Make Your Workout More Effective With These Eating Habits

Why Should You Have A Workout Diet?

Food is not just an element when it comes to workout. It is the basic necessity. You need to have proper workout diet to fuel your body so that it may perform better and respond to the numerous exercises that you have been doing throughout. Stay at a distance with fried, unhealthy food. They are the enemies which will turn your hard work into fats and store them in your body resulting in an increased weight of your body.

Post workout it is a common tendency to eat the food of your choice and think that still, you are going to lose the extra carbs. Well, it won’t help you. It will give negative results which will increase your stress and make you unhealthy. Some people even leave their workout in between due to lack of patience. It is important to know about the nutrients that are important for the body.

Best Pre Workout Diet for Muscle Gain:

  • Protein


Eating food rich in protein content will help you in repairing the damage that your body has gone through. The best sources of protein are yogurt, eggs, beans, soy protein products, etc. You can also get the required amount of protein from bars, shakes or powders. It is also important to mix protein with carbohydrate so that the body can develop properly. It is a common sight to see people consuming protein post workout.

  • Carbohydrates


Certain foods are considered the best for strenuous activity and most of these contain carbohydrates. Post workout, carbohydrate replacement takes place in the body. Focusing only on protein will never give your body the right kind of nutrition that it requires. Consumption of carbohydrates depends largely on the kind of physical activity that he or she is doing. High-intensity workouts mostly require high carbohydrate intake because of glycogen depletion. +Include carbohydrate into your workout diet.

  • Fruits & Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are the sources of many nutrients which help your body in flourishing. You must basically focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. They are also easy to digest and offer as a good source of antioxidants. Apart from protein, carbohydrate and fat, your body requires a high amount of nutrients which is provided by different foods and vegetables. People on a workout schedule have a high risk of falling sick. Nutrients such as vitamin A, C, and E, and minerals such as magnesium and potassium are found in the fruits and vegetables. Green vegetables have the highest nutrient content and must be consumed as a snack regularly.

  • Water/ Fluid Intake


Water is the basic necessity of life. Be it before, during or after the workout, you must take good care to keep yourself hydrated. Take small sips of water during your workout or before and after it. The balance of water in your body will yield better results. Water is the life savior but along with it, you should also focus on increasing your fluid intake.

When To Eat????


  • Before workout – Fill yourself up with water minimum 2 hours before exercising. Your body needs lots of fluids. Consume carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. Stay away from too much of healthy protein. Right before your exercise, you must abstain from eating anything as it will not let you exercise peacefully.
  • During workout – During the workout, you only need to keep yourself hydrated. Water will cool your body. Take small sips of water in between. Do not eat anything as it will harm your workout routine. If your workout is for long hours i.e. more than one minute, you may take a small dosage of protein or carbohydrate.
  • After workout – Consuming the right amount of nutrient after your workout is important as it will not only help your body in growing but also help in recovering from injuries. This is the time when your body breaks down the old damaged proteins and constructs the new ones. You must feed your body properly.

Your body is bound to deal with nutrients differently at different times. By consuming the right workout diet at the right time, only you will be able to get results that you desire. One must realize that everybody responds differently. Therefore, you must at first find out the priorities according to your body. You will get results according to what you will eat. Know the reasons for failed diet plans. Eat right and adopt the healthy habits.