How to build a thick neck and gain benefits from it instantly?

The thick neck is a common problem that mostly occurs due to the accumulation of excess fat in the body. Other causes for it could be the growth of excess skin or due to a rare lump. Although this is mostly caused due to some detrimental reasons, one can also build it healthily. 

So today, we’ll take you through all its benefits, risks and exercises for your knowledge. Let’s get into it! 

What is a thick neck?

The thick neck is a condition that takes place due to various reasons. Such a condition is spotted when the neck starts to bulge. This condition is a common problem that can result from Obesity, excessive skin growth, Tuner Syndrome to a lot more. Dark patches and a lack of proper aeration are a few other reasons for the same. However, there are several ways to prevent such a condition when in need. 

This condition not only occurs in people who render a lack of fitness but also in bodybuilders and athletes. Stress, neck pain and neck injuries could be some of the main reasons for the development of a thick neck in them. Thus, the difficult fitness tasks at the gym could be a contributing factor to this. So, if you’ve been wondering, what is the thick neck, this is it!

How to build a thick neck?

 After reading what is the thick neck, you might be wondering, why anyone would ever want to build a thick neck? Truth be told, it could be a great remedy for those who have a very thin neck and a skinny body. A variant of muscle-building exercises could help several such skinny people gain neck weight in a good way. For anyone who follows the instructions while exercising the neck, it is one of the safest ways to build a thick neck to look broader and fuller. 

If you’re thinking, how to build a thick neck, here are a few incredible ways to do it.

1. Neck side raises


Lie down on a bench with your neck hanging. Do this by lying towards the side of your body. Try loading your head with any potential loader. A weight plate here is also an ideal option to go for. If you want a well-maintained thick neck in no time, this exercise is going to help you tremendously. For anyone who is thinking, how to build a thick neck, this is the best way. 

2. The neck extension


If you’re looking to concentrate on spinal erectors and upper traps aside of neck extension, then this exercise for the thick neck is the best. All you have to do is put a plate on your head and try to extend your neck backwards by lying on a bench face down. Now keep doing this in different reps to gain the desired effect. You can also try doing this by sitting on a bench with your face bent but a harness tied on to your head that makes the weight plate hanging down.

3. The neck curl


This one is the simplest to perform. If you are stuck at how to build a thick neck, is the go-to for everyone. All that you require to do here is to make your neck muscles contract and expand. By doing this, your neck will become thicker with the passing days. You can hold a bumper plate or weight plate on your head while doing the neck curls. Make sure that if you are using hard plates or equipment for this exercise on your head, wear a hat to avoid any injuries. You could also cover your head with a thick cloth to stay safe. 

A detailed guide on exercises for the thick neck


This detailed account of exercise for a thick neck will help you gain immediate results at the earliest. They will also help you to perform the exercise with the utmost safety and convenience. So, follow the instructions carefully.

1. Neck Extensions

  • Press the back of your head and move the chin forward from your chest. 
  • Now come back to the starting position. 
  • Now stand up, and turn your head by looking over your shoulder. 
  • Keep yourself stable
  • At this point, get back to the starting position and repeat what you did before.
  • Now stand straight. Make sure your chin touches your chest. 
  • Now drop your shoulders down and backward. Stay in this position for some seconds. 
  • Return to the starting position. 
  • Now hold a dumbbell in your hand and make your palms face the body. 
  • Now breathe and lift your shoulders as high as you can. 
  • Return to the start position after holding that position for a few seconds.
  • Perform this exercise for thick neck timely.

2. Neck flexion

  • Keep your spine straight and stand tall.
  • Bend your head.
  • Bring your chin to touch your chest. 
  • Make sure your mouth is closed. 
  • Now, return to the start position. 
  • Perform this exercise for thick neck timely. 

Benefits and risks of neck exercises


To know whether the workouts that we’ve listed above for you are beneficial or not, we are going to take you through the benefits and risks of neck exercises. Check it out:


The neck exercises that are detailed above for you will not only help reduce stiffness, pain and tightness in the neck but will also help in preventing both neck and spine injuries to a considerable extent. The thick neck also improves functionality and reduces disability. Above all, it can be beneficial for the improvement of body strength too. 


If you overwork the neck and the muscles, it can lead to severe injuries. The usage of heavy equipment during exercises could be a contributing factor here. More so, for those who work out their neck every single day are more prone to problems than others. Hence, you might want to keep a check on all of them. 

Although there are both benefits and risks of neck exercises, the benefits are far better than its risks. 


If you are desirous of a thick neck, do keep in mind to read this article properly and follow the instructions for the exercises. We hope that you will surely benefit from them. 


Should I practice neck exercises using a weight plate?

Yes. You can practice neck exercises using weight plates provided the instructions for it are listed. If the instructions don’t ask you to do so, please refrain from it. 

Is thick neck good for slim people?

Yes. Building a thick neck by doing regular exercises can help slim people to look fuller and brighter.