Testosterone Boosting Workouts- Best Ways To Bring Up Testosterone Level

Testosterone Boosting Workouts

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone, produced by Testes and Adrenal glands in males. It is primarily a male sexual and reproductive activity development and controlling hormone secreted during the pre-adolescent stage to late adult stage in a male. Testosterone is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characters and spermatogenesis in men.

It is basically androgenic hormone or anabolic agents or steroids. Testosterone enhances anabolic activity in the human body. Women also produce Testosterone at a lower level.

What is the Importance of Testosterone in a Human Body?  

What is the importance of Testosterone in a human body?

Testosterone is mainly associated with male sex drives but it is also a very important anabolic agent, affecting the building of bone and muscle tissues in a human body to a great extent.  Any improper balance in testosterone level in a human body can lead to abnormalities in person’s mental and physical health.

Testosterone production tends to taper off after a certain age in human beings. A slow decrease in testosterone level happens after 30 years of age on average. This fall in testosterone level in a human body has many metabolic adverse effects. Main visible effects are slowing down of anabolism, resulting in a decrease in bone and muscle tone and mass, with physical and mental efficiency.

Why Boost Testosterone Levels?

Decreasing testosterone level in a person must be raised to maintain his normal metabolic activity. Boosting Testosterone in the person’s body, helps boosts his sexual, physical and mental efficiency and performance along with his body structure, bone and muscle tone and capacity to work. Along with other testosterone boosting measures, testosterone boosting workouts are of great help to achieve this objective.

Best Testosterone Boosting Workouts

There are certain testosterone boosting workouts which are equally effective for both men and women.  Workouts and diet plans for losing body weight to maintain normal body weight, high-intensity exercises, strength training, with daily consumption of lots of Zinc and Vitamin D, removal of sugar from diet and removal of stress from daily life, will help everybody to enhance levels of testosterone in a person.

Testosterone Boosting Workouts for Men

Testosterone is an essential ingredient to build up body muscle and bone mass and tone. The man needs more of it than the woman, and more so in his late 30 years of age, when testosterone starts going down by at least 1% each year. Specially designed Testosterone boosting workouts for men help them to check and control the process to a great extent.

It should be followed by 20 seconds of Tabatas, to be repeated 8 times.  At first, TRX switch leaps, followed by 1-minute rest, then TRX rows, followed by 1-minute rest. Repeat these.

Workout Number Five- Run for Revving Up

This is a cardio exercise with intervals of weight exercise. This is also the best workout for boosting testosterone in males.

  • Do warm ups with 3 minutes of slow jogging and leg swings.
  • Follow it by 4 minutes of good running with 1 minute of squatting.
  • After that, do 4 minutes of running and pushups for 1 minute.
  • Again to run for 4 minutes and skaters for 1 minute.
  • Lastly, run for 4 minutes and mountain climb for 1 minute.

Testosterone Boosting Workouts for Women

Testosterone boosting workouts for women

Testosterone is an equally important anabolic for women and they also need to work out to boost their level of testosterone.  The process, method, and timings for testosterone boosting workouts are almost similar in both males and females.

Resistance training helps a great deal for women to boost up their testosterone levels.  Follow them by strength building workouts. Weight training, exclusive exercises to increase muscle mass help tremendously to bring up body testosterone level. This is done by squatting, leg press and leg extensions, deadlifts and Olympic lifts one after another. Plyometric exercises also help women to boost up their testosterone level a great deal.

Cardio exercises with other high-intensity interval training also help a great deal to boost up the hormone. But most importantly, program the workouts and diet plan to find best hormonal balance and response in a woman. Any mistake in programming may bring undesirable results.