How to perform the triceps dips the right way daily?

how to perform triceps dips

Amidst the best bodyweight exercises, triceps dips make it to the spotlight every time. This exercise is simple, easy to perform and yields exceptional results instantly. That is why people are switching to the tricep dips by and by with time.

This beginner-level workout is all you need to promote arms and shoulder strength. So, why keep waiting? Let us help you unleash the best ways to perform this workout without any hindrance.

The ultimate triceps workout

Triceps are the muscles that run from shoulder to elbow. These muscles are put to work every minute for some of the other activity. However, they may soon become stiff if you do not exercise them efficiently.

Triceps dips are an effective bodyweight workout that promises to activate the triceps muscles and allow them to work as required. These are beginner-level exercises that need minimal equipment. One can perform the exercise even on the ground if there is no chair or a bench.

The perks of performing triceps dips

Our triceps muscles are put to work almost everywhere. Whether we are lifting an object or pushing something, they require to work efficiently forever. Sometimes, they may fail to do so if there is an absence of sufficient workout. Tricep dips shoulders the responsibility of activating these triceps muscles and engaging them in work where needed.

So, all the pushing tasks that happen with your hand may improve by this workout. So, pulling actions are taken care of with this workout at hand. Apart from this, it also helps activate the core muscles and hold the hips off the floor. The strength that one can gain from this exercise also prevents your triceps from any risk of injury and muscle imbalances.

Instructions to perform the triceps dips workout.

1. Place your hand shoulder-width apart on a bench or a chair.

2. Slide your butt off from the bench and make sure your legs extended in front of you.

3. Now, straighten out your arms, and bend on your elbows. Such a thing will help maintain tension on your triceps.

4. Now, try to bend your elbow gradually to lower your body. Make sure your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Your back should be in close contact with the bench at this point.

5. When you reach the bottom of the movement, press down into the bench to straighten your elbows. Get back up to the start position. 6. Now, keep your shoulder down when you lift your body. If you want to make some alternations in the workout, make sure you bend your legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best triceps dips variation to perform?

The bench dips, Ring dips and box dips are the best variations for this workout. You can perform them step-by-step if you want to derive immediate results. Try to ensure you have a trainer to guide you through the exercise if you have a minimal idea.

2. What are the worst mistakes to avoid during this workout?

Many people tend to dip too low. Also, that brings strain on their shoulders. However, you have to pay attention to it as too much strain may cause serious injury. Another common mistake people make is by locking out their elbows. If you keep them soft, you will be able to maintain proper tension on your triceps. That is highly significant. Finally, people keep high shoulders during this workout. That is again a massive mistake to make. Instead, try to keep your shoulder low.

3. Do I need to take any safety measures at hand?

If you suffer from joint pain, try to refrain from performing the workout. You can practice the push-up exercise instead to build strength in your body and avoid any complications.

4. How many times should I perform the workout?

A total of 15 to 20 reps in two to three sets is ideal for the workout.

5. Is it effective?

Yes. The workout helps to bring instant results on time.

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