How to do star jumps?

how to do star jumps

What are star Jumps and what are the benefits?

Star Jumps are also known as jumping jacks. It is jumping with the addition of hand movement plus transition hence more effective than traditional jumps. It activates many muscle groups in the body. It also increases the strength of the muscles and bones and improves the stamina of the body. 

Jumping Jacks can also be a great cardiovascular exercise. 

The targeted muscles are shoulders, calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. The difficulty level of star jumps is medium. However, it has a high body impact level. 

Star Jumps require no equipment; thus you can perform them anywhere and anytime. 

Star Jumps are easy to perform. However, you need to know the right way to do it so that the results are visible faster.

How to perform Jumping Jacks?

Follow the steps given:-

1. Stand straight with your back flat, your feet together, and your hands on the sides. Loosen down the body and stand casually.

2. Now, from here, jump up as high as possible.

3. When you jump, bring the legs outward to the sides simultaneously with jumping, fly your arms up in the air on the sides while you jump to the side.

4. At the highest point of your jump, your body comes into a star shape; hence this exercise is named the star jumps.

5. Don’t wait much and jump again with good intensity. 

6. Now, When you jump, bring the legs together. Simultaneously, bring your arms down to the side of your body.

Tip: Bending knees a little is recommended to avoid pain or injury.

7. Repeat jumping.

Perform as per your capacity. Slowly increase the reps with time unless you master it.

The Takeaway

Star jumps are easy yet impactful exercises to perform. Performing every exercise in the right way is the utmost to avoid injuries and gain results faster. Start with fewer reps and increase it with time.

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