The ultimate guide to knowing a swimmers body like never before


Do you ever look closely and realize that your swimmer neighbour is the most dashing man you’ve seen lately? Does your heart skip a beat at the thought of looking as gorgeous as most swimmers do? Well, if you want the charismatic features of a swimmer, you’ve got to be one!

If you are desirous of a swimmers body, here’s our ultimate guide for you to get it right now!

Swimmers body- what it looks like?


As you already know, a swimmer is one who has a consistent record of swimming like an expert. Since such people enhance their skills with regular practice, the exercise takes a massive toll on their physical appearance. This is the reason why most swimmers look tall, lean, toned without bulky muscles and have large limbs too. Their lats and shoulders are other lists of features that make them stand out. As most people aren’t born with a swimmers body, it is fair to say that it comes with a lot of hard work. So, if you had no clue about a swimmers body- what it looks like, this is it!

Why do swimmers have such a body?


Apart from being a sport, swimming is a form of exercise that requires full-body functionality. As a potential exercise, it tends to contribute to the physical appearances of those who regularly practice this exercise or love to swim. As a result, swimming helps gain broad shoulders, triceps, and even a thin waist with defined abdominals. So, if you’ve been interested in knowing about a swimmers body- what it looks like, then you should surely learn to get it.

Swimmer’s body- Signs that will help you identify them


While some people might have a tough time understand about swimmers body- what it looks like, here’s a way to spot them without a second thought. Let’s check out the swimmers body- signs:

  • Flexibility- Someone who has remarkable flexibility in their body, can be identified as a swimmer. Since swimmers are used to whipping their arms in a single motion for long periods, this is a feature that they gain with time. This sign is one that can be identified through their flexible ankles, hyper-extending knees and elbows.
  • Swimmer shoulders- Most swimmers flaunt a boulder shoulder that they obtain from the hardcore swimming that they practice. In the shape of V, these shoulders are the most easily identifiable signs to spot a swimmers body.
  • Triceps- The master of strokes, allows a swimmer to gain natural triceps that look flawless. Those bulging triceps are thus another sign of a potential swimmer.
  • Exceptional strong- The relative strength which is obtained from swimming for long hours and balancing the weight of the body renders massive strength inside a swimmers body. Thus, without a doubt, this could be your next sign to spot a swimmer.
  • Tall- Since swimmers tend to be underwater, stretching their body to swim to and FRO, it allows them to gain impeccable height in no time.

Swimmers body VS runner’s body


Throughout reading the above content, you might have felt that the above signs could be applied to spot both swimmers body and the runner’s body. So, how can one be sure of identifying both of them without a doubt in their heads? However, there is a massive difference between their body types. Well, here’s how to differentiate between the swimmers body VS runner’s body.

Swimmers body :

As already discussed above, swimmers tend to have a defined torso, toned body and a great height. Another unique feature is their upper back and V-shaped waist. As swimming is a comprehensive workout is tending to provide a greater physique than most other sports. However, the percentage of body fat is higher in them as compared to runners.

Runner’s body :

In the case of the runner’s body, they are leaner, light-weight and have a shorter height. However, their bodies are highly toned and they too have extremely strong muscles. Such is the case because the more body mass they have, the harder it will be for them to find gravity which reduces their efficiency. More so, runners have low upper body strength than the lower as their major focus is on the lower-body strength.


Swimmers body- things to know


Whether you want to know about the swimmers body for basic information or to become a swimmer shortly, the swimmers body-things to know is something that will help you in every way.

  • Flexibility due to loosened Ankles- Swimmers tend to be underwater for long hours. Since swimming requires them to work their legs to and FRO, many times, it makes the ligament in their legs lose, which results in loose ankles. Thus, this helps them to improve the flexibility in their legs.
  • Hyperextension helps become master of strokes- Most swimmers are born with hyperextensions in their joints. However, swimming as an exercise enables the improvement of hyperextension in elbows and knees which results in improved strokes. It allows helps in making higher kicks underwater.
  • Shock Absorbance- Most swimmers do not have to deal with the absorption of shock. In this case, runners do deal with absorption of shock which makes them have higher bone density than swimmers. However, swimmers can gain this by exerting force randomly or in an unbalanced manner.


This was our ultimate guide to acquiring a swimmers body. With the help of the features, advantages and other comparisons with the runner’s body, we hope that you will grab considerable knowledge about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give another swimmer’s body-things to know?

A swimmer’s body also has improved posture with rounded shoulders and curved back.

Can I take up swimming as my career?

Yes. Swimming can be an outstanding career option provided you are an expert swimmer. If you don’t have a swimmer’s body, you can even gain one by swimming regularly.

Can a tall swimmer be good?

Yes. Since tall swimmers might even have a bigger fit, most people believe that they can use it as their fins.