8 Warm up Exercises: Why should you adopt these?

Importance of Warm up Exercises

You have been continuously going to the gym either for losing weight or for building muscles but you end up hurting yourself. You have been experiencing pain although you have been doing the exercises correctly. The reason for this may be warm up exercises. You are not doing warm up exercises and that is the prime reason for all your pain.
Dynamic warm up exercises make all your joints move and loosen up your muscles. When your heart beat slowly increases with the exercises that you do it is the best. Your nervous system gets affected. You must not hold the stretches that you do as they might fail the purpose of warm up. There are many warmup moves. However, you need to adopt only a few which you enjoy.

Try These Warm up Exercises 2019

#1. Walking Lunges

walking lunges

To do the exercise, you need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart placing your hands on your hips. Lift your one leg upward in the air and put it forward and descend until your other knee touches the ground. This will loosen up your muscles and make you more flexible. Do the same with the other leg.

#2. Toe Touches


At first, take both of your hands in the air and then put them down. Try to touch your toes with the tip of your fingers. You can also add a light jump in between. If you are not being able to touch your toes keep on swinging your arm aiming for your feet.

#3. High Knees


Warming up and warming down in more important than doing the exercise itself. Know what are the exercises that will help you in warming up and cooling down. Warming up and warming down in more important than doing the exercise itself. Know what are the exercises that will help you in warming up and cooling down.

This exercise is good for shaping up your lower body apart from being a good warm-up exercise. Stand straight placing your hands by your side. Lift your knee upward as high as you can. Put your leg down and do the same with the other knee. Gain speed and do the movement faster.

#4. Jump Rope

jumping rope 2
Image Source: myfitstation.com

Warming up and warming down in more important than doing the exercise itself. Know what are the exercises that will help you in warming up and cooling down.

Jumping rope is effective for activating all the muscles of your body. Take a rope and start skipping it slowly. Make sure you continue skipping for some period of time before you increase the speed or add any kind of variation. it also comes under low-intensity cardio.

#5. Knee Hugs

knee hugging

They are very much like high knees. However, they help better in stretching out your lower body muscles. You can do them either at a standing position or from a sitting position. For the standing position, you need to stand straight and bring your knees closer to your chest and hug it as tightly as you can with both your hands. Do the same with your other leg. For the sitting position, you need to sit on a mat and hug both your legs bent at your knees. Lift your legs off the floor while you hug them. Feel the muscles being stretched while doing the warm up exercises.

#6. Jogging


Light jogging is a good exercise to start off with. Leap your hands by your side and start slowly. Continue the jog for some time before going for actual running. You can also adopt some variations and either run on your toes or your heels.

#7. Butt Kicks

butt kicks

To do butt kicks, you need to stand with some distance between your feet. Put your right heels upwards as if you are trying to hit your butt. Do the same with your other leg. While doing the movement, keep swinging your arms as you do while jogging.

#8. Warm Down Exercises

warm down

After doing the warm up exercises and bodybuilding exercises, warming down is also very important. Light exercises help your body in cooling down. It brings your heart back to its normal pace. Cooling down is always beneficial. The above-mentioned exercises for warming up will also help you in warning down. You can go for light walking or jogging. Start stretching your body parts according to the exercise that you have been doing. For the legs, you can why should you warm up and warm down? Go for the butt kicks and knee hugs. There are stretching exercises for almost everybody parts. Although exercises for legs also help in stretching the upper body parts. After that, you can go for your chest and your arms. Every cooldown exercise involves your arms also there is popular arm stretches also which you can try.

You must focus on your core. Include it in your cool down exercises. You can get on your hands and knees and then arch your back. Your body posture will look like a C. This is a popular cool down exercise for the core. Apart from this, you can go for a massage also. Also, you may opt for performing the exercise with low resistance if you do not wish to go for the stretches. Immediately lying down or sleeping after a workout can be hazardous. Engage yourself in some physical activity which helps your muscles in coming back to the normal state.