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Men with triceps look stunning. You possibly cannot take your eyes off them. If you wonder about how much effort goes into building those triceps, you would be surprised to know that it is minimal. Yes, building triceps is no big deal as long as you follow the workout instructions assigned to you. 

If you also want your man to look like a bombshell with well-toned triceps, this article is all you need. Discover the best exercises for tricep pushdown with us today! 

Level up with well-toned triceps 

The triceps in our body contains three different muscles- the long, lateral and medial heads. When all these triceps muscles work together, that is when your triceps begin to pop out the right way. On the contrary, missing out on any of these muscles could result in vain. Such a thing is the reason why the triceps workout, must be performed with full concentration.  Today, there are also several tricep pushdown alternative that one can try instead of this workout. You can do this when you feel a certain discomfort or inconvenience while performing the triceps pushdown. Overall, this isolation exercise is just what you need to help you gain your dream body today! 

Reap benefits from this spectacular workout

The triceps pushdown is not all talk. If you want to build your upper arms, overall strength and endurance, this exercise will come to your rescue. It also benefits your core, back and shoulders to perform workout well. Thus, the triceps pushdown provides lump-sum benefits to our upper body.  Performing tricep pushdown alternatives also will help bring the same benefits to you. Thus, don’t worry about this substitute workout as it will do the same job like this one.

How to perform rope triceps pushdown?

The rope tricep pushdown is an isolation workout that targets muscle and strength building in the body. All you need is a cable machine and rope attachment to perform this exercise without any hindrance. If you are worried about whether beginners can perform this exercise, it is safe for all. Make sure you follow the instructions line-by-line so that you can get your hands on the benefits instantly. 

1. Attach a double rope handle to the highest notch on the cable machine. 

2. Stand with one foot forward for balance and grip the rope handles while tucking in your arms to the sides. 

3. Push the rope down by extending your triceps and hold for 2 seconds. Do not lock out your elbows. Exhale this portion of the exercise. 

4. Gradually, extend your forearms back up until they are parallel to the ground. Inhale while doing this step.  5. Repeat rope tricep pushdown for best results.

How to perform reverse grip tricep pushdown?

The reverse grip tricep pushdown is a lightweight isolation exercise that targets the long head triceps. With this exercise, you are sure to gain lump sum benefits for the years to come. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully and perform the exercise with full focus. We promise; it will help you massively!  

1. Hold the straight bar on your cable machine with an underhand grip. 

 2. Lean forward slightly and maintain an overall upright position. Your elbows should be on your sides.

 3. Flex your triceps as you push the straight bar down until your arms extend. Keep your upper arms in position while only your forearms are moving. 

 4. Hold the contracted position for 1 second. 

 5. Gradually, begin to lower the straight bar up until it reaches lower chest height.   

6. Repeat the reverse grip tricep pushdown for the best results.

How to perform cable tricep pushdown?

The cable tricep pushdown is a hands-down exercise that targets the triceps muscles properly. It offers a steady resistance that helps build tension on your muscles and perform the exercise ideally. For all those people who are looking to build their dream body in no time, this exercise can work wonders. Make sure to follow the instructions are required to gain your desired body right in need. 

1. Face high pulley with rope or bar attachment. The attachment should be hanging at chest height. In case you are using a rope, try to hold it with clenched hands. Palms must be facing inwards. 

2. Stand up straight or tilt your body at a 30-degree angle forward for a better range of motion. 

3. Extend your arms down until straight with only a slight bend at the elbow. Keep your core tight and elbows close to your body in the same position. 

4. At the bottom of the movement, extend your hands down and to the sided in a way that they are touching your thighs. 

5. Gradually, return to the start position, keep the cable a bit lower. 

6. Repeat the cable tricep pushdown for the best experiences.

Best tricep pushdown alternatives

If you do not want to try out the triceps pushdown for some reason, no problem. Don’t worry as you will still be able to acquire its benefits with the help of tricep pushdown alternatives. Yes, these alternatives can be helpful in many ways for guiding you to gain a dream body. So, why are you waiting? Try these out!

1. Triceps dips

Adding dips to your triceps workout is a perfect idea. Dips are an excellent source of providing strength for your body. Triceps dips can thus, help improve flexibility in the body, build strength and workout your muscles in no time. It might be slightly daunting for beginners initially. However, don’t worry because, after some time, you will become a pro at it.

2. Close-grip push-ups

The simplest of all triceps workouts, close grip push-ups can be practiced by both beginners and professionals conveniently. The exercise helps to target your triceps, chest muscles and strength.

3. Barbell floor press

Most people say that this one is a detrimental exercise, trust me, if you follow the instructions, it is a cakewalk. The barbell floor press is a potential exercise that focuses on your body muscles and strength building. All you have to do is hold the barbell safely so that it does not land hard on you.

The bottom line

These were some of the best-ever tricep pushdown exercises that we could list down for you. If you have any more in mind, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below!


1. Can you name some more alternatives for this exercise?

  Standing Dumbbell overhead triceps extensions

  Close grip bench press

2. Are these exercises helpful?  

Without a doubt!

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