Water Aerobics: The Perfect Way To Relieve Stress

Aerobic exercises refer to those workouts which target large muscle groups and allow your lungs to work more vigorously. So, Water Aerobics refers to the form of workout which takes place in water. It should also include a variety of exercises. Though everyone can perform this workout, it is highly recommended for those suffering from back pain. Aged citizens and those who wish to lose weight can also opt for it.

Water Aerobics- A Fun Way Of Working Your Muscles

Water Aerobics can become one of the most exciting and therapeutic activities one can perform. It allows one to gain maximum benefits like increased cardio fitness, adequate resistance, and strength. This is also regarded as the perfect workout for weight loss. It is famous for putting comparatively less pressure than the other exercises. So, we recommend it for pregnant women, as it also keeps one’s bones, as well as joints, fit. This low-impact activity has got all the fun in the fair. 

The Benefits Of Water Aerobics You Must Know About

  1. Better Body Endurance

This exercise is unlike other workouts as it does not require the human body to act against gravity. Instead, the resistance provided by water is perfectly natural. This is because it promotes straining the body through the water instead of being against it. So, it provides better body endurance. 

  1. Increase In Muscular Strength

The nature of water is completely unpredictable as it flows in different directions and its movements are uncertain. Due to this, water resistance is about 4 to 42 times greater than that of air, making Water Aerobics an intense workout. According to a study in 2007, it was found that after about two weeks of Aqua Aerobics, significant changes in terms of strength and flexibility were visible.

  1. Reduces Pressure Of Joints

Did you know that Water Aerobics lowers pressure on the joints caused due to normal wear-and-tear as well as Arthritis? This type of exercise is also known as Hydrotherapy. It relieves those suffering from joint issues. 

  1. It Burns a lot of Calories

Aqua Aerobics ensures that one benefits from a full-body workout through the mixture of cardio and strength exercises. One can burn about 400-500 calories every hour of performing this exercise. This will depend on the weight, cardio activity, temperature, and volume of water. 

  1. Provides Relief From Anxiety And Stress

One of the most relaxing activities can be when one spends time immersed in water. The feeling of floating in the water and carrying out certain aerobics activities is simply very soothing. A study in 2007 showcases that water-based workouts could lower anxiety. It can also lower other negative feelings in women. 

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

The pressure created by water allows blood to circulate seamlessly in the body. This ultimately leads to a decrease in heart rate. As such, it will automatically result in low blood pressure. 

  1. Provides Cooling

Whenever Summers knocks at the door, the idea of getting Vitamin D excessively does not seem so exciting anymore. One wishes to dive into the depths of cool water, not care about the weather. Water Aerobics can fulfil this desire. This is because one can now feel cool during warmer days without feeling the need to sweat while exercising. You are bound to feel so refreshed that you will complete all aerobics activities without any tension.

Some Water Aerobics Exercises To Try Out

  1. Aqua Teaser

This workout mainly works out your arms, abs, shoulders, and hips. It is an aerobic exercise that provides the benefit of relieving stress and anxiety, making it worth a try!

Steps To Follow

First Step: Begin by standing in the depthless end while concurrently sitting in the water. Do this while trudging your arms out to your sides. Also, raise both of your legs at the same time so that you can fold at your hips. This will allow you to form a ‘V-shape.’ make sure that your head and toes are above the surface of the water. 

Second Step: Immediately allow your knees to contract your chest. Instead, you can also make your legs upright as far as possible in the direction of your chest. This will make the ‘V-shape’ formed less wide.

Third Step- Further extend your legs to return to the previous ‘V-shaped- position. 

To see the results, you must perform at least 15 to 20 reps of this exercise. 

  1. Water Taxi

This exercise is known for working arms, chest, abs, and shoulders. It is also highly useful in lowering your body’s blood pressure and relieving you from constant tension. A few reps of this exercise are bound to do the job. 

Steps To Follow

First Step: Allow yourself to sit on the kickboard. Your knees should be together while doing so. Your legs should be swinging or brushing the bottom part of the water pool. 

Second Step: Expand your arms as straight as you can in front while your palms face opposite directions. Then, bring your arms to your sides. 

Third Step: Carry on swaying across the pool for half a minute. Then, proceed to do the same in the opposite path. 

Fourth Step: Then, bring your arms back to your sides. While doing this, your palms should face the front, and your elbows should be bent. After that, you can continue to sway your arms in front of you. Do this for about 30 seconds. 

Fifth Step: As you push back and forth, keep your shoulders flexed. 

Perform this exercise for about 1 minute- contributing 30 seconds to each stroke. 

The Bottom Line

Water Aerobics is perfect for those who are struggling with back issues. It is also great for those who have some bone-related problems. Performing this exercise will satisfy you with the benefits you never thought you needed. So, say goodbye to lazy summers and immerse in some fun and cooling set of workouts!