Strength VS hypertrophy- The best workouts for quick results

Most people who want to fix their focus on weight training find themselves muddled between Strength VS Hypertrophy training. Since both are similar in various ways, the idea of differentiating them becomes a daunting task. At this point, it’s only wise to research before one attempt to perform either. 

In this article, we are going to be sharing with you about this training, so the next time you want to practice weight training, you know which one’s ideal for you!

Strength VS hypertrophy training

Before we start discriminating between strength VS hypertrophy training, it is important to dive into the crux of both exercises to identify their functionality. In this way, we will be able to unfold a lot about their Pros and Cons as well. So, let’s get started! 

Strength Training


As the name indicates, strength training is a type of exercise that emphasizes improving the strength of the body applying physical exercises. A variety of exercises fall under this category to serve the purpose. This is majorly performed by weightlifters, athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters as their performance requires enhanced strength for improved performance. Strength training also helps in boosting physical attractiveness as it makes you appear fitter and more active. It also leaves a massive impact on general physical health by enabling us to endure better and avoid any risks of injury. Mostly, it affects the performance in sports as its functions are directly beneficial during this activity. Thus, strength training is extremely good for the physical health of everyone. 

A detailed account of the benefits of Strength training

  • Helps keep the weight off- Since strength training requires a slight calorie burn in the body, it allows the extra weight to wear off, helping you gain a fit body as preferred. Strength training helps bring fast results of weight loss which can prove to be a benefiting factor in many ways. 
  • Helps manage chronic diseases- Surprisingly, strength training has also proven to be highly beneficial for those who suffer from chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and arthritis. With improved resistance and strength, it allows the body to fight various chronic diseases that can be very helpful in time.
  • Helps in the upliftment of mood- Among strength VS hypertrophy training, this is what makes strength training most ideal. Strength training also helps to rejuvenate mood as the added strength in the body helps to activate the body for more workouts leaving no room for exhaustion.

Hypertrophy Training


Although Hypertrophy is very similar to the concept of strength training, in this exercise the training volume increases while the intensity slightly decreases. Mostly, people who perform Hypertrophy training gain strength and power. It also helps aid weight loss and avoids any muscular imbalance in the body. Thus, hypertrophy is mostly opted for by those people who want to gain added benefits other than strength gaining.

A detailed account of the benefits of Hypertrophy Training

  • Targeted growth- By practicing hypertrophy training, you can see improved targeted growth. If you have small calves, hypertrophy training can help you target it to gain more volume. 
  • Muscle endurance- By practicing regular hypertrophy training you can bid your clumsiness a final goodbye. The higher rep work can thoroughly help you to improve muscle endurance in the body and get rid of fatigue as early as possible.
  • Muscle-mind connection- For those who have been waiting to know which is best between strength VS hypertrophy training, this is it! Both muscle and mind connection to take place with the help of this workout. So, for anyone who wants to develop a good body workout, hypertrophy training will work wonders for them.

How does the choice between Strength VS Hypertrophy training differ?


To put it together in the shortest lines, there is a vast difference that must be considered. This is what will help you to understand why the debate between Strength VS hypertrophy is not sensible. 

For those who desire increases muscle size, hypertrophy training is the best for them. 

For those who want to increase their muscle strength, strength training is ideal for them. 

This is the most important and ultimate difference between the two workouts. With that in mind, anyone can opt for the right workout as per their convenience and requirement.


Which exercise should I choose to gain bulky muscles?

For bigger and bulky muscles, you must surely go for hypertrophy training as this type of exercise focuses on improving the size of the body muscles. 

Are there any risks of doing weightlifting?

Yes. There are a few risks of weightlifting. However, if you make sure to take the right precautions to abstain from these risks, you will not be affected by them. Make sure you do not lift the weight very fast as it can be very harmful to your muscles. To avoid any injuries, remember to lift the weight gradually. Also, not resting enough between the workout can lead to increased fatigue and less improvement in the body. Thus, remember to take breaks now and then.

Which chronic symptoms can Strength training help us combat?

Back pain, Obesity, Depression and other severe heart diseases are some of the major chronic problems that strength training can help us fight. Therefore, if you are prone to it, this type of exercise is highly recommended for you.

How long should I rest between the sets while performing hypertrophy training?

Normally, resting for 1 to 3 minutes between the sets while performing hypertrophy training is considered ideal. Thus, we recommend you to stick by this time.

Is the debate between strength vs hypertrophy training justified?

No. Since both strength and hypertrophy training are very different from each other, the debate between strength VS hypertrophy training is not justified. 

Which is the winner?

Since both the strength vs Hypertrophy training are very different from each other, none can be declared as a clear winner. Their distinctive features, pros and cons, purpose and significances make them very unique altogether. Thus, the debate between strength vs hypertrophy training is rendered baseless.

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