Triceps Workout For Men And Women


Are you wondering how bodybuilders build such triceps? What type of triceps workout do they do? How much time do they give to their triceps workout? Is it possible to do it at home?

We have all your answers related to the triceps workout. So, here we go!

Before describing the greatest  triceps workout: What are Triceps?

Triceps, as the name suggests, is a muscle that has the skeletal system at one end with three faces, points of origin and points of connection. The muscles mentioned here for triceps workout is Triceps Brachii, two large muscles at the back of the upper arms. These muscles are located at the back of Biceps and are responsible for stretching the arms at the elbows immediately after Biceps sets contract them. Triceps workout is very important for training triceps.

what are triceps workout

The biceps stretch the hand as if you were carrying your kid or a package. The triceps operate with your back muscles, the latissimus dorsi, to stretch out your shoulder, like when you lift or open a closed door. These exercises are key to enhancing your arm’s strength. The triceps are a muscle band of your arm. It encapsulates about more than one-third of the particular arm-area. The shape of your triceps area resembles that of the shoe of a horse. Triceps workout at home can be done with minimal facilities. This workout is paramount to developing this muscle group.

Triceps workout

These exercises are one of the primary areas of arm muscle workouts. These are given equal importance to exercises by Biceps. To strengthen the muscles in the arms, triceps are necessary and are easily developed with the triceps workout. This workout at home is a valid option that can be done with little to no equipment.

The curl, which raises the width of the triceps, is the most common triceps exercise for building arm muscles. Some of the muscle groups such as triceps, deltoids, glutes, and other muscles are employed while doing this exercise. During their hurry, men frequently ignore other muscle groups to develop biceps that can be shown during tight T-shirts. But it’s not just for show to develop strength and muscle mass in the body. For everyday activities such as carrying grocery stores, lifting weights, and even driving, it is very necessary.

There are several levels of training for developing your triceps depending on your experience in doing triceps exercises. A normal triceps has three heads. Due to this, to actuate their motion, the particular exercise needs to focus on a variety of parameters such as inclination, mass, and repetition. This is the key reason for the dramatic change in the placement of your arm, hand, and elbow during concentrated triceps workout at home.

Triceps Workout for Beginners

You want to include both heavy-lifting and high-volume triceps exercises when you begin your triceps exercise. Some of the age-old triceps workout regimes are as follows:

1. Krusher

This particular triceps workout at home targets the triceps ‘long head, which appears to be overlooked. Your palms should be facing you for the best results from this triceps workout at home. You can start this triceps exercise with a pushup session by keeping your back touch the ground on a flat surface. Next, ensure the grip on the barbell is steady and tight during this triceps workout. The height has to be regulated as it needs to be above your forehead during this triceps exercise. Straighten your arms with leverage so that the weight is above your chin; then bent back to the start to repeat this triceps workout at home. Do 15 reps for the same in two sets.

2. Pullover


The movement for this triceps workout at home starts behind your head. This is one of the greatest triceps workouts for men and women. Your triceps are stretched in this triceps exercise. Do 5 slow reps in 10 minutes in two sets.

3. Extension exercise using dumbbells while sitting down


Do this triceps exercise at home using one hand at a time. Sitting up, holding a dumbbell in each hand (or in both hands), upper arms parallel to the wall fully bent elbows. Your arm then needs to be straightened without adjusting the upper arm location to complete this triceps exercise. Do it slowly in 25 reps in 10 minutes.

4. Push up variety: Diamond form


Ideally, 10 repetitions in two sets can be followed for this triceps exercise, with a maximum of two ‘sets’ each. Hold your feet together and your palms under your shoulders in the push-up position while doing this triceps workout at home. Right from your head to your knees, your physique needs to form a straight form during this triceps exercise. Bring your palms together with your index fingers and thumbs to form a diamond while doing this triceps exercise. Thumbs will form the triangle’s base. You have to have your hands under your neck while doing this triceps exercise. Lower your body to push up as your posture is preserved. Your chest has to cross your palms ‘ sides while doing this triceps exercise. Push yourself up to the starting position after completing this triceps workout at home.

Many exercises are designed specifically for the growth of Triceps. Many of these drills require weights and equipment for workouts. With workouts with heavy equipment, you certainly need to go to a gymnasium, but for those who are unable to go to a gymnasium for a reason, there may be a triceps workout schedule that can be followed at home.

Triceps Workout at Home (With only use of limit equipment)


It is very important to maintain muscle mass and muscle strength in your upper body, says Anand Shekhar, a scientist at a prominent scientific research institute that studies the effects of aging on the human body. Training in resistance using the triceps workout is the best way to fight the progressive loss of muscle mass that comes with aging. Your biceps and triceps are your upper arm’s two muscle types. Both the knee and the forearm touch the biceps. The muscles are at the upper arm’s edge, beginning at the shoulder’s front and finishing at the elbow. When flexing your hand, you can feel the biceps. The triceps are positioned at the arm’s side. Beginning at the back, lower shoulder and finishing at the elbow, where the ulna, one of the forearm’s two bones, ends.

Having sets of small workout instruments like pairs of dumbbells or a barbell with plates of different weights at home is always possible for any person to perform triceps exercises. These are only necessary to execute a plan for triceps workout at home:

1. Dumbbell Grip press (Neutral)

This triceps exercise targets a set of muscles comprising of your lower pectoralis major, upper pectoralis major, Triceps brachii, and anterior deltoid. For at least four sets, this triceps exercise should be completed. Without any rest, every set must have 8 to 12 repetitions. It is necessary to hold a dumbbell in each hand and to lie back on a bench or a high surface while doing this triceps workout at home. The dumbbells are to be held so that the palms face each other at shoulder level during this triceps exercise. Now, as mentioned above, the dumbbells are to be pressed against the chest for numbers of sets of repeats.

2. Extension triceps workout

For at least four sets, this triceps exercise should be completed. Every set must have 8 to 12 repetitions. The reps can be followed by 2 minutes of rest each. One can start this triceps exercise with Dumbbells from Neutral Grip Press. Arms must be permitted to drift back here until the Dumbbells are over one’s head during this triceps workout at home. Instead, you have to bend your knees and lower the dumbbells in the back of your head. The elbows should be raised as far as possible, with the upper arms at the same angles.

3. Tate press triceps workout

This triceps exercise targets the same muscles in your body as the neutral dumbbell grip press. For at least four sets, this triceps exercise should be done. Every set must have 8 to 12 repetitions. One has to lie back with a dumbbell in each hand on a bench or an elevated platform. Arms should be held stretched across one’s head, and palms should face one’s feet. The elbows must be pointed out and bent slowly so that the dumbbells near the chest.

4. Kickback (Underhand)

Form and inclination are very important while performing this particular exercise. For at least four sets, this particular exercise should be completed. Every set must have 8 to 12 repetitions. The reps can be followed by 2 minutes of rest. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, one should stand upright and bend back his / her hips during this triceps workout. To be approximately parallel to the floor, the upper body should be so lowered. Instead, the front of the palms has to be rotated to face and the elbows have to be bent so that they become perpendicular to their torso during this triceps workout.

5. Overhead extension (using one hand)

This particular exercise at home targets six muscles in your body. These muscles comprise upper pectoralis major, triceps brachii, external oblique, serratus anterior, anterior, and lateral deltoids. Similar to kickbacks, for at least four sets, this exercise should be completed.

6. Dips for Triceps

Dips target your deltoids, traps, triceps, and forearms. You have to sit here on the edge of a strong chair or a workout move. Next, your palms shall be positioned on the edge of the ground next to your hips and slid out of the surface so the hips are suspended freely during this particular exercise. The legs should be straightened out, and the head should be slowly lowered, concentrating the weight on one’s shoulders. The body needs to be pushed up with the help of one’s arms after this. Perform this particular exercise twelve times every set, with two sets to do.

7. Classic Push-ups

Classic pushups target your pectoralis major, anterior deltoid, and triceps brachii. It’s the triceps workout at home. One must start directly under one’s shoulders with one’s fingers facing forward with his / her hands and knees. Currently, the legs are to be placed behind him/herself, so the exercise happens to be in a ‘plank’ position, with the toes tucked underneath. Then you have to draw in your stomach and align your neck with your backbone. Now you have to lower your upper body until it’s just above the level of the ground, holding your elbows to your hands during this triceps workout. One must now move back to the starting point. For at least two sets, each set of at least twelve repetitions, this push-up exercise must be completed.

In conclusion, without concentrating too much on the biceps, prevent a common training mistake when working the upper arms. These muscles are the ones that accumulate in men and give a sleek appearance in the upper arm. To retain movement in your arm and proper posture, combine biceps exercises with the triceps workout. Focusing on just one group of muscles leads to an imbalance that raises the injury risk.

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