Strength Building Techniques For A Better Body

Building your strength is very important – not just from a gym point of view but even when it concerns your general fitness. While you don’t have to go all out at the gym to be fit, you can always up your strength and capabilities by working out in whatever capacity you can, and by eating healthier.

Strength Building Exercises At The Gym

If you want to do it the formal way and go to the gym for your strength-building process, here are some exercises that will help you precisely with that.

1.     Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat

This exercise is done by holding a dumbbell across your chest with both your hands and your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat until your elbows meet the inner portion of your knees.

Get up slowly. Repeat this fifteen times.

2.     Thruster Squat

Hold weights in each hand at shoulder level, and then make your way downwards, slowly. Clench your gut and feel the squat. Resume your original position and raise the weights over your head. Repeat this fifteen times as well. It is perfect for strength-building when it comes to your core.

3.     Hammer Curls

One of the easiest yet most important strength-building exercises, the hammer curl is something that anyone can attempt. It targets your biceps, forearms, shoulders and traps.

Hold two dumbbells of equal weight in your hands and stand with an erect back. Make sure your hands are to your sides and your chest is outwards.

Proceed to raise your arms to your chest until you can feel your biceps fold in on themselves. Afterwards, release your arms and go back to your initial position. Repeat 15-30 times. You can do this exercise every day.

4.     Dumbbell Row

If you are aiming at gaining strength in your back, arms and core, then this is the appropriate exercise for you.

Place your right leg and left palm on an empty bench. Hold a dumbbell in your free hand and raise it to your chest. Hold and release. Repeat with the opposite set of limbs.

Do this at least 12-16 times for each side.

Strength Building Exercises in your day-to-day routine

If you are busy or don’t want to indulge in a full-blown gym routine right now, we have some easy day-to-day exercises and practises that you can include in your routine and gain strength.

1.     Walk everywhere. If possible, spare about 20 minutes in the morning for a jog. Not only will waking up early benefit you immensely but doing a quick jog will help you feel less sleepy and be more prepared for the day.

2.     Life weights at home. You can do basic lifting at home itself, however, you need to make sure your form is correct or else it will do more harm than help you in any way.

3.     Take the stairs whenever you can. This may feel like a minuscule thing but keeping your body active and reminding it that you are not going to stop will help you build on its already available strength.

4.     Do cardio in a fast-paced manner. Run uphill or go cycling as well. Running every day intensely can also help immensely. However, start small and keep adding minutes to your workout so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and fatigued.

5.     Be uniform. When you are strength training, you need to pay equal attention to your entire body. Make sure you are working on both sides equally or else there will be a disparity in looks and strength.

The Big Four

When it comes to strength-building exercises, you need to perfect the following four –


You need to know how to squat or else all your other exercises will fall flat. You need to remember to push your hips back as far as you can. Keep your lower back arched and do it until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings.

This is how you know you’re squatting to your maximum potential.


When you perform a deadlift in any strength exercise, remember to stand the way you would if you were to jump. Place your legs narrowly next to each other and make sure you don’t bend your hips or legs at all when you bend down to lift. It is important to make your core feel the strain.

Bench Press

Bench Press is another important strength-building and training workout. The key to this workout is to keep your feet steady and squeeze your shoulders so that your body feels the pull and strain.

Your range of motion should not be too wide as it will make it impossible for you to press strongly and effectively.

Shoulder Press

You should learn to flare your lats when the bar reaches your shoulder level so that you can use more weight.

Strength Building Diet

When it comes to increasing your strength, you also need to focus on your diet.


Eggs contain a high amount of protein, healthy fats, and nutrients such as vitamin B that help with building your muscle growth and making you stronger. You should include it in your breakfast with bread and other carbs along with fruit juice.


Salmon is highly popular among people who are trying to develop stronger muscles to get bigger and gain more strength.

Chicken Breast

Another popular option among gym goers, chicken breasts contain a large amount of Vitamin B, which is needed if you are planning on being active.

Greek Yoghurt

While it is known that dairy contains immense amounts of protein that is important for strength building, Greek yoghurt is built a little different. It has double the amount of protein as your regular yoghurt.

What’s good is that it can be consumed as a snack anywhere anytime and due to its combination of slow and fast digesting proteins you can eat it after a workout or before going to bed so that you give your body ample time to work on it.


Soybeans are good sources of Vitamin K, iron ad phosphorus. If you have iron deficiency, then eating soybean will help you regain your strength and not feel fatigued all the time.

Other important food items you can include in your diet include lean beef, tuna, beans, protein powders, edamame, tilapia, turkey breast, cottage cheese and shrimps.

Remember that building your strength isn’t something with a fixed destination. Your goals and needs will keep changing. You just need to be disciplined and keep moving.

It is important to create a schedule and work accordingly so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with your routine. Numerous people give up on their gym dream because they don’t know how to strike a balance between their different routines of work and gym.

If you are genuine about working on your strength you will find it easy to accommodate your different goals in your day and it will be a little hard work but in the end, it will eventually pay off.

Good luck!