Here’s the ultimate traps workout to beats the fitness blues


The trap muscles are a vital part of the body. As they help in the stability and movements of the scapula, their function is integral to the human body. Unfortunately, due to the minimal movement of the traps muscles, they can become stiff and decrease the intensity of their functions. This is the reason why working out these muscles is essential now and then.  If you are wondering how to beat the fitness blues, here’s the ultimate traps workout to try now! 

Try out the traps workout for mass

No matter how massive your muscles are, if the trap muscles aren’t being worked out, it is all in vain. Every fitness freaks realize the importance of strengthening the inner muscles. Once these muscles begin to function correctly, you are on your way to beating all blues. Today, I am going to show you four helpful exercises that will help workout your trap muscles the right way. 

1. Upright Rows 

If you are looking for the perfect exercise to add to your trap muscles workout for mass routine, upright rows are going to serve you wonders. They are an excellent way to boost strength, improve stability and prevent shoulder pain in the body. Since they directly work with the shoulder muscles, they are also beneficial for the trap muscles indirectly. Many athletes and weightlifters choose to practice this exercise daily for added strength in their muscles. 

How to do it- Hold a barbell or dumbbell and let it hang in front of your body. Make sure that your arms are facing your body. Stand upright and hold the equipment properly. Make sure it is shoulder-width apart for utmost safety. As you inhale, brace the abs and keep the back neutral. Your eyes should be facing the horizon and chest straight up.  Raise the barbell to your chin, leading with the elbows. Make sure that the bar is in close contact with the body. Breathe out while you do it. Once you reach the top, take rest for a second. Return the equipment to the starting position and breathe in while you do it. Repeat the dumbbell traps workout a couple of times for the desired effect.

2. Shrugs

When you are looking for upper-body stability, shrugs come in handy. These exercises help in working out the upper and middle traps properly so that they get activated instantly. As a result, they are the first preference for everyone who is trying to build strong traps. Muscle endurance is another primary benefit brought by the shrugs. This traps workout for mass can be your ultimate saviour when you are looking for added strength in the body. You can also use dumbbells or barbells for added resistance. 

How to do it- Stand on the floor with your body straight. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. While your arms are at fix around the sides of your body, turn your palms and make them face each other. If you are using weights, this is the time to bend over and grab them tightly. Now, bend your knees slightly so that they line up with the toes. While your eyes face the horizon, keep your chin up and neck straight.  Inhale as you do the exercise and bring your shoulders as high as your ears. Do this gradually to avoid injuries. Once you do that, lower your shoulders back to their position and breathe out before you complete a rep. Repeat this back and traps workout enough times to bring instant results.

3. Reverse Dumbbell Fly

The dumbbell reverse fly is another intense workout that targets the shoulders and the upper back. When added to your trap workout routine, they can bring numerous benefits to you. All you need is a dumbbell to perform this task and look like a show stopper once the impacts start to show up. Keep in mind to hold a form while working out. Above all, follow the instructions carefully to avoid any severe injuries in the body. Overall, this dumbbells traps workout is going to be at your rescue.  How to do it- Hold a pair of dumbbells in both your hands. Bend forward at your hips until your torso is nearly parallel to the ground. Set yourself at shoulder-width apart. As the dumbbells hang from your shoulders, your palms must face each other. Arms must be slightly bent. Now, as you keep your back flat and your torso still, lift your arms straight up to your sides. Do this until it is in line with the body. Pause, and return to the start position. Perform this back and traps workout daily for added benefits. 

4. Power cleans

This one is an explosive full-body workout that is mostly performed by athletes and Olympic champions. Since it contains intense exercise, we recommend only experts to perform this task to avoid any complications. This powerful workout is essential for the muscles in numerous ways. The more you perform this workout, the better your muscle growth will be. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to prevent injuries while performing this exercise. This traps workout for mass will bring instant results for sure. 

How to do it- Begin with the bar placed on the floor. Your body should be in the middle of the bar so that you can hold it straight. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, sit your butt down and stick your chest up. Pull your shoulder blades back and tighten your core. Make sure that your elbows keep rotating in a straight manner. Look into the horizon as you do this. 

Now, lift the bar from the ground by standing straight. Your back should be flat at this point. Once the bar is above your knees, shift your torso to a vertical position. Bend your knees tightly once again. Now, do a second pull-up. For this, violent jump straight up while shrugging the bar from your shoulders. Keep the bar in close contact with your body.  Now quickly drop into a quarter squat position and bend your hips. Drive your elbow forward to rotate it around the bar and catch it in a racked position. Now stand up. Now, drop the bar to the floor in front of you. Perform this traps workout for mass gently when in need. We recommend you to do this under the guidance of a trainer to avoid any complication.


1. What supplements should I take for traps workout for mass

Creatine is an excellent supplement for traps workout for mass. Three to five grams of this supplement daily can help show results instantly. 

2. Are dumbbell traps workout helpful?  

Yes. The workouts are helpful when in need. You can try these exercises whenever you want.

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