Terms & Condition

he terms and conditions specified below will be binding on you if you will use the site or any of its services. If there are any additional terms or conditions of use associated specifically with any of the services it will be specified separately. In case of conflict with the specific terms and these terms, the Separate terms shall prevail. Anytimestrength holds the right to suspend or terminate your association or access to the site if the terms and conditions specified are violated in any manner.

1. Change in terms and conditions of use

Anytimestrength has the right to change the terms and conditions at any point of time. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with the new terms and conditions.

2. Termination of service

Anytimestrength has the right to terminate any of its services or a portion of it at any point in time. It is not bound to notify or address any of its users in any case. It can also terminate your right to access the site or any kind of association with it.

3. Agree with Laws

You must agree to follow all the rules and regulations mentioned regarding the use of the site. You must be at least 13 years old to use anytimestrength. See children’s Information section in Privacy Policy.

4. Content

Any kind of content mentioned on AnyTimeStrength in the form of text, photos, videos, logo or any other material falls under the category of copyright. It might contain errors, or may be out of date. The content is not binding on the site. You may use the content for personal information but it must not be copied, modified, reproduced, sold or indulged into any other activities.

5. Shared content

The site allows you to share any content, data, photos, videos, ideas, suggestions, reviews or links. It will be referred to as ‘shared content’. This will be nonconfidential and might be used further without any prior permission of the provider. Anytimestrength can modify, edit or review the shared content provided. The shared content must not endorse or advertise any product or service in any form.

6. Advertisements

Only paid advertisements will be entertained on the site. For publishing such advertisements you must contact us or register yourself so that we may discuss different clauses related to it.

7. Rules of Conduct

Only those shared content or reviews will be published or entertained by Any Time Strength which are:

  • Not defamatory to any person or being, do not contain any kind of abusive words, do not harass or threaten any person or community, do not invade anyone’s right to privacy.
  • Does not offend any particular person, caste or community.
  • Does not support any kind of vulgarity or pornographic text, content, photo or video. Any content related to trafficking, Drugs etc will not be entertained in any case.
  • Not harmful to any person or entity.
  • Does not violate or infringe upon the rights of anyone.
  • Will not endorse or advertises any particular brand or service.
  • Does not contain any kind of virus or harmful content which might be a threat to the site.
  • Is not antisocial or might be a threat or harm the country in any manner.

8. Electronic Communication

by using the site you give it the right to communicate with you via mail or other means. It can use the electronic medium to inform or notify you about anything

9. Clicking on linked third-party sites

Anytimestrength will not be responsible for any third party links present on the website. We are not responsible for the operation and control of such links. Clicks on such links and its consequences will be the sole decision of the user.


In case any disputes arise with the terms and conditions specified above, it will be dealt in the court abides by the law and order of the country. The terms and conditions are specified for peaceful operation of the site. Any person posing to be a threat to the site will have to face unfavorable consequences. The users might express their opinion on the content but it must not be harmful or disrespectful to the goodwill of the site in any manner. In case of any grievances, you might contact the site owners or mention your grievance politely in the feedback section so that we may assist you better.