Yoga is not just a life choice but a life style these days and as it can provide ease in curing pain and discomfort due to imbalance of digestive system. Unhealthy eating habits and busy schedule can lead to such a cause which results in infrequent bowel movement or facing difficulty to pass.Not only this yoga helps in decreasing stress which can in tern improve our digestive system. Meditation and breathing exercises will help relieve stress which will have healthy effects on your digestive system. Yoga for constipation also helps improving your digestive system by twisting folds which contracts the organs and increases the circulation of blood in our body system.

People who are facing obesity and are fat can find yoga poses to be immensely challenging and practicing them regularly can make you perfect in them.


Constipation in common parlance is the bowel movement which are either infrequent or difficult to pass. Other common symptoms of constipation can be abdominal pain and bloating. It can cause various complications in our body system such as haemorrhoids and faecal impaction. The frequency of bowel movement in a normal adult is same as babies which is minimum of two to three times a day.

Various complications such as irritable bowel syndrome, hypothyroidism, celiac disease, colon cancer etc can be caused dur to constipation. Constipation can be a matter serious issue if it is causing weight loss or blood clogging in the stool. In America the statistic shows that over 200-250 million dollars is spent every year on medication for Constipation.

There are several remedies and prescribed diet which one can follow in order to treat constipation. One can include fluids and fibrous food in his diet in order to fight from the disadvantages. If such a food is found inefficient then osmotic and bulk forming agent are highly recommended by doctors

However, there are numerous medications available in the market to provide a perfect or temporary cure for constipation which includes calcium channel blockers, opioids etc. But it is suggested that a diet with a regular exercise schedule should be set up to maintain and structure out a lifestyle and as yoga for constipation has proven to be highly disciplinary, spiritual and healthy for our system it is recommended that poses of yoga should be performed to get rid of constipation.




It is an effective yoga for constipation problem curing and as the pose does not involves complicated poster it will duly benefit in expelling or removing the waste from your body system and will help move your digestive system by moving your food. This yoga pose will also help in increasing the blood circulation in your body.

  1. Lie on your back in rest position and then slowly bring both of your legs neat to your chest.
  2. Then lift your right leg slightly in the air while keeping the left leg near to the chest only.
  3. Then put your left leg in half curve on the right side
  4. While keeping your face towards the left side



As the name suggests, it is a gas reliving pose which helps in stimulating the bowels which are hard to pass. This yoga for constipation problem can help providing relief in abdominal pain and bloating.

  1. Lie comfortably on your back with legs and arms straight in aligned position
  2. Then bring your left leg near to your chest
  3. And hold your leg with arms and slowly bring your forehead towards the knee
  4. Exhale while bringing your forehead towards the knee and try to touch your knee with nose.



This post will help in contracting your organs and will enhance relaxation in your body. It is also beneficial in increasing the proper blood circulation in the body.

  1. Sit on the ground on your knee
  2. Then lean in forward and place your hands straight vertically
  3. And put your head down and while you are going up exhale
  4. Remember to stretch your arms above you and then bring them to their original position which is to sit comfortably on your knees and hands on thigh.


As pregnancy can be a hard time for both a mother and her child and at this point constipation can make life harder. Moreover, exercising or following regular gym pattern are commonly neglected to avoid the risk, yoga can be helpful in not only maintaining your physic but can also relive you from the unhealthy pain of constipation.

Pregnancy is a transformation phase where a mother experience certain changes in her body due to hormonal imbalance which makes her life chaotic. Many pregnant women are unfamiliar about the this in flux due to which they tend to get more emotional, face fear and forget to take due care of her body. This can have a negative impact on her child’s body and its is an unfortunate fact that constipation hits half of the total pregnant women at some point.

Low fiber nutrients in diet, anxiety, stress, depression and less attention to regular physical exercise can cause constipation in pregnant women. It is also due to hormonal changes that affects intestinal muscle and uterus by putting a pressure on intestinal walls to expand. This relaxation of muscles can cause the food to move slowly in your body. Some times constipation can also be due to the contribution of iron tables or supplements as a mother is usually recommended that during pregnancy. So, let us go through some of the simple yet beneficial yoga for constipation in pregnancy



This pose is mostly recommended by trainers for constipation as it stimulates the digestive and reproductive system. It also provides aid in digestion so that your stomach remains healthy and there are no complications. It also helps relive the gas trapped in the intestine which is beneficial in curing constipation.

  1. As this pose has been named as cow or cat pose it means that you have to maintain a pose like an animal with your legs and arms on the ground
  2. Then keep the back part of your body slightly up i.e. basically the hip part and keep your neck up. While performing this inhale
  3. Then put your neck down while looking at your navel and exhale



It is a very effective yet simple yoga posewhere a woman can also embrace her inner power and can build herself to face challenges and fear. This pose can increase her confidence and will make her ready to fight with birth anxiety with providing relief in curing constipation. Goddess pose will help you open up the pelvis and inner thigh. This pose is effective in strengthening your muscles. There are various kinds of UtakataKonsana or goddess pose but it is recommended for pregnant women for maintaining better posture.

  1. Open your legs with a bend on knee and thighs parallel to the ground.
  2. Keep heels in and tows out
  3. Raise your hands above your head. Remember to keep your hand apart and palms wide open
  4. And then do the usual breathing exercises by inhaling and exhaling for fixed timings.


This is one of the regular poses of yoga which is also included in Surya Namaskar so anyone can perform this yoga exercise for mediation as well as to provide relaxation to the body and as a pregnant women need certain amount of devoted time to relax her body and calms her brain, it is much recommended for providing relive in constipation and gas.

  1. Sit comfortably with your back straight and legs folded
  2. Keep your arms on respective knees in Jnana Mudra which means that the toe should touch the index finger while palm should be facing upwards.
  3. Then concentrate on your breathing process.

What is Pavanamuktasana?

Wind-relieving pose is also called as pavanmuktasan which will be beneficial and effective in taking care of your digestive system. It also has many considerable health benefits.

Is it possible for anyone to overcome from constipation naturally?

Yes, it is possible as constipation is not any sort of disease and inclusion of fibrous content in your diet, water, herbal laxative, probiotic supplements etc can be consumed to get rid of constipation. Also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Will curd rice or rice in general be useful in treating constipation?

Yes, as husk and germ has been removed and curd will provide a cooling effect to the stomach. It has pro-biotic elements. It has calcium, vitamin B-12, magnesium etc.

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