 

  1. Make sure that your elbows align with your shoulders and are shoulder-width apart. 
  2. Your arms and your body should be parallel.
  3. Put your spine and neck in the correct positions by looking at a spot 30 cm before your hands.
  4. Hold this position for 20 seconds. Once that is done, you can relax. 

5. Starfish Crunch

Starfish crunch-slim waist workout

You can also perform Starfish Crunch, an excellent slim waist workout for sculpting your core. Start with lying down on the yoga mat such that your extended hands and legs form an ‘X.’ Once you get in this position:

  1. Lift your legs, a part of the upper body, and shoulders off the ground.
  2. Make sure that your elbows and knees meet.
  3. Engage your core to hold yourself up for a second and then return to normal.
  4. Do 20 reps of this exercise to observe results.

6. Standing Cross Crunch

Standing cross crunch-slim waist workout

Standing Cross Crunches targets your obliques, hip flexors, and abs. Along with a flat belly, the slim waist workout also burns your thigh fat. You need to stand on the mat with your feet apart to perform this exercise. The distance between your feet should be the width of your hip, and place your hands at the back of your head. Once you assume this position:

  1. Move your left hand and your right knee towards each other. 
  2. Rotate your torso and bend your left hand while doing this. 
  3. Return to the initial position and repeat on the other side. 
  4. Do 30 reps of this exercise.

7. Side Jackknives

Side jackknives

Side Jackknives are also called Standing Criss-Cross Crunches. This slim waist workout engages your abs, glutes, obliques, and hip flexors. To perform this exercise lie on the yoga mat on your right side. Make sure your feet remain stacked. Once you’ve assumed this position:

  1. Put your right arm on your side and left on the back of your head. Your elbow should point upwards.
  2. Engage your obliques and pull your feet and upper body upwards.
  3. Return to the initial position after holding this position for a second.
  4. Do 15 reps on both sides for desired results.

8. Windshield Wipers

windshield wipers

This next slim waist workout engages your obliques, lower back, and abs. It will assist you in losing belly fat and obtaining the slim waist you’ve dreamed about. To perform this workout, lie on your back on the yoga mat. Your arms should be straight at the sides for support. Pull your legs up and make sure your knees bend to form a 90-degree angle with your thighs. After you’ve assumed this position: 

  1. Rotate your legs to the left side. However, make sure they do not touch the floor.
  2. Hold this position for a long and then relax to the initial position.
  3. Perform 30 reps of this workout on each side for the sculpted abs.

9. Bend & Kick 

Bend & kick

This slim waist workout is an excellent choice if you want sculpted abs. It targets your glutes and abs while strengthening your spine. To perform this exercise, You need to get on all fours on the mat. Make sure that your hands are in line with your shoulders and flat on the mat. After you’ve assumed this position:

  1. Engage your core to pull your legs up. Make sure that your knee and thigh are at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Engage your glute to perform an upwards kicking motion. Make sure that your working hip and pelvis are pointing towards the ground.
  3. Keep your face down and head straight to avoid injuring your neck.
  4. Do 20 reps on each leg to get the greatest output.

These were a few slim waist workouts to help you achieve the sculpted beach belly you wish for. Try them out now to see how they can help you.