Learn how to perform a Sumo squat and ace your fitness goals now


No matter how helpful your workout routine is, you always seem to miss out on the intricate exercises. Don’t you? While the Lats, triceps, chest and abs have all the fun of the fair to offer, we almost forget about the glutes and inner thighs. But not anymore.  The sumo squat is the perfect way to work out both your glutes and inner thighs for the best-ever workout experience. Incorporate this exercise into your fitness routine and watch it take you to the top.

Sumo Squat form that makes all the difference

A potential exercise that helps you complete your fitness routine daily is a must-have. With such a workout, you are sure to ace your fitness game and give your health a quick boost. The sumo squat form is one such method of gaining hands-down fitness instantly. If you continue to follow the workout timely, there is no way you won’t get going. In case you are worried about the level of difficulty while performing this exercise, don’t panic. Since the workout is easy to perform for everyone, you are unlikely to face any hindrances. 

How to do it- Stand with your feet wide apart. At this point, your toes should be pointing at a 45-degree angle. Now, get into a squat position. Bend at the hips, knees and sit back. Keep your chest up and knees out. Make sure that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Now, get back to the initial position. Try not to raise your feet from the floor. Practice this squat form a few times to get the best results.

Variations that will leave you wanting more

Although sumo squat is a no-brainer for your fitness routine, sometimes, it might not work as best as you want. Such is when sumo squat variations come to action. With a bit of weight, it can change the game for you. So, let us take you through these incredible variations that require all your attention right away.

1. Dumbbell sumo squat

Strengthening legs and glutes requires intense training and for that, you might need something more than empty exercise. Dumbbell sumo squat helps to add that extra weight that your workout might be looking for daily. This beginner-level workout is all you need to get on track with your healthy living. All you need is a dumbbell for this workout. The free-weight exercise is best for those who are waiting to improve quads, glutes and hamstrings as well. 

How to do it- Hold a dumbbell in your hand. Make sure your back is straight at this point. Try to keep your legs wider than shoulder-width apart. The weight should be between your legs. Now, try to bend at your knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Perform the descend for 4 seconds and then hold the position for three seconds. Come back to the start position within a second so that each rep takes about seven seconds. Repeat the dumbbell sumo squat for the best experiences.

2. Kettlebell sumo squat

Glutes, hamstrings and quads are some of the muscles that this exercise aims to target. The kettlebell sumo squat is the perfect way to get your fitness goals going forever. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully for the best experiences. Such a thing will also help you to avoid any hassles. 

How to do it- For starters, you have to set your feet out beyond the width of your hips. At this point, your toes should be pointing outwards. Now, try to hold a single kettlebell with both hands down in front of your hips. Your palms should be facing your body. Start the squat by giving your hips a push. Then, try to bend your knees and hips. Now, return to the initial position. At this point, your back should be upright. Repeat the kettlebell sumo squat to avoid any complications.


The sumo squat is a powerful workout that you can try at your comfort any day. Such is the best way to improve your fitness routine and let your dreams come true.


1. How does kettlebell sumo squat help?

The kettlebell sumo squat is best for muscle strength and compound movement. It also helps in speeding up the performance of the body. 

2. Is this the best way to improve the fitness routine?

 Yes, do not worry. 

3. Are there any other variations to try?  

Yes. If you do not find the kettlebell sumo squat helpful, then sumo jump squat and sumo weighted squats are perfect.