Elevate Your Vaping Experience with VooPoo Argus Kit !!

Voopoo argus kit

The VooPoo Argus Kit is another addition to the VooPoo family. This kit is a rugged system with equal amounts of metal. It also features leather to maximize comfort and durability. So, the vape kit is designed with leather accents and zinc alloys. It also has a dual pod experience. It has both types of PnP Pod (MTL- Mouth to Lung and DTL-Direct Lung Vaping). So, this 40W vape kit is lightweight. The kit also has a versatile option for vapers with low wattage.

 What’s in The VooPoo Argus Kit?

The VooPoo Argus Kit comes with:

  • PnP Pod with 4.5mL large capacity. This pod allows for a Half- DL experience.
  • PNP MTL Pod with 2 mL capacity. This pod has a comfortable lip design making the vape comfortable. Also, it has a rich flavor. 
  • The kit also has two VooPoo PnP coils. If you need additional coils, they can be bought separately. Also, the device is only compatible with oils. These have a resistance over 0.3 ohms. They are also usable for 40W or lower. 
  • The VooPoo Argus kit also includes the VooPoo Argus Pod Device.
  • 0.3 ohm PnP-VM1 Coil. We recommend that this coil is used in 32W-40W power settings. The E-liquid is suggested with Nicotine less than or equal to 10 mg.
  • 1.2 ohm PnP-TR1 Coil. It is recommended for use between 10 W-15 W power settings. Also, the suggested E-liquid should have Nicotine less than or equal to 35 mg.
  • A USB Type-C Cord to allow for super-fast charging.
  • A User Manual

Features & Specs of the VooPoo Argus Kit

features of voopoo

Here are the specifications and the features of the VooPoo Argus kit. This can help you choose the best vaping experience:

  • VooPoo Device SIze: 128 x 35 x 30.5 mm
  • The output of the Device: 5-80 W (3.2-4.2 V)
  • Battery Requirement: 1 x 18650 (external)
  • The user modes are Smart Mode, RBA Mode
  • Device Display: 0.96-inch Color screen
  • Device Resistance Limits: 0.1-3 ohm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2 mL (TPD)
  • USB Type C Charging – Charge Rate: 2A
  • Pods: Refillable as well as Replaceable coils
  • Coils: PnP Coil Range 
  • GENE.TT Chip that intelligently identifies coil. Also, it can give a 5-40W power adjustment with the help of the “+” and the “-” keys. This takes the device into smart mode.
  • Adjustable Airflow allows for the most comfortable experience. This is irrespective of the parameter or the coil being used.
  • 510 adaptor available to use the device as a box mod.
  • An exclusive metal hook. This helps make the device portable. Also, you can carry it into the wilderness.
  • The device has a rounded grip. This allows for an ultralight experience (128 g). You feel instant comfort when you pick up the device.

Design and Appearance of the VooPoo Argus Kit

The VooPoo Argus kit has five different versions and colors. The metal body used for this device is incredibly comfortable and durable. So, the body is designed to sit comfortably in your hand. It also helps give the best vaping experience. As such, there are five choices for colors. So, you get a perfect fusion of leather and metal. 

Colors of the VooPoo Argus Kit

colours of voopoo argus kit

The five colors are Litchi Leather & Blue, Vintage Grey & Silver, Litchi Leather & Red, Denim & Silver, and Carbon Fiber & Black. All these colors are extremely pleasing visually and aesthetically. They are enough to make you fall in love with the VooPoo Argus Kit at first sight. As such, the stylish sleep look of the kit makes it aesthetically pleasing. So, there is also a metal bar next to the pod on the device. This, in turn, makes the device portable. As such, you can use a carabiner clip. This is done to help make your device portable. Also, it can help make it into the wild with you. 

When it comes to the VooPoo Argus kit, many excellent features from the DRAG series have been retained. These features were brilliant in the DRAG series. Also, the Argus series builds on them to even better models. So, there are better battery lives. In fact, it also has an even more rugged exterior than in the DRAG series.

Pods in the VooPoo Argus Kit

pods in Voopoo argus kit

In the VooPoo Argus kit, you get a PnP Pod tank. This tank is extremely good for Direct Lung Vaping. This is because the PnP Pod tank provides a much larger vapor production. As is in other pod vape kits. As such, you can also buy replacement pods if you end up damaging yours. Also, if you prefer Mouth to Lung Vaping, you can buy different pods that allow it. 

The VooPoo PnP MTL pod is sold separately. You can buy from the best online vape shop.

How to Fill the VooPoo Argus Kit Pods?

The Pods that you get with the VooPoo Argus kit are removable from the device. So, you can refill the E-liquid or replace the pods if they get damaged. These pods are connected to the device by very powerful magnets. Also, if you’ve exhausted your vape juice. Also, you need to refill your vape. Eventually, this is a simple process. 

You just need to remove the pod from the device. Once you’ve removed the device, flip it upside down. This will help reveal the rubber plug. You can pull it back after revealing the plug. It will also fill it up with your favorite vape juice. So, push the rubber plug back inside. You can do this after you’ve refilled the pod with your favorite vape juice. Make sure you’ve pushed the plug back in properly to avoid leaks.

Coils in the VooPoo Argus Kit

In the VooPoo Argus Kit, you are provided with two different coils. These two coils are the PnP TR1 (1.2 ohms) and PnP-VM1 (0.3 ohms). However, apart from these, there are several coils you can choose from. So, the Argus kit is compatible with a huge range of coils. This range of coils is 12 in total, making them the best vape pods:

  • PnP-VM5 (0.2 ohm)
  • PnP-VM6 (0.15 ohm)
  • PnP-VM1 (0.3 ohm)
  • PnP-VM4 (0.6 ohm)
  • PnP-VM3 (0.45 ohm)
  • PnP-R1 (0.8 ohm)
  • PnP-R2 (1 ohm)
  • PnP-RBA (0.6 ohm)
  • PnP-M2 (0.6 ohm)
  • PnP-TM1 (0.45 ohm)
  • PnP-TM2 (0.8 ohm)
  • PnP-TR1 (1.2 ohm)

VooPoo Argus Kits: Performance

The VooPoo Argus kit makes use of a new age GENE.TT Chip. This chip allows the device to fire up rapidly within 0.001 seconds. The device has two modes. It also provides a power output of 5-8- watts. Selecting the smart mode will automatically set the power output for the inserted coil. On the other hand, in the RBA mode, you can do modifications. 

You can modify the inclinations and completely control the wattage. You can also change the resistance of the coils. This is extra helpful considering the range of coils. These can be used on the pod. This helps deliver you the freedom to try different vaping styles. So, the device also has a 0.96 screen. This helps display all the running modes and the vaping stats. 

The VooPoo Argus kit has a futuristic and simplistic device with a rugged exterior. It also has adjustable Airflow that can be adjusted by sliding the switch to your desired draw. So, if you prefer mouth to lung vaping. Also, you can slide the switch to close and shut the airflow. Then, leave just a small hole showing.


The VooPoo Argus kit has a simplistic and rugged design with great characteristics. The color options are also spectacular. Also, it helps make the device look sturdy. So, it has excellent cloud production. It also features great flavors with the lightweight feel of the pod. This, in turn helps make the device versatile.