Smith Machine Deadlift : Tips and benefits for best results gain


Working –out every day with the same work-out regime might seem so dull. How tedious and intimidation it might be to have to work on every muscle individually. Not to mention time-consuming! After all, even Jack’s get dull if he has to repeat the same practice every day. But fret not in case if you looking for a single workout that can bring you maximum results? Then, try compound movements such as Smith Machine deadlifts, and thank me later. What? How? Simple! Smith machine deadlift helps you to target an array of muscles all at a go. And you will surprise by the results, that right! Because Smith Machine Work-out target muscles list is sure long such as Upper back, Abs, Calves, Chest etc. But you know what? Let me tell you a secret! A secret? Yes, any and every workout machines have some kind of tricks and tactics that can help to maximize results and smith machines for deadlifts are no exception. And you know what? We have deciphered them, just for you! 

Smith Machine Deadlift: Tips and tricks

Below are some tips and tricks on how to optimize your experience and reap the full benefits of a Smith Machine. But before that, you will need to be familiarised with how does a Smith Machine Deadlift works.

  1. Start by loading the Smith machine with the appropriate or desired weight. Set the bar to a low level.
  2. Stand before the bar, put your feet at a distance of about shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be halfway below the bar with your toes pointing forward. Make sure you are comfortable.
  3. Now bend and hold the bar with your hands using an overhand grip. Make sure that your hands are shoulder-width apart. You can also use an alternating grip where one hand is under the other; whichever one is comfortable to work with and will enable you to lift more weight.
  4. Lower your hips slightly, so as to make them in the best natural position and when you drop them until you reach a point where your chins touch the barbell of the smith machine.
  5. Ensure that your head is straight and your eyes are looking ahead.
  6. This step should be your starting point, so make sure that your back should be straight and still. 
  7. Once done, get ready to lift the bar.
  8. With your heels firmly positioned on the ground, start raising the weight upwards. Make sure that your head is facing forward with both eyes looking forward.
  9. Now slightly push your hips forward as you pull the bar above your knees. And while you do so, let your back contract by stretching your shoulder blades.
  10. Hold on to that position for a while, when the bar reaches to your hip level, then reverse the movement in a controlled and slow manner until it gets back to the starting point. You can also increase or decrease the weight or even leave it as it is before repeating the process.

Well, now that you are familiarised with the working of a smith machine deadlifts, let’s get started on with the tricks and tips!

  1. Firstly, your foot! Yes, your foot. Your foot positioning plays a crucial role and is essential when it comes to deadlifting. The halfway point between your heels and your toe. It’s kind of hard to know if your feet are in the correct position or not and so asking around for guidance from the experienced lifters will do the trick instead of playing the guessing game which might affect the results as well as get you injured.
  2. On to the second, try to start with a lighter to get accustomed and comfortable with the whole process. However, you can also use an alternating grip if the weight seems too heavy for you to overcome it. Also, try using lifting straps because they will enable you to lift heavier weights than your grip’s strength.
  3. Third, try lifting the deadlifts only when your hips are strong and in maximal leverage. This is the wildest mistake people make, performing this workout from an unnatural body position is no better than injuring yourself. Therefore, ensure that you’re in the best form or else the penalties for your body will make you think otherwise.
  4. Always remember that you don’t begin deadlifting with your hips too high. Reason? It can injure your lower back quite easily. Because you see, if you look down during this exercise, your hips will raise and your form will be compromised. As a result, the runt will shift to your lower back to lift the weight which is quite dangerous as the risk of lower back injury will increase. Always try to lift your head as you stand with the weight and the body will automatically follow the suit. The trick is to keep your head in an upright position with your eyes looking forward.
  5. And don’t the same with your hips too low, for it can make you lose your power and leverage. 
  6. Well, the last trick to on the checklist is to breathe in when the weight is at the top and breathe out when the weight is at the bottom. That’s because most lifters tend to have broad chest which allows them to take deep breathes while lifting heavyweight. Hence, you should breathe out when returning the weight to the ground so as not to distract your position with your breathing.

Romanian Smith Machine Deadlift and how to do it

The Romanian Smith machine deadlift is a compound lower back and hamstring exercise. And unlike the Smith Machine Deadlift, this exercise primarily helps for the development of the hamstring muscle and close to second for the lower back muscles, including your erector spinae, rhomboids, traps, latissimus dorsi and levator scapulae. Smith Machine Deadlift, however, works on a range of muscles and with results in a rather short period. But in case, you are a novice in deadlifting then Romanian Smith Machine Deadlifting might be the perfect exercise for you. Well, below are the sets

  1. Start by loading the Smith machine with weights and grab the barbell with both hands using an overhand grip about shoulder-width apart and let the barbell naturally hang itself down in front of your body. 
  2. Begin by bending at the waist and lowering the barbell to the floor. Be sure to keep a slight bend in your knees but do not completely lock them out or you might end up practising a completely different deadlift. Also, don’t try to bend your knees too much or it will turn into a regular deadlift. 
  3. Try to focus on all the tension build-up on your hamstrings and lower back as you perform this deadlift. 
  4. On the way up, focus on your lower back, butt and hamstrings to pull the weight. It is very important to keep your back straight and rigid throughout this exercise, so as not to compromise with your position. Also, try not to hunch or round your back.

Smith Machine vs Power rack: Difference and much more

A Smith Machine or a Power Rack, either is very helpful especially to provide you with support while doing exercises with a barbell. It helps you to keep your posture rigid and right in addition to working on the right muscles.

A Smith Machine has a fixed barbell which is designed to support the body and let it move in the vertical direction. It also has a fixed ‘up and down’ movement which keeps the body in a rigid and upright position. Smith machine helps to align the body and makes barbell deadlift exercises a bit easier. This machine helps to target the lower body muscles, thereby increasing the strength of the legs.

As for the Power Rack, it can be used to perform many exercises of weight training such as squats, bench press and overhead press. Its hooks are designed such as to hold the barbells and does not impose restrictions on the range of movement while exercising, unlike the Smith Machine. It is also used for mechanical weight training and free weight barbells. Power Rack machine has two adjustable bars on both sides.

Both of these machines are used for weight training and squatting as well as to strengthen the lower body muscles. The main difference between a Smith Machine and a Power Rack is that of fixed position, there is no fixed position in a power rack, unlike Smith Machine. In a power rack, there is no restriction on the range of movement of the body. Whereas in a Smith Machine, there is no need to balance a barbell, but at the same time, you cannot stabilize your muscles while lifting. The only disadvantage of a Smith Machine is that it can add extra pressure on the joints. As for such situation, Smith machines Power Rack combo are also available which is must-have equipment if you want machines for a home gym. But as they say, Precaution is better than cure and in respect of safety, a smith machine is safer than a power rack. And you know what? A smith machine is great for beginners to learn in good form. The demand for lifting is increasing day by day for weight trainers and so does the popularity of these weight training machines, which doesn’t mean that you compromise safety over the wilderness.


A good deadlift workout is defined by the comfort you feel when executing it. And it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Smith Machine Deadlift surely does satisfy on the ground. However, if due to some reasons, you have some health problems that may hinder you from deadlifting weights. Don’t worry or fret! Because there’s an alternative for everything. And such being the case, other workouts such as squats and light weight lifting also provide desired results, even if a bit slower. Although, do keep in mind that you read and re-read out instructions on how to perform smith machine deadlift for better results before you go for one.

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