Workout For Beginners: 4 Tips To Boost Your Testosterone

Both men and women need testosterone since it provides health-enhancing benefits more than you can imagine. For instance, in women, restoring youthful testosterone improves mood and well being.

The production of testosterone peaks by 18 to 19 years of age, and it decreases when a man reaches 30 years of age. Low testosterone levels affect physical activity, including workout. That’s why it’s crucial for both men and women to boost their testosterone levels if they want to see better results in their workouts. But, what are the things you can do to boost the production of testosterone?

This post will cover helpful tips on how to boost your testosterone levels in order to increase your workout capacity and easily achieve your health and fitness goals.

1. Take Testosterone Booster Supplements

Low testosterone levels are one of the reasons why people have difficulty building muscle mass and strength. Over 40 percent of individuals, aged 45 years old and above, tend to have low testosterone levels. That being said, when a person reaches this age, they certainly need supplements to boost testosterone levels.

Testosterone booster supplements are a popular natural supplement. It’s usually taken by people who are into body-building, competitive sports, or people with lower than normal testosterone levels to attain optimal performance.

Here are the benefits of taking testosterone booster supplements:

  • Muscle Health: Testosterone plays a role in increasing muscle mass, size, and strength. Thus, it’s best to take testosterone booster supplements to help maintain your muscle health and improved performance and faster recovery when working out.
  • Bone Health: Testosterone helps increase bone mass to increase workout endurance and athletic performance. Additionally, this hormone is important for bone gain or increased bone density. Testosterone supplements, for both men and women, inhibit bone resorption and maintain bone mass.
  • Improve Sleep Quality: Testosterone supplements can help promote better sleep. This way, you have enough energy to do your next day’s workout. Testosterone blood levels increase during sleep, wherein the highest levels occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Thus, both men and women can benefit from testosterone supplementation to improve sleep quality.
  • Lose Weight: Treating low testosterone levels can boost men’s and women’s overall energy. It eases fatigue and prompts you to stay active and get moving, eventually losing weight. Thus, for those with measurably low testosterone, testosterone supplementation makes weight loss easier.

2. Testosterone Boosting Workouts

One way of boosting testosterone is by performing testosterone boosting workouts, which also help build bone and muscle tone and mass. Both men and women can benefit from testosterone supplementation to boost workout.

A cardio exercise is a good start with weight exercise intervals to boost testosterone in men. Also, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can be very effective, along with other types of exercises, such as resistance training.

Here’s an example of testosterone boosting exercises: 

  • Do warm-ups and three minutes of leg swings and slow jogging.
  • Follow it by four minutes of running and one minute of squatting.
  • Do four minutes of running and one minute of push-ups.
  • Run for four minutes and one-minute skaters.
  • Finally, run for four minutes and one minute of mountain climbing exercise.

3. Testosterone Boosting Diet

Black silhouette of sportsman near chemical formula of testosterone.

With dietary management, your body will gain the right amount of nutrients to help increase testosterone production. Eating foods with moderate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats can boost your testosterone levels.

Taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement, along with a balanced diet, is also a good idea. By doing so, your body gets a top-up of nutrients, supporting your stamina and energy as well as heart health, prostate health, and testosterone levels. Zinc is an important nutrient that’s vital for testosterone balance

Here are some helpful diet tips to boost your testosterone levels:

  • Eat a balanced diet, which is composed of whole foods, to optimize long-term health.
  • Avoid overeating, but don’t restrict calories for too long.
  • Some examples of testosterone-boosting foods include tuna, egg yolks, low-fat milk, oysters, fortified cereals, beef, beans, and shellfish.
  • Avoid foods that may interfere with testosterone production, including soy products, alcohol, dairy products, bread, desserts, and pastries.

4. Lifestyle Modification Testosterone Booster

A sedentary lifestyle, cigarette smoking, marijuana abuse, and other types of substance abuse can significantly influence the hormone levels in the body, including testosterone.

Both men and women can benefit from taking testosterone supplements, most especially those who cannot quit smoking and taking alcohol. But, of course, as much as possible, it’s important to get away with these vices for better health.

Here are different lifestyle changes you need to make in order to naturally boost your testosterone levels:

  • Get Enough Rest and Sleep: When the body is at rest, it produces more testosterone. Low testosterone causes lower energy levels, sleep deprivation or insomnia, and other sleep changes. Since testosterone production increases during deep sleep, getting enough rest and sleep, most especially at night, should be practiced.
  • Perform Regular Exercise: Exercise can help you lose weight, increasing your testosterone levels.
  • Avoid Obesity and Overeating: Obese men have higher risks of having low testosterone levels, along with sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). This protein carries testosterone in the blood, so less SHBG means reduced free testosterone.


Diet, exercise, and lifestyle modification are important to boost your testosterone levels. Taking testosterone supplements can help you increase workout performance and attain your health and fitness goals. With the proper combination of testosterone supplements, diet, and lifestyle modifications, your body increases the production of testosterone so you can function optimally.

Both men and women need testosterone supplementation to fully benefit from the positive health effects of this hormone. Testosterone boosts sleep quality, improves bone health, aids in weight loss, and keeps your body at its optimal level during a workout or an intense physical activity.