Tire Workouts: An Efficient Way To Build Body Strength & Endurance

tire workouts

Tire Workouts are heavy body-building exercises that involve the use of tires, valuable lifting equipment. This set of muscles-training exercises mainly target your glutes, hamstrings, deltoids and trapezius muscles. They are primarily regarded as an efficient workout for your shoulders, biceps, upper body, and lower body muscles. These heavy lifting workouts should be added to your workout routine due to their vital benefits. They are responsible for building up your body strength and endurance to a great extent. They are also beneficial for burning down your body calories, and thus resulting in weight loss. 

Given below is a list of really effective tire workouts you would not want to miss out on!

Some Effectual Tire Workouts To Build Body Strength:

1. Lateral Jumps


1. Initially, stand with your body posture upright and feet parallel to the tire. This is your starting position. 

2. Then, by bending your knees so that your body weight is distributed equally, squat down a little. 

3. Now jump laterally (sideways) onto the tire and reach back to the ground in a half-bent posture. 

4. Lastly, jump down from the tire and return to the starting position.


Note- 1. remember to keep your posture upright throughout the exercise. Avoid bending at the hips. 

2. While landing onto the tire, land gently with less impact. 

2. Tire Jumps


1. The first step is to lay the tire flat on its side. Stand in front of the tire with your feet shoulder-width apart. This is your starting position.

2. Then bend down slightly while swinging your arms backwards and returning forward. Leap onto the tire. 

3. Return to the starting position. 


Note- 1. while landing onto the tire, always remember to land softly as landing heavily can hurt your knees badly. 

3. Decline Push-ups


1. Firstly, face away from the tire and stand with your hand on the ground with shoulder distance between them. 

2. Now, lift to be in a plank position by placing your feet on the tire. 

3. Now, lower your body towards the ground just as you do in a push-up while bending your arms at 90-degree angles. 

4. Lastly, push back up with your arms fully extended. 


Note- 1. Remember to keep your body upright throughout the exercise. 

3. This exercise is the advanced version of classic push-ups and mainly targets your core, upper pecs and lower pecs. 

4. Step-ups


1. Firstly, place your left foot on the tire while facing it. This is your starting position.

2. Now, push through your heel to explode perpendicularly. 

3. While being in the air, both your legs will automatically meet side by side and switch your feet so that you come back down. 


Note- 1. Remember to land gently while switching your feet and landing them on the tire. 

2. It is an athletic exercise that works your hips, quads, legs and glutes. 

5. Tire Flips


1. Firstly, stand with your fingers under the tire, which should be lying flat on the floor, and your feet shoulder-width apart. 

2. Now, while bending at the knees, fully squat down. 

3. Then, while standing back up, lift the tire too and push it forward. 

4. Try to lift the tire as much as possible, then keep it back down so that the tire is flat. 


Note- 1. While trying to lift the tire, use your entire body to attain the maximum benefits. 

3. Never bend at your hips as it may cause severe injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are some effective types of tire workouts?

Some very efficient tire workouts include tire flips, pop squats, tire rope pull, single leg box jumps, decline push-ups, toe touches, and so much more. 

2. What do Tire workouts work the muscles?

Tire workouts are responsible for working your glutes, hamstrings, deltoids muscles and trapezius muscles. 

3. What are some benefits of tire workouts?

Tire exercises are known to be beneficial in working your core muscles, back, hamstrings and glutes. They are responsible for promoting better body strength and endurance. These workouts also help in weight loss by burning down your body fat.