What Does A Social Media Analyst Do? How Could Your Healthcare Company Benefit By Hiring One?


Social Media has been a proven marketing channel to attract, engage, and acquire more customers online. If you own a healthcare company in 2020, you can not overlook the importance of including Social Media in your marketing strategies.

You can grow your healthcare company by hiring the right social media team. A Social Media team generally includes content writers, designers, campaign managers, and, most importantly, Social Media analysts.

A skilled analyst can help you make data-driven marketing decisions that align with the brand’s vision. Today, there is a tremendous demand for Social Media analysts in every industry.

What Does A Social Media Analyst Do?

With the advent of Social Media in 2016, businesses started to leverage the availability of an abundant audience. A Social Media Analyst is responsible for collecting and analyzing data related to social media marketing campaigns.

They assist organizations in making strategic marketing decisions as per the business needs. A Social Media analyst develops/implements changes to improve the conversion rate of social media campaigns.

In addition, below are some of the essential responsibilities of a Social Media analyst.

  • Establish a Cohesive marketing strategy across all social networks.
  • Tracks performance of the campaign and optimize for better ROI
  • Oversee and help in creating a content strategy across channels.
  • Research and use new social media tools to create campaigns.

In a healthcare company, a social media analyst can help you build better customer relationships. An experienced analyst can help you create a strong social media presence online.

Benefits Of Hiring A Social Media Analyst

A social media analyst can boost your online growth and help you stand out in the industry. Read on to know how a proficient social media analyst can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Build Brand & Manage Reputation

Running a profitable healthcare company in 2020 is not a child’s play. It takes a lot of collaborative effort of professionals from sales, marketing, and other departments. A Social Media analyst can help your company build a strong presence and credibility in the healthcare industry.

With enough data points on social media, an analyst can oversee the growth and assist in creating effective marketing strategies.

Provide Helpful Resources and Support

Millions of people search the internet to solve their health problems.  As a healthcare company, you can stand out as an industry leader by providing the most relevant solutions to health queries.      

A social media analyst can help you create an effective inbound marketing strategy. For instance, you can publish health tips, remedies, and medical procedures on your blog to attract and engage with your target audience. 

Counteract Misinformation

Almost everyone will relate to the fact that there is a lot of misinformation on the web about health and wellness. A Social Media analyst can help you create ways to combat this and positively impact patients and the public. It will help you stand out in the industry as a trusted brand that offers solutions.

Go Viral And Appeal To Community Values

Healthcare companies are fitly suited to leverage the advantages of viral marketing, as everyone cares about health and wellness. A Social Media analyst can help you create effective strategies for viral marketing.

Social Media allows you to collaborate with other healthcare companies and creators to raise awareness for a critical health cause. This strategy has helped many healthcare startups kickstart their marketing. An analyst can help you create viral content that appeals to the community values.

Study The Target Audience

A Social Media analyst can help you understand the user base of different platforms. It will help you plan marketing campaigns suited for the audience of a particular platform. For instance, you will need two different content strategies to reach the target audience on LinkedIn and Twitter.

An experienced analyst can help you study and analyze data to use it later in making smarter marketing decisions.  

Build Patient Loyalty

Social Media offers a brilliant opportunity for healthcare companies to build patient loyalty online. An analyst can help you create innovative social campaigns that will boost brand awareness.

You can build strong relationships with your happy customers on these platforms. For instance, build your community on Instagram to provide resources and support to your existing patients. This strategy is one of the effective instagram marketing tips.  

Start Trends With Branded Campaigns

Healthcare brands can leverage social media by creating online contests to engage visitors. A social media analyst will design the perfect Hashtag campaigns for your brand. 

With the help of data analytics, they can easily recognize patterns in user behavior and suggest the best ideas for branded campaigns.

Handle Patient Queries

You can leverage social media to handle patient queries that will ultimately boost your credibility in the industry. You can join active healthcare communities to answer questions posted by patients. Many healthcare startups, hospitals, and organizations use this strategy to build trust among customers.

What Makes A Good Social Media Analyst?

Hiring a social media analyst without prior knowledge of social media can feel a bit overwhelming. If you hire a social media analyst for your healthcare company, make sure you follow the below-mentioned checklist.

  • Ask them to show previous work in terms of social media metrics.
  • Evaluate their expertise in handling data related to social media.
  • Check for their knowledge of the latest social media trends
  • Assess their awareness of different social media tools
  • Strong organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  • Look for exceptional research and analytics skills.
  • Prior experience in a healthcare company

You can not overlook the importance of having a Social Media analyst in your team. You can reach out to professionals who have prior experience in healthcare marketing companies. You can also seek help from reputed recruitment agencies to meet your hiring needs.


These are some of the most prominent ways in which a Social Media analyst can help you grow your healthcare company.

Social Media is continuously evolving to be more customer-centric, so it becomes critically essential to stay updated about industry insights. A Social Media analyst can help you craft marketing strategies as per the latest trends in the healthcare industry.