The role of CBD against anxiety and depression


Anxiety and depression are very common health problems among people all over the world. These kinds of problems require natural solutions to avoid any negative side effects. And people lately have one more option to consider, cannabidiol or CBD. But, before deciding to buy CBD products and taking them, they need some answers. First, they want to know what CBD is, and is it safe to use? Second, and most important, what is its role in the treatment of anxiety and depression?

So, in this article, our main objective is to answer the above questions. That way you will remove any doubts you may have before taking CBD-containing products.

What is CBD and why is it safe to use?

CBD is a very popular compound lately and is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. In fact, CBD together with THC is the most active ingredient of the cannabis plant. Both these compounds have therapeutic properties that may help humans and animals in many ways. But, THC has one important negative property, it is psychoactive, thus causes addiction or “gets you high”. CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive and does not cause addiction, instead, it fights it.

So, too much THC is illegal and not safe to use because of its psychoactive potential. Therefore, marijuana as one of the Cannabis Sativa varieties is illegal because it may contain more than 20% THC. But, Sativa has another strain, hemp, which if contains less than 0.3% THC is safe to use, therefore it is legal. In addition to that, hemp or industrial hemp may contain more than 20% CBD. That is why hemp is the best way to obtain CBD and many cultivate it for the same reason. The 0.3% THC rule is not the same in every country. Most of the USA countries have that same condition, but that may change in European countries, in Asia, etc.

You do not have to worry about these conditions, as they are regulated in most countries. All we recommend you to do before buying CBD products is to follow a simple CBD guide to help you take CBD.

Can CBD help with anxiety and depression?

The market contains a wide range of CBD products including shampoos, oils, creams, etc. There is enough proof of CBD’s effectiveness in the treatment of numerous health conditions. The list of benefits of CBD is very large and the range of conditions it fights is pretty diverse too. CBD has many therapeutic properties that relate to anxiety and depression, but not only. Cannabidiol is neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, analgesic, etc.

As for the treatment of anxiety and depression, more research is underway, but we cannot say it does not help. In fact, many people are using it for that reason and getting good results. But that is not enough to support the claim of effective treatment, so more research will give more proof. Considering some of the properties of CBD, the potential is real and after consulting your doctor you may really want to try it.

In conclusion, we must say that, yes, consulting your doctor is a must in this case. We say that because most of the people that suffer from anxiety and depression may or are using other medications. Mixing CBD and other compounds may have negative side effects and your doctor may really help avoid those. In addition to that, your doctor may also help with picking a particular CBD product and decide the initial dosage.

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