Your libido and you – 4 ways you can boost your sex drive

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Do you have a low sex drive? Everyone has a different level of libido, and there is no right or wrong level. However if you find that you’re struggling to get aroused, or you find yourself wanting sex, yet your body doesn’t want to perform, then you might want to consider ways to increase your libido and boost your sex drive.

There are a wide range of factors that can impact your sex drive, anxiety, previous trauma, relationship or confidence issues, a bad diet or even lack of sleep. It’s a vicious circle where the reasons behind a low sex drive could then worsen because of your inability to perform. Everyone deserves to enjoy a happy and healthy sex life so, with this in mind, we’ve gathered 4 ways you can boost your sex drive.

Discover HGH therapy

HGH Therapy or Human Growth Hormone Therapy is a great solution for those who are struggling in the bedroom, despite their dedication to a healthy lifestyle. So, HGH therapy, what is it? Well, in straightforward terms, this kind of therapy promotes the renewal and regeneration of every cell in your body, therefore, making you feel younger, full of energy and experience a significant boost to your sex drive. It’s always best to speak with your doctor first to have this prescribed.

Manage your anxiety

Manage your anxiety

Perhaps you’re worried about being unable to perform? Or maybe you’re worrying that your partner won’t be satisfied. Your anxiety might not even be sex-related, it could just be because you’re worried about life in general. When you have a lot going on at work, at home and you’re mentally fatigued by it all, then it’s hardly surprising that you’re struggling to perform. There are several solutions to this common issue:

  • Talk to your partner if you’re worried about your performance
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep
  • Make time to enjoy things you love, like hobbies and activities
  • Speak with your GP if your anxiety is becoming unmanageable

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Make time to work on your relationship

Make time to work on your relationship

Despite how much you love your partner, relationships can grow stale and it’s normal for the initial spark of your relationship to fizzle out over time. It’s this kind of issue that could be affecting your libido. Deciding to work on your relationship will help your libido and bring your closer together:

  • Enjoy date nights
  • Try something new (out of the bedroom)
  • Spend more time together
  • Communicate your concerns and worries! 

Don’t neglect foreplay

When the sex you have is good – you’re going to want more of it. It’s that simple. So work on making your sexual encounters last as long as possible, and don’t just aim for penetrative sex first, spend more time kissing, touching, using toys, visual and sensual aids, and oral sex then you’ll both enjoy your intimate moments more. It will bring you closer together as a couple and if you’re unsure of what you or your partner might like – ask!

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