Unleash the golden benefits of Yoga for runners right away


A lot of people exist in a dilemma about yoga and running. They spend a fortune of time believing that both cannot be fused to derive benefits. Ironically, it is quite the contrary. Yoga is a no-brainer when it comes to improving your running performance. It not only leaves a healthy impact on your mind integration but also in balancing your overall strength. 

If you cannot wait to dig in for more, why wait? Let us discover some mind-boggling facts about how yoga for runners is a brilliant idea!

A no-brainer for runners and athletes 

Exercise is conducive to good health. Such a statement is only taken in by people who undergo serious health risks at some point or another. For runners, this point comes almost every month. Running is an intense sport that requires your anterior muscles to work hard. Thus, anterior pain is a common problem among all runners. Surprisingly, no matter what remedies you try, everything is in vain until you turn to Yoga. 

Yoga has proved to be a game-changer for several runners in the contemporary age. Luckily, many of my close friends are a part of the list. With a little bit of stretching, posing, flexible yoga, you can eliminate this problem for once and for all. Thus, the best Yoga for runners can have a massive impact on your daily running performance. So, why not? 

Seven best yoga for runners to do the talking

Injuries and body pain can be god awful. If you want to get away from it, the best yoga for runners is what you need to be hunting for right now. Check out the best yoga poses for this purpose that will leave you wanting more!

1. Plank Pose

We all know plank exercises are an excellent source of strength building. Incorporating this into your daily yoga routine can help you accomplish the benefits immediately. So, you can gain strong postural support with one snap of your fingers.  How to do it- All you have to do is place your elbows on the mat with your fingers interlocked. As you straighten your legs out behind yourself and tuck your toes, breathe in. Now, press up and level the hips without dropping your lower back. When you want to return to the floor, breathe out. Rest on your stomach for a few seconds. Then, repeat this best yoga for runners.

2. Squat Pose

Yes, a lot of people have no clue about squat being yoga. Fortunately, a squat can add a lot of fun to your daily yoga routine if you do it correctly. Since it is incredible for improving hamstrings, glutes and buttocks, it can be your ultimate saviour as one of the best yoga for runners.  How to do it- Start by placing your feet a little wider than hip-width distance apart. Your toes should be pointing out a little. When you begin to raise your arms, breathe in. Breathe out when you have to shift your weight back and down as though you are seated on a chair. Your knees should track directly over your toes. When you want to stand up, breathe in. Do this so that you can stand up and repeat the exercise.

3. The twisted dragon Pose

If you are hunting for yoga for runner’s knee, the twisted dragon can do a great deal for you. This yoga pose is perfect for you in case you can twist your back foot. As it helps release hip flexors and also opens the chest, it is a potential exercise for all runners.  How to do it- Keep your right foot in front. Try to form a low lunge with your back foot and position your left hand out to the left of the mat with fingertips pointing away. Lean out and back towards the extended left hand. Now, breathe in when you bring the right arm up. Now, hold the left foot with the other hand and open your chest. Pull the foot in front of the body so that the quad stretch can enhance. Remain in this position for a few seconds. Gradually breathe out and repeat this exercise.

4. Half Butterfly Pose

A lot of people assume that this pose is difficult, but it is not. If you follow the instructions correctly, you will be able to ace it instantly. So, without further ado, let us learn how to perform it.  How to do it- Bring one left forward and pull the other towards your body. Let the bent leg to fall open at the hip. Gradually fold over your extended leg and let your head hang. At this point, the neck and upper back must relax. In case you feel the tension, hold your head upright. Hold on to this position for around three to four minutes. Repeat this best yin yoga for runners.

5. Supine Spinal twist pose

Another incredible yin yoga for runners is the supine spinal twist that you cannot get over in an instant. All you have to do is follow the steps properly and, you will be able to attain its benefits instantly.  How to do it- Extend both your legs and lie on your back. Draw one knee into the chest. Let this leg gradually fall across your body to the opposite side. Extend your arm out in the other direction. Make sure that your shoulder remains on the floor. Hold on to this position for a couple of minutes and repeat the exercise.

6. Mountain Pose

The mountain pose is often on the list for people who want improved posture and better body performance. Also known as Tadasana, this exercise is a brilliant yoga for the runner’s knee. So, why not perform it?  How to do it- Begin with your feet hip-distance apart. Bring your shoulders up that will help the scapula to rest against the back. Float your head slightly up and back to rest atop your spine. When you stand and breathe properly, your torso should be straight and crisp. Exhale and let your body on the ground. Repeat the process.

7. Waterfall Pose 

If you are looking to stretch your hamstrings and improve your body performance, the waterfall pose can help you a lot. It also helps avoid any swelling on the legs that can let you run without any hassles. Indeed, it is one of the best yoga for runner’s knee.  How to do it- Lay down on your side with one hip and try to be in close contact with any wall. Swing your legs up to rest on the wall and allow your arms to stretch out before you. Once you relax, try to remain here for around seven minutes and then repeat the exercise.

The takeaway 

These were some of the best yoga for runners that you can try at home without any hindrance. The best part is that you can try them whenever you want and extract benefits immediately. So, why wait?


1. Are this yoga for the runner’s knee beneficial?

Yes, but you can try them and see for yourself. We promise; these exercises work like magic. 

2. Can you name more yin yoga for runners?  

Half saddle and Dragon are the other yin yoga for runners that you can try at home.

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