Best Workout Plan For Women’s To Lose Weight Fast

Excess body weight is harmful to everyone, irrespective of gender. One must be conscious of maintaining correct body weight at every age.  All necessary steps everyone to keep body weight under control. Excess body weight disturbs the women in a more profound manner. Women undergo drastic hormonal changes in their bodies at different ages. The levels of estrogens and progesterone fluctuate with their menstrual cycles. This causes huge psychological, mental and physical problems to women. Increased body weight is one of such problems which might lead to even obesity and other associated health problems.

Workout Plan for Women Weight Loss

Increased body weight is an open door invitation to higher than average risk factors for more than fifty different health problems for women.  Some of the health problems are affecting both genders. But women are more easily susceptible to such health issues because of their anatomical structure. They are more prone to fatal heart disease, diabetes, cerebral hemorrhages or strokes, or certain cancers. Some of the women are affected by arthritis, gout or gall or renal stones.

Mental health problems are more prominent in obese or overweight women, especially during their pre-menopause or post-menopause period. Women generally suffer from depression, and this depression affects not only the woman but also her family, in a negative manner.

Overweight women do suffer from psychological complexes. They feel inferior in comparison to their female colleagues who are maintaining right body weight. This leaves a negative impact on overweight women’s career and they suffer for no fault of them. Being overweight proves to be embarrassing to women as it destroys their physical appearances, ruins their body posture and reduces their physical efficiency.

This problem must be solved with determination and regular hard work. Physical workout plans for women’s weight loss are tremendously helpful to regain a normal, fit body, for an overweight woman.

How To Lose Weight In Fastest Possible Time For Women?

Weight loss can only be achieved when extra calories are properly burned. Regular physical exercises are necessary to burn excess calories. This becomes a bit tough for women. Women are hard pressed in time as most of them have to manage workplace and home simultaneously. Most of the women are doing stationary jobs, sitting on a single seat for about eight hours a day. This naturally results in the improper utilization of consumed calories and the excess unused calories being accumulated as body fat.

Losing body weight for overweight women may take different time as each woman’s body constitution is different from the other. For some they even check out coolsculpting cost a non-surgical way to lose fat. Losing body weight needs firm commitment and the lady must be at it every day, come what may.

The best-proven combination as a workout plan for woman’s weight loss is:

  1. Carefully selected Diet plan by a trained dietician.
  2. Vigorous Cardiovascular exercises in a daily routine.
  3. Strength Training Program designed by health adviser and physical trainer.

#1. Carefully Selected Diet Plan for Woman’s Weight Loss

Carefully Selected Diet Plan for Woman’s Weight Loss

Diet plan is very important for a woman to lose body weight. This diet plan must be designed by a qualified dietician according to individual body calorie requirements, as every woman’s body needs different levels of calories. Body weight loss diet has to be essentially low calorie, low carbohydrate and low or nil fat diet. The woman following a weight loss diet plan must avoid fast food or junk food, such as cakes, cookies, pizzas, burgers, etc. Sugar or sweets are strictly a NO for a lady who wishes to lose body weight. The lady must follow a diet dense in nutrients and rich in protein. Food rich in fiber, vegetables in all colors, fruits are the choice of food with skimmed milk, yogurt, and citrus fruit juices are the choice of drinks for such a woman following a weight loss plan. For non-vegetarian women, lean meat and fish with egg white are good for health whereas, for vegetarian women, lentils; vegetables such as broccoli, etc will do the trick.

#2. Vigorous Cardio Vascular Exercises Daily Routines

Vigorous Cardio Vascular Exercises Daily Routines

Cardiovascular exercises are the best workout plan for a woman to lose excess body weight. Any vigorous physical activity that puts the heart and the circulatory system at work is Cardiovascular exercise. Physical activity of any kind that increases the heart rate and blood circulation in the body helps in burning calories, which is an essential step to reduce body weight for an overweight woman.

Cardiovascular exercise is any type of steady exercise that is done regularly at a daily routine. It must be maintained at a steady pace for at least twenty minutes in a single turn. A woman wanting to lose excess body weight must make a minimum target of doing cardiovascular exercise for sixty minutes a day, in three short sessions of twenty minutes each. This cardiovascular exercise routine must be followed for at least five days a week schedule.

CardioVascular exercises in any form are the number one workout plan for anyone to lose excess body weight. Any form of aerobic exercise such as, running, jogging, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, stationary cycling, stair climbing, or any other form of aerobic exercise is the fastest and most effective calorie burner in a human body.

A-Cardio Vascular Exercises Must be Intensified at Regular Intervals-

The main objective of cardiovascular exercises is to burn calories.  To get optimum output in burning calories, slow but gradual intensification of cardiovascular exercises must be done.  In walking, especially in treadmill walking, the speed has to be increased at fixed intervals. Similarly, a higher amount of exertion is required after some time in other forms of aerobic exercises such as cycling, swimming, jogging or running, etc.  One needs to come out gradually of her comfort zone, exert more as much as her body can take and burn maximum possible calories in the workout session in the day.

Those who want to lose weight through cycling can use a training tool called a power meter. Although power meters are commonly used by those who race, they can also be very useful for weight loss because the tools can give an accurate measurement of the calories one burns when cycling.

The power meters measure the energy or work one exerts while riding the bike. They use the unit of measurement kilojoule (kJ). Four kJ is roughly about one food calorie. Using a power meter, one can keep track of how much calories they lose through cycling and adjust the intensity, frequency, and duration of their rides accordingly.

To adjust the intensity of the workout, intermittent slow down activities may be adopted but the workout must not be stopped. When the lady is tired, she may slow down a bit, but increase the pace back again when her energy level is restored back to the previous level.

B-Sprint Training In Cardio Vascular Activities

This is also known as high-density training. High-density training (HIIT) is a type of interval training. This training incorporates slow and fast intensity of exercise training at the alternate time to adjust body fatigue. For example, one may jog for twenty paces and then run for twenty paces. This continues for the entire period of daily exercising routine in which the lady maintains her body energy while she is burning the optimum amount of calories.

Strength Training Program for Loss of Body Weight

The strength training program includes training with weights and instruments. Strength training program tones up the lady’s body and simultaneously helps in burning calories. This automatically implies the burning of fat from all the body parts and develops the muscle tone to give the body a toned look.

The strength training program must be followed by a circuit training style. This is also known as a circuit training program. Every part of the body is exercised in this program one after another.  Muscles of every part of the body must be properly toned up and it is only possible when each muscle is regularly exercised one after another regularly at regular intervals.

The major muscle groups are exercised one after another in this program. The exercises, mainly exercise with instruments or weight training are done continuously one after another without rest. This results in severe calorie burning and also getting a cardiovascular exercise side by side.  This exercise tones up the lady’s body and makes it sculpted which had every chance of getting sagged in its overweight condition.

A general circuit of the strength training program is advised to the lady in which the lady is advised to do lateral pulldowns, deadlifts, leg presses, chest presses, shoulder presses, leg extension, leg curls, fly and back extensions one after another.

#3. Strength Training Program for Loss of Body Weight

This circuit of the strength training program should be done with weights that make the workout challenging for at least twenty repetitions per exercise. These exercises must be repeated for as many times a lady can do in thirty minutes time.  This circuit training program must be followed for at least three times a week, the more the better.  The longer a lady will exercise more calories she would burn and she will get a faster result in losing excess body weight.

One must be very conscious of her health profile. The lady must take expert medical opinion before starting her workout plan for a woman to lose weight. The workout plan must be finalized under strict medical supervision. The lady must not overexert herself to lose weight in a hurry.  This workout plan for woman weight loss is for her benefits, not to put her to any harm.