Awesome Workout Routine for Men


Workout Routine for Men

The definition of exercise entails any movement, guided or unguided, which initiates working of your muscles thereby burning calories. For those that are culpable to everyday monotony, especially men, following a workout routine for men is very much essential to keep their health in check. A weekly workout plan should no longer be a choice in the current societal environment. Having a weekly workout plan not only ensures a healthy body but also a sound mind and soul. A comfortable way to follow a dedicated weekly gym schedule is to start with a weekly workout schedule initiated with beginner workouts and gradually extending your comfort zone. 

The following write-up elaborates on a comfortable best workout routine for men that one can follow by going to the gym. It involves the well-adopted method explained in an informative manner.

Before diving into the details, it has to be treated as a thumb rule that each day of the week has to be devoted to the development of a single muscle group for effective training.

Best Workout Routine for Men

Day 1: Monday Workout Routine for Men

While following a gym workout routine for Men, the first day of the week can be devoted to developing your chest muscle. Doing this helps men to focus on the biggest muscle group early in the week. Monday falls as the starting day of a new weekly workout schedule and one will have relatively more energy compared to other days. Also doing chest workout on Mondays during the gym workout schedule for men motivates them for the rest of the week since visible changes can be observed after a chest workout. Many of us men, educate ourselves by doing a bench press early on in our weekly workout plan. In fact, in the weekly workout schedule for men, this exercise is perhaps the one that is learned at first. Also, you will be confident to initiate the weekly workout plan with what you have learned initially. Several of the beginner weekly workout schedules initiate the novices with chest-based exercises. Equip yourself with a barbell during your weekly workout plan and do squeeze presses as it emphasizes your pecs. Also, do an inclined version of a conventional barbell bench press as they affect your clavicular head. During your weekly beginner workout routine for men, when the bench press works wonders on bulking your chest, substituting this equipment with dumbbells to increase the overall size of your chest. Using non-uniform weights in your weekly workout plan provides a wide range of movement, which can help in better balance and muscle stabilization.

Exercise to follow full body workout routine for men :

Weight-based Squeeze press: Dumbbell or Barbell

Inclined bench press

Decline up-press

Close grip bench press

Push up


Press up

Day 2: Biceps Best Workout Routine for Men

Biceps Best Workout Routine for Men

The idea behind an effective biceps-related exercise session in your weekly workout plan should be that after the workout, your biceps should feel the heat. Some of the best biceps exercises commonly adopted for working your biceps include

  • Barbell curls
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Hammer styled curls
  • Preacher curls, sitting down
  • Preacher curl using one arm at a time
  • Cable curls during every alternative week in your weekly workout schedule
  • Pull-ups

For strengthening your muscle-ups, employing pull-ups, rope climbing, and snatches in your workout routine for men work wonders. When you have a strong set of biceps, you can efficiently do your compound training, with the obvious advantage of getting an aesthetic prominence from your weekly workout schedule. Few pointers, as listed below, go a long way in maintaining the perfect form and health of your biceps, during your weekly workout plan.

  • Maintain the appropriate form after consulting with the gym trainer
  • Only move your lower arm from below the elbow while you are doing a curl.
  • Ensure a perfect grip
  •  Stand straight, and ensure that your arm goes straight
  • At the bottom, do not bend your elbow
  • The stimulation of your biceps will be enhanced if you allow your arm to follow a straight movement.
  • This can increase the range as well
  • When you are attempting a deadlift in your weekly gym schedule, following a straight form-factor will protect your biceps
  • Ensure you are using the strength originated from your arm while curling
  • While doing a barbell curl, never let the bar touch the bottom and then immediately come back to your initial position. You can take rest in between for a gasp of air.

Day 3: Triceps Workout Routine for Men

Triceps Workout Routine for Men

Triceps is a peculiar muscle group in your body and its predominant function is to enable movement of the forearm from your biceps. Triceps also help in stabilizing your shoulder during several exercises, focusing on your upper body strength. In your gym workouts plan, exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and lat-downs employ triceps and having a better set of them ensures better performance. A better-shaped set of triceps provides a good shape and aesthetic to your arms. Along with stabilizing your shoulder, triceps extend your elbow as well as the shoulder. Hence, increasing the strength of your triceps means increasing the strength of your shoulder-elbow duo as well. Your arm’s capability, adaptability, and motion-range increase as you tune your triceps. A man’s performance in sports also is enhanced when his triceps are fully developed and exercised using exercises in your weekly beginner workout routine for men. It is necessary to devote at least one day, in your weekly workout plan, to train your triceps. Some of the below-mentioned exercises can be adopted in your beginner workout routine for men for ensuring this set of muscles is not abandoned.

  • Bench press, close grip styled
  • Dips focusing on triceps
  • An overhead extension using dumbbells for triceps
  • An overhead extension using the cable for triceps
  • Skull crusher extension, lying down
  • Basic extension exercise using cable
  • Kickback variety for triceps using cable
  • Pushup variant, close grip styled
  • Bench press using barbell and dumbbell
  • Overhead press

Day 4: Shoulders Workout Routine for Men

Shoulders Workout Routine for Men

When you have a pair of muscular shoulders, it smoothens the movement of arms. Be it throwing a catch, lifting the cabin baggage, or sports. Also, upper-body exercises, in your weekly workout routine for men, employ one’s shoulder muscles greatly. Hence, training your shoulders lets you lift better weights as well as supplement your training session for chest and back. Shoulder exercises, in your weekly workout schedule, have to be conducted in the same attention to detail as you do chest and back exercises, else the latter is going to bear the brunt. Proper shoulder training, in your weekly workout schedule, can also avoid major injuries such as during deadlift, or while swinging a baseball bat. A grown man should include some killer shoulder exercises in his weekly workout plan to carry out his mundane tasks and to protect his physique in the long-run.  Usually, shoulders are treated synonymously with deltoids. This terminology needs to be better explained. Professional bodybuilders and serious fitness enthusiasts conduct shoulder exercises diligently using their weekly workout schedule. They do this since they know the importance of this particular muscle group and the role they play in their trade. Technically, the shoulder muscle group comprises of

  • Front shoulder or Anterior Deltoid
  • Back Shoulder or Posterior Deltoid
  • Side Shoulder or Lateral Deltoid

For each of these muscle groups, there are specific exercises that focus on them

  • Pressing overhead for anterior deltoid
  • Dumbbell or Barbell front raise for anterior deltoid
  • Dumbbell raise variant (Arnold style) for anterior deltoid
  • Raising on the side for lateral deltoid
  • Rowing upright for lateral deltoid
  • Crossover using cables, for lateral deltoid
  • Pulling towards face using cables for posterior deltoid
  • Dumbbell raise bent over for posterior deltoid

Day 5: Back Workouts

Back Workout routine for men

When you imagine the function of your spine, you need to think about the set of muscles that are employed in your body to keep your torso straight. The back muscles in your body consist of numerous entanglements with your arms, abs, shoulders, and the rest of your body. This means that when you are training, using your beginner workout routine for men, your back muscles, other muscle groups in your entire body gets trained as well. Perhaps the most overlooked set of muscles, having a strong back can work wonders in your everyday life as it provides better aesthetics, balance, posture, and symmetry. Since your back is connected with your abs, a better back automatically ensures a better core. It is necessary to ensure that all muscle groups are trained adequately, in your weekly workout schedule, for a better physique. Care should be taken to avoid back pain in case you are working all muscle groups using your weekly beginner workout schedule. Some of the following exercises can be undertaken to better train your back.

  • Pull-down using extended grip
  • Pull-down using closed grip
  • Rowing motion bent over
  • Rowing motion using T bar
  • Rowing motion using T bar using increase weights
  • Dumbbell rowing using single-arm
  • Dumbbell rowing supported using chest
  • Pulldown exercise using cable
  • Doing deadlift

Day 6: Legs

legs workout routine for men

A properly trained set of leg muscles, using a gym workout routine for men, helps in better athletic performance, muscle growth, Heart-health, mobility, core strength, and weight loss. There have been studies that emphasize the importance of leg workouts, during your weekly workout plan, as they claim better release of male growth hormones. It is important to devote a day to your weekly workout plan for leg training. Training your legs, in your weekly workout plan, will save you from several workout-related injuries and difficulties in your old age. Lunges, Squats, Extensions, and presses are widely acclaimed exercises for training legs, that can be adopted in your weekly workout plan.

Day 7: Rest

rest day in gym

One day of the week has to be devoted to rest, in your best workout routine for men. You can use this day to indulge in a cheat meal, which essentially means carbs, sugar, and healthy fat. It is necessary to let your muscles and body rest, after your weekly gym schedule, for at least once a week. Fitness trainers and expert emphasize on the rest-day, as it is during this period when your body recovers and muscles grow.

Conclusion: If specific equipment is not provided during your weekly workout plan, due to unavailability at your gym or because it is over-utilized, you should not be disheartened. Tons of alternative exercises can be done, during your weekly gym schedule, to substitute the use of that particular instrument. It is a common occurrence that a regular gym-goer, after reaching the gym, could not find the right equipment, and simply forego their weekly workout plan as mandated in the gym schedule for men. One should refrain from doing it. In case one cannot avail the barbell, substitute the workout using kettles or dumbbells, in your weekly gym schedule. Or better yet, do an extra set of bench press during your weekly workout schedule.

Counter the use of equipment with alternative bodyweight exercises, which can replicate the movement, and in turn, the effects realized by the workout using that specific equipment. Care has to be taken in ensuring that you do not get frustrated or disheartened from your weekly workout schedule. Doing so might get the momentum foregone and you might end up not following the weekly gym schedule. Use all your might to refrain from negative thoughts during your weekly workout schedule. As is often said, “What you think, you shall become”, accumulation of negative thoughts obstructs your positive outlook and demotivate you. One has to be proactive and diligent in exerting himself during his weekly workout plan. There is no scope for a shred of doubt in your capabilities during your weekly workout plan.

Following a diligent weekly gym schedule for men, one should try as honest as he can to achieve your dream. Also, the system has to be trusted while following a weekly workout plan. Countless individuals have tried following a weekly workout plan, stuck on to it, and succeeded. It also has to be understood that a good physique is a reflection of the combination of a disciplined weekly workout schedule as well as a healthy diet. Genetics also plays a pivotal role but that is beyond your control. In the aforementioned gym schedule for men, one should aim to complete each set of exercises in the correct set of repetitions. Try to beat your own best time, during your gym workout plan, and one can see ripples of positive changes in his physical, mental, as well as social health. Following a diligent weekly workout schedule also helps to keep one’s conscience clean.

A true fitness enthusiast should treat each day of his weekly workout schedule for beginner for men with the same rigor as Day 1. You should complete the weekly gym schedule for Men with the utmost discipline to see the results. For developing an intense, consistent, and better longevity, One should follow their workout routine for beginner for at least a year. Then again, different body types respond to different pace to a weekly workout schedule. Follow your weekly gym schedule until it becomes a habit. Be specific to your cause and treat each set of muscles with the care and attention it deserves. One should also educate themselves about the effect of each of these exercises, every day of the week. You can also look for changes in your body as you progress in your ultimate workout routine for men. It is also very important to keep a record of the weekly workout schedule and personal status along the way. Initially, it might take longer than others to see the changes. But one should not lose heart and walk away from fitness altogether, in the event of non-visibility of desired changes in his physique.