A Comprehensive Guide of Toe Touch That You Must Try Out Now!

toe touch

Are you looking for an exercise that can help you improve your flexibility while also improving your core strength? Here is a comprehensive guide to Toe Touches to walk you through them and everything you need to know about them before attempting one.


The best part of the Toe Touches is that they can be done anywhere without any gym equipment except a mat. This exercise can be a little hard to master for beginners, but practising and pushing yourself every day will slowly give you the flexibility you need to master this exercise. At which point, you can shift on to the alternative activities, which will make this exercise a smidge more challenging.

Do’s and Don’ts To The Perfect Toe Touches.

We now move on to a step-by-step guide to toe touches.

  • You start by laying down on your back with your arms at your side and your legs stretched.
  • Once you’re in the starting position, lift your legs straight and point towards the ceiling.
  • The upcoming step is to put your hands up and straight as well.
  • After you get into this position, you should lift your upper body (your back, shoulders, and head) upwards while keeping your hands straight and slowly trying to touch your toes.
  • After this, get your upper body to go back down very slowly until your shoulders touch the floor. That’s one rep.
  • It would help to complete 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

A few things to remember when doing the toe touches are as follows.

  • When you’re trying to touch your toes, engage your abs to complete the motion instead of using the momentum of your arms to do then.
  • Your back needs to be very flat, and avoid rounding it since that would put too much pressure on the back.
  • If you struggle to get your toes and hands to touch, get them close at the start and proceed from there.
  • Your flexibility determines the full Lengthening of your legs and your range of motion, and you should not push yourself too much, or you could hurt yourself. As you get more used to this exercise, you will lengthen your arms and legs and attempt a more extensive range of motion.
  • You can exhale as you lift your upper body and inhale as you lower them.
  • The final thing to remember is to Engage your Abs.

Muscles That Are Worked By Toe Touches

Now that we’ve discussed the do’s and don’ts for toe touches let’s look at the muscles that get worked up when performing this exercise. The Lying Toe Touch mainly targets your Abs, and it might also get your hip flexor muscles to work to some extent as it is responsible for holding your legs up in the air. This exercise works the upper and middle region of your ab muscles, and it also works the hamstrings when you stretch your legs up and hold them and place for your hands.

Benefits of the Toe Touch

If you still aren’t convinced enough to do this exercise as a part of your comprehensive core workout routine, here are the benefits of integrating this exercise into your regime.

  • Strengthens your Muscles

The Lying Toes Touches is an exercise that can strengthen your ab muscles tremendously. This is a challenging exercise to master, but as you improve and your range of motion becomes greater and easier for you to see, you will see exceptional growth in your muscle strength. Not to say, you’ll look even better in a swimsuit.

  • Might Help You Lose Weight

This brand of exercise takes a more significant toll on your energy than most, and it requires more energy to complete a set of the toe touch. More calories might also get burnt due to the extra muscle mass. These factors can contribute to weight loss. However, there’s no certainty.

  • Improves Balance, Flexibility, and Coordination

These three skills are challenged extensively when you perform Toe Touches, which helps improve themAs you push yourself and get better at this exercise, you will also have better balance, flexibility, and coordination. 

  • Might Help with Back Pain

This exercise and other core-strengthening exercises might prevent or reduce back pains.

It’s wondrous how just one exercise can have so many benefits that make it an essential addition to your workout routine.

Variations and Alternatives of The Toe Touch

Once you master the Toe Touch and can easily, without breaking a sweat, get your hands to touch your toes, you can try out some of these variations and alternatives to take the level of difficulty up and challenge yourself

  • Weighted Toe Touch

After mastering the toe touch, one way to challenge yourself is to add weight to your hands. The weight could be a dumbbell or a kettlebell, which will increase the level of difficulty of the toe touches.

  • Crunches

To do a crunch, you need to lay down on the floor, with your feet at a distance of your hip-width. After this, you place your hands on your chest like a cross and bend your knees. Next, you should inhale and engage your abs. You can then exhale and lift your upper body while keeping your neck and had relaxed. Take another breath in and return to starting position. This is a rep. Crutches also primarily target your abs, can be performed without any gym equipment, and is straightforward to follow through. Some points to remember is that you should make sure that you’re using your core to lift yourself up and not your neck and head, as that could lead to a risk of injuries. It would help to keep your movements slow to engage the right muscles.

  • Reverse Crunches

You need to lay down on the floor and put your arms on your side to do a reverse crunch. Next, you have to pull your legs up so that your knee is bent at an angle of 90 degrees and your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Exhale and engage your abs to pull your hips off the floor and towards your chest. You can slowly lower your legs back down to the original position after holding it for a beat.

  • Leg Raises in a Captain’s Chair

The leg raises in a Captain’s Chair require a Roman Chair or a Captain’s Chair. You need to position yourself on the chair and place your forearms on the armrest to raise the leg. Make sure that your back is straight and your arm position is stable. Inhale and engage your abs. Slowly, bend your knees and pull your legs upward till your quads are parallel to the floor. Lower your legs very slowly while you exhale and do it in a controlled motion while returning to your starting position. This exercise focuses on your abs like the toe touches, contracting them, and on your hip flexors. 

  • Scissor Kick

To perform these kicks, you need to lie on the ground, with your arms beside you, palms down. Engage your core and push your pelvis into the floor. Try to maintain this pose throughout. Next, you pull both of your legs at an angle of about 45 degrees. Once you get into this portion, keep your core tight and slowly move one of your legs upward while lowering the other, thus starting your “scissor” motion. Continue this motion for a set. It would help if you tried to do 12-20 reps in one set, aiming to complete two sets. You can elevate the number of sets as you get stronger. This exercise also targets the abs like the toe touches. 

This is everything there is to know about this exercise and their different variations. This exercise is laser-focused on your abs, and sticking to it will help you achieve your perfect swimsuit-worthy toned abs.