Squat Exercise- The Best Way To Tone Up Lower Parts of Body

What is Squat Exercise Challenge?

Squat workout training is a physical exercise. The squat exercise is a strength training that also helps in enhancing fitness. The squat workout is a full body exercise. It is a compound exercise, mainly related to muscles of lower limbs, thighs, hips, and buttocks. Squat exercise helps in toning of Quadriceps Femoris muscles, which is a combination of Vastus Lateralis, Vastus, Medialis, Vastus, Intermedius, and Rectus Femoris set of muscles. Squat exercise is also ideal for Hamstrings strengthening and strengthening the bones in the skeletal system supporting these muscles.  This exercise also takes care of the associated ligaments and all insertions.

The squat exercise is an exercise plan, assigned for the prefixed number of days. This squat workout challenge includes a fixed number of days squat workout plan with a fixed number of the set of squat workouts to be done each day. Squat Workout routine can be for a different number of days. It may be a 7 days squat workout routine, fifteen days squat workout routine or 30 days squat workout routine, depending on the situation and the goals of results to tone up lower body muscles and increasing the body strength.

7 Days Squat Exercise

Though seven days are limited for Squat exercise, it is designed to give results if carried out religiously and rigorously. It is a relatively simple work out a plan in 7 days squat exercise. 7 days squat challenges do not consume much of the trainee’s time. 7 days squat workout routine are ideal for beginners, who do not have any or little knowledge of physical workouts.

7 days Squat Workout Challenge

Squat workout also can be done in little space available for the trainee to perform his/her 7 days squat routine. This 7 days squat challenge can be performed standing in one spot as this squat exercise does not need any space to move about. The trainee has to simply stand in one spot and follow the squat workout plan to get highly satisfactory results.

7 days squat exercise has a programmed squat workout schedule that must be followed by every trainee who wishes to accept this 7 days squat workout routine program to get the result the trainee wishes to have. Though the time is short, the trainee may wish to continue squat workout challenge for more number of days, once the trainee notices the results of his/her 7 days squat workout routine plan.

The trainee is challenged to accept the 7 days squat exercise plan for seven days. This squat workout routine has plans for beginners, the intermediates or even for the advanced candidates. Even for an advanced candidate, it is always advisable to start with a plan for beginners. One can slowly work out and advance as the plan gets implemented for a fixed number of days. 7 days squat routine will give results without needing anything much.

Equipment Needed For 7 Days Squat Exercise

The trainee need not spend much amount to acquire equipment for joining 7 days squat exercise plan. All the trainee requires is a pair of medium-heavy dumbbells; each weighing about 10 to 20 pounds each, as per the handling capacity of the squat exercise trainee. The trainee has to follow the 7 days squat exercise with these dumbbells as per the scheduled workout plan.

What are Exactly The 7 Days Squat Workout Routine Plan?

7 Days Squat Workout Challenge Workout Plan

A set of seven squat variations has been exclusively designed for the squat exercise plan. Out of these 7 squat variations, four variations have been designed as core workouts. The other three squat workouts are to burn body fat by burning body once the workout is completed.

How Is The Challenge Given And Done?

The squat workout plans are designed depending on the trainee’s fitness level. Once the trainee has completed his/her everyday squat workouts, the trainee can take rest for a minute. After that, the trainee should perform one of the burns out squat workouts. Burn out or Failure means the trainee should perform a particular exercise till he/she is burned out, or too fatigued to continue doing the workouts in perfect form.

There is a provision of Extra Challenge also. In this extra challenge, the candidate has to perform all three burn out squat workouts after he/she completes the daily squats. Each burn out squat is allowed one-minute rest before doing the second burn out squat.

Difference Between Beginners/Intermediate and Advanced Level Squat Challenge

The difference in three levels is simple. It is only the number of squats, starting from less and working out for more.

Beginners Level– 50 squats to be completed daily, broken into two sessions.

Intermediate Level– 100 squats to be completed daily in a single session.

Advanced Level– 200 squats to be completed daily in a single session.

The 7 Days Squat Exercise Plan

Day 1- Dumbbell Squat- The trainee to hold a pair of dumbbells with arms fully extended to sides, with palms facing each other, toes outward.

Dumbbell Squat
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Day 2- Dumbbell Squat Jump- The trainee to hold a pair of dumbbells with arms fully extended to sides, with palms facing each other, toes outward. Then to drop the hips into full squat position, bringing thighs parallel to the ground, going downward momentum. The trainee has to reverse the position and drive hips to the ceiling.

Dumbbell Squat Jump
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Day 3- Dumbbell Sumo Squat- It is to be done with a heavy dumbbell by holding one end with each hand, in front. Feet are to part widely, toes pointed outward. Now the trainee has to lower body as far as possible, bending knees and pushing hips back.

Dumbbell Sumo Squat
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Day 4- Goblet Squat- The trainee has to hold lightweight close to the chest. Then he/she has to squat till the hamstring touches the calves. Lastly to use elbows to push the knees out.

Goblet Squat

Day 5- Rest and Recovery

Day 6- Dumbbell Goblet Squat- Goblet squat workout holding a dumbbell.

Day 7- Squat Jump- This is Dumbbell Squat Jumps without the dumbbells.

 The Burn Out Squats Workouts is – Prisoner Squat, Pulse Squat, and Squat Jacks.